Grandmother on “Solving Problems Vibrationally”

In COSMOS, Grandmother Blogs, Origins by Sandra Rodman

For me this was a remarkable “view” into how higher dimensional intelligence might solve problems and view reality in a very different way. It might be called “new identity problem-solving” or “higher context” problem-solving. You might view it as “mountain top” problem-solving, moving to a new “location” point of view…

How important it may be that we being to solve problems¬† and “move into” higher dimensional intelligence¬†— moving “beyond polarity”? How important is the “stellar truth of you”? What does this kind of problem-solving have to do with recognizing that “matter is never still – matter is very spacious and dancing” and “there is not ‘one’ you?

This was a “yowza” for me. Listen carefully.

Transcript will be added.

Click Player to Play Audio. 4 minutes, 29 seconds. Grandmother on Solving Problems Vibrationally – a higher dimensional being’s point of view. Recorded 1-25-18