Grandmother: “Grow Star Consciousness”

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A short Audio Blog in response to my question: What is my mission? What is the point of all of the "cosmic mind" and Right Brain classes I've taught in the last decade? What should I do?

"Grow Star Consciousness" came in this Audio Blog. Are we all involved, as she says, in a "Star System School"? And the goal is to begin to "consciously" grow a higher level of "star consciousness" and "light consciousness," growing with awareness?

Is there more here than meets the eye -- and the intelligence of every human being in our "star system?" Is the goal truly a very high level of Higher Intuitive-Creative-Gestalt Intelligence? That has definitely been my goal, and this blog gave me a lot to think about.

Click Player to Play Audio, 1:27. "Grow Star Consciousness." Recorded 8-16-17.


GRANDMOTHER: "Grow Star Consciousness! That is the answer to your question.

If you are involved in a star-system "school" of growing 'star consciousness, it would make sense that your classes, and your broadcasting, and your identity are focused on growing star consciousness.

Now this has a yield. Think on this. This has a yield.

And growing star consciousness can also come from great consternation and conflict and chaos, in which you must rise to a higher level of star consciousness -- of light consciousness.

All of this is about "growing" - and growing with awareness increasing every day -- as a way to 'consciously' grow star consciousness. Do you see?"

-- Grandmother From Another Planet

Picture Credit: NASA APOD.