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AUDIO BLOG:  Feel discouraged? A great message about the power of forging ahead anyway... It may constitute a call to Higher Creative Intelligence! (10 Min, 10 Seconds) 11-15-17. Transcript below.

Grandmother on Why You Should Keep Posting Those Classes and Writing Those Articles... The Courage of Stepping Out the Door with Your Message!

This Audio Message from "Grandmother from Another Planet" -- in response to my question about doubts about one's "mission"-- is sort of like what a "Private Session" might be like. I entered an altered "alpha state," having doubts, and I asked Grandmother about why should we continue to post our classes or market or write new articles in life when discouraged. The Audio Blog is her answer. 

How much does it matter that we forge ahead, even when we doubt? Is there a new pathway of energy, intelligence, created by simply "taking the steps"--anyway...? 

From Grandmother's Answer:

"The Pathway is created by making the steps, not by sitting home with the message. Even though there is great learning in that, too. There is also great courage and great soul growth, in being willing to step out the door as who you truly are...with a message from the Stars in your heart...and a desire, and a sense of oneness with that message and the beings who brought it to you, saying over and over again:

"There is enough Love in the Universe to solve every problem."

-- Grandmother from Another Planet.

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GRANDMOTHER: "Yes, I am answering your question as to whether or not the willingness to schedule and arrange an event, a gathering of beings, of souls, for the purpose of dialogue with the higher self -- of increased intuition -- is not in itself a call to the higher self? it is!

And even if many do not answer this call, it is the willingness to continue to make the 'call, regardless of the obstacles, to put out the information regardless of the obstacles, regardless of the doubts -- that forms a much bigger "creation," a much bigger "event" or "drama." And an even louder, if you will, 'call' to the higher self - a call across the Universe to a higher dialogue.

Never doubt that each "self" desires this! And continue along your pathway, until you have enough love for all beings, that what you truly intend will be heard, regardless of the words you use; regardless of the form your creativity takes; regardless of your likes and dislikes -- and the likes and dislikes of others.

It is that eternal willingness to 'make the call'; to post the information; to host the quest of those seeking higher self dialogue and knowledge together.

There is a whole host of beingness. There is a whole host of beings -- who will do this with you when you take the step out the door with your message, and you post it in the Universe.

This is a 'Sign' -- you are giving a "Sign." Others will see it and they will think to themselves, "This is a 'Sign.''

Keep posting your 'Signs' -- because the act of 'posting' is another kind of dialogue with the higher self, and a willingness to try to 'get it right.' There is great applause for those who endlessly try to 'get it right' - over and over and over and over again.

Remaining true to a mission, even if not understood or not popular in general -- it has a popularity in the soul, that is transmitted. And if there is great love in your intention and in each step of your pathway -- these words will be heard at the right time, and in the right way, to be conceived as you originally intended.

Sometimes there is a time delay! Sometimes there are efforts by others to block this kind of communication -- not because they are 'mean' or 'bad' -- but because there is a great goodness in them wanting to come out! And sometimes this struggle must take place!

You, yourself, have struggled against information which was very valuable to your loving soul growth. And you have avoided it, and you have put it off, and you have judged it -- equally as you now feel judged... 

Don't worry about this! This is a 'coming home' for all soul workers -- for all who would share what seems to come in as a gift from another place, a special place of love.

This is an eternal and ancient pathway. The pathway is created by making the steps, not by sitting home with the message! Even though there is great learning in that, too...

There is also great courage and great soul growth in being willing to step out the door as who you truly are...with a message from the stars in your heart! And desire, and a sense of oneness with that message and the beings who brought it to you, saying over and over again:

  • There is enough love in the Universe to solve every problem!
  • There is enough love in the Universe to experience every state of being -- with a kind of eternal joy that such a thing is possible!

The act of taking the steps, of publishing the work, of publishing the 'call' to an event -- should never be undervalued and underappreciated by you!

You will learn from it. You might make what you consider 'mistakes.' It is the step -- the willingness to take the step, to take more and more steps, to put out more and more of a message which you receive daily.

That 'call' to the higher self becomes a wave of being and learning.

You're only trying to help push a wave which is coming from many dimensions. It requires your steps along with the steps of others.

Cherish these messages! Cherish your growing understanding! Even understanding how you might do better -- has great value if you put it out there! And you do not retreat! But instead, continue to put out a message of truth and vulnerability and revelation...

This is its own creation. The greatest steps are the steps of taking out a message one has received in an indescribable state, and trusting that great learning and growth and service to others can come from this.

Perseverance with your message is a 'call' to the Universe that you will not give up; that you will open doors for yourself and others, regardless of the obstacles, until the doors begin to open through 'a love which you can neither understand nor deny; resistance is futile...'"*

-- Grandmother From Another Planet 

*"A love which you can neither understand nor deny. Resistance is futile" - from "Parallel Universe the Musical"  -- a kind of "sci-fi" automatic writing musical in part, which I received a decade ago.


“Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” 
― Thomas A. Edison

“Do I dare Disturb the universe?” 
-- T.S. Eliot

Believe in your heart that you're meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles.” -- Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart



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