Grandmother on Your Story of Truth–A Lightning Bolt.

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Can a "thunderbolt" -- a "Story of Truth" that you have to tell -- "electrify" your life -- your marketing of your truth? As I was wondering whether to tell "The Whole Story" of how "Grandmother from Another Planet" appeared -- a new art form? -- this came through last night from Grandmother. This is the only time Grandmother spoke in which, already typing something, I was able to "type" at the same time she's speaking! (Usually I only hand write or record), but this was a rare instance in which the message was "pushed through" while I was typing and I let it flow. You will hear the typing in the recording...

The answer was, essentially, that every time you feel "electrified" but still wonder if you should tell your own real story or market your highest passion because of a sudden realization of its true power: Tell that Story! 

Listen below to "Grandmother on Your Story of Truth -- a Lightning Bolt!" 12-15-17, 21 min., 54 seconds - spoken and typed simultaneously! A powerful experience that took, me completely by surprise.

Click Player to Listen, "Grandmother on Your Story of Truth -- a Lightning Bolt!" 21 min., 54 seconds. Press Play and you can read while the voice speaks simultaneously...



"There is within each of us, a story, a background story, that is uniquely ours, and ours to tell. That is why you are here, and how you materialize in form, that which was created in the ethereum, in a level of universal creation or universal mind which is accessible to your understanding, if not entirely to your vibration.

The idea that a story is materialized in matter, as part of your origin, is not one which is generally considered. It is thought that the matter comes first, and then the behavior, and then the story arises from the behavior. All stories are stories of the universal mind, and all beings and all matter, arise from this storytelling.

Thus, if you understand that you are, even in matter, given rise to, because you are here to tell a story – a certain truth, which is your role – then your understanding of your life, and your understanding and compassion for those with whom you communicate, will transcend the local reality; the local heart...

There is a greater “Heart of the Matter,” which is the context in which you tell your story, acting out parts of it, inventing new parts of it, creating art and music and technology and families of it -- it all arises from the Heart

That there is a duty to tell certain stories, will not come to you, until you are 'struck' with its higher truth..., a truth of you that you have not known before. And you stop dead in your tracks. This is not an analogy. This not a metaphor. The old you, materialized in a previous contextual story, simply ceases to be the story.

And when that story ceases to be, you -- as you were, cease to be in this materialization of a drama, a comedy, a being suited to the past, which led you to the point of Telling Your Story! Because your story, can no longer be denied!

This is felt physically as a kind of “erupting” from the gut, from the solar plexus, the life force of you, and it will not be denied. It is not enough in your own realization, to have lived the story, to have seen the story, to have understood the larger context of an almost unimaginable story – you simply cannot imagine that this is true! It is essential, then, to share the story as a Storyteller; as a Story teller of the Universal Mind; as a Cosmic Storyteller, of a truth -- which has become who you are. (Note: The greatest inventors are more aware of their role as “Storyteller”!)

You have become this truth, and this truth, has become you.

It is a discovery – and it feels no different than having discovered a new planet, a new island of the mind, a new technology of the soul. There is something there. You become something of the mysterious…revealed.

It is not that you find the mysterious and raise the veil. It is that you are the mysterious, and you now reveal yourself.

When it comes to you, this Light of a Story that you must tell – it will hit you like powerful blow!! The secret of you, is suddenly known, and you cannot help but tell it!!

This story -- becomes your life. Not what your life is about – but in effect, a new way to live in this dimension, reinvented as a Truth -- as a portion of the light, which is going to come out, ready or not. [SHR: In a way, a new 'life'?]

It is like an eruption, it is like a “throwing up,” a “throwing out” of light that is so true, that it cannot remain within its previous boundaries or identity. Its time to emerge, its time to fly like the butterfly, the cosmic butterfly of you – has come...

It is that simple. And as you step forward, Time becomes at the behest of this storied person…

Let me say that there is great relief, when this time comes. It is the shedding of the older evolution of you, ready to become change, to become changed and move forward, without thought of the consequences.

This is a story of Truth -- that tends to dissolve your old sense of consequences. “What if I tell the truth of who I am?” All of these things, scary things, that might happen…

These things so dissolve in the Truth of this sudden recognition of the story that you are to tell, that it is as if they never existed -- but as, perhaps, a prelude to this telling.

In a sense, you become an Oracle -- and a Speaker of the Oracle Story that you are here to tell.

Now. In your life, you seek this story. It is what you seek when you say, “Why am I here?” “What pathway shall I take?”

I would challenge you to meditate upon this:

What story am I here to tell?

And is it time to tell this story? 

And if it is not time to tell this story, how do I reach the actualization of the universal self, whom I represent, the universal lineages, that I represent – and begin the path of the Storyteller?

For that is who I am.

That is who I have always been.

I am – the Storyteller.

It is in this realization -- that Light bursts out from you!

You do not wonder what to say, or what the story is. It is contained in the Burst of Light. It is not describable.

It is the result of a kind of merging or surrender to the higher loving being of you -- which desires to adventure into a vast New Story of the Truth.

At some point in every life – this moment comes, even if it is in the moment of death; even if it is in the moment of birth…

The power of speaking your Story as you know it now…leads eventually into these moments of Light, in which you feel that you have somehow a 'body of truth.'

Freeing this 'body of truth' to use the light -- to become, to speak, to be in a new state…is the story of creation...

This is your Story:

It has always been your Story.

You have been told that it is someone else’s Story.

It is not.

It is your Story.

This is the Bolt of Lightning.

It is your Story.

It is time for you to Speak.


-- Grandmother from Another Planet


“I think you’re a fairy tale. I think you’re magical, and brave, and exquisite. And I hope you'll let me be in your story.” -- Laini Taylor, Strange the Dreamer  

“Your tale, sir, would cure deafness.” -- William Shakespeare, The Tempest

“Whatever story you're telling, it will be more interesting if, at the end you add, "and then everything burst into flames.” -- Brian P. Cleary. [The flames a Lightning Bolt of a story of Truth? -- SHR]

“Long before I wrote stories, I listened for stories. Listening for them is something more acute than listening to them. I suppose it’s an early form of participation in what goes on. Listening children know stories are there. When their elders sit and begin, children are just waiting and hoping for one to come out, like a mouse from its hole.” -- Eudora Welty, One Writer's Beginnings