Grandmother on the Power of the Dream State for Learning and Life!

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This is a powerful exercise, a philosophy, for using your preparation or meditation time before sleep or after sleep to increasingly empower your life for expanded learning, awareness, mental focus, and creative intuition. Try this for a few days and you will be amazed at how this level of focus on “unexplored territory” in our higher mental acumen can change life…! 

Listen and read "Grandmother on the Power of the Dream State for Learning and Life!" Recorded 9-29-21, Posted 10-1-21.

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"Grandmother on the Power of the Dream State for Learning and Life!"


Greetings. I would like to speak to you this evening about your Dreams...and the Dream Time state of consciousness, which is very powerful and very unexplored for the most part. I would like you to consider a time of contemplation and thoughtfulness before your bedtime. In many ways, the time before you go to "sleep" is very important preparation for the following day.

If you are conscious of the power of this time of the late evening, to calm, to "be" with the moment before travelling into a different state of "sleeping consciousness," you change the next day through your frequency focus and your "dreams" of 2 kinds:

  1. One is what would you like to happen in the world, your great dreams.
  2. And second, the suggestions and even planning which you undertake in preparation for entering "sleep" and the Dream State.

You may, each evening, ask and suggest in your meditation to learn, to be open, to open the heart to greater love, to have experiences which help with soul growth in new creative ways. And the mere thoughtfulness of this, that you'd take a moment to "plan" your Dream Time journeys -- partly in preparation for the following day -- begins to shift the frequencies of your daily life.

Being "conscious" before you drift to "sleep," of what you're doing, what you're planning, and how you're going to approach the next day with what you learn -- is a different kind of life!

If you can help the young ones, the little children learn to do this before sleep, it changes who they are as human beings, as they grow. It is not simply saying a prayer, but it is entering a Dream Time preparation state. A few deep breaths, perhaps even some very pleasant musical sound, very calming deep "alpha," "theta," or even "delta" sound -- and thinking about what you would like to dream about. And thinking about the dreams you would like to have come true in your life. (See Meditation Sounds Playlist) 

In a way, the time before entering the Dream State -- which is also a healing time -- is one of the most important times of your day, because you will spend many long hours in this state, without having prepared at all for it! Where in your daily waking hours you often do try to plan or have a "to do" list or a general "intention" regarding your day or your state of mind. There is an element of planning.

I would suggest to you that there is great power in recognizing and experiencing what it is like to be "an intentional dreamer" -- what it is like to be "an intentional sleeper."  It does not require a great deal of time -- just a little bit of time to meditate for a moment on what you would like to work on in your dreams or the blissful places you would like to go in your dreams, any special dream thought or learning...

And keep an open mind to the possibilities of new adventures, new "you's" that you can experience in Dream Time -- trying out new aspects of your character, your personality in this life. This is a very good time for that. If you would like to concentrate on soul growth or change your life in some special way, this is the preparation time for it, in the late evening.

And, if you preface your thoughtfulness and planning with the Meditation on Love -- just that simple meditation: "Meditate on Love, Level 1," and so on to Level 5. (Recording: ) That simple meditation of purpose before Dream Time means that you are intending, you are setting a flow of powerful, positive intention and dreams. And then think quite consciously if there is something you would like to dream about...

Understanding that half of your life, in a way, is spent preparing for and in the Dream State and coming out of the Dream State -- you begin to understand that doing this with intelligence and thoughtfulness and planning could have a great value. And when you awaken in the morning, coming out of the Dream Time, coming out of the Sleeping State, the journeys of sleep -- this is also an ideal time to review what you have dreamed or any feelings or sudden bursts of insight which come, as they will, upon waking. And always keep a notebook by the bed with a pen, in order to take notes. 

Don't do this electronically because it is a different frequency. Just keep a little pad and pen. No need to do anything special. But if you know it is there, and this is true of the evening as well as the morning on waking, sometimes insights will come at both times, and indications or clues about your dreams or even about the future.

Be very generous and loving with yourself and prepare for Dream Time as you would prepare for any special time in your daily waking life. It is a very vulnerable as well as powerful and loving time of learning, time of growth. There is so much that you can learn, and you can even ask your "guides" if you have practiced your interdimensional meditation and communication, for assistance during the Dream Time, on some things that you would like to work on. It is quite rich and fruitful, and I encourage you to explore it fully.

With great love for you in all of your states of mind, with great appreciation for all that you are going through at this time on Earth, and the special preparations that you are making for new times on planet Earth, I am Grandmother from Another Planet.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


 Image by jiao tang from Pixabay