Grandmother on Solving Upsetments

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How does a higher dimensional intelligence solve "upsetments"? This was my question. 

Is the purpose of developing higher and higher intuition or PSI or interdimensional consciousness -- partly to solve, reinterpret, transform how we take in upsetments -- more as inspired lessons?

Connecting "intuition" and "upsetments" got me thinking along whole new pathways for daily problem-solving.

Got a problem? Go into deep intuitive meditation and see what is revealed!

Are "upsetments" actually "cues" that new lesson content is now available?

Is every "upsetment" actually a new opportunity "challenge" to try to resonate and vibrate at higher levels in order to balance or translate the event into new life pathways?

Listen to Grandmother's Audio answer below -- 3 minutes, 50 seconds. I sometimes understand more from listening than there something else in the "audio" than meets the ear?

Click player to listen. Grandmother on "Solving Upsetments" in higher realms. Recorded/Posted 2-9-18. 3 minutes, 50 seconds. Listen and read simultaneously if you like.

TRANSCRIPT: Solving Upsetments

GRANDMOTHER: "This is the purpose of intuition: To be of higher resonance with others, so that the idea of anger or upsetment with them is not within vibrational possibility.

This is a matter of transmuting all identity to one identity and learning to do this.

Thus it is, that when you begin to heighten your own intuitive ability, you are actually heightening your vibrations, and can communicate and can be in resonance with those of higher vibrations.

This focus may lead to peace in groups, and greater love and compassion between groups, seeking this resonance.

So this 'practice together'* - to try to increase the level of intuitive resonance on the planet, is of great assistance to the planet's becoming, to its evolution, and to the evolution of each of the souls... Not soul growth -- soul evolution.

For the increasing of great intuition and empathic telepathy is a matter of societal evolution. Thus, can peace be understood; [and] thus, can change and transformation of all energies, matter and form, storms, upsetments.

Resonance is the key, both to solutions and to empathetic experience. It is much easier to find a resolution, if you can be in a state of high resonance with the being -- or the matter-form-or-energy of the planet where you have a concern.

You want to have a love, and not a concern. 

And when you love, then the appropriate response to any situation is: I LOVE YOU.

This is a very good step to higher intuition - beginning to understand that expressing love and sending love of the higher intuitive states -- not manipulative states -- is a key to transforming society's aura, your aura.

Your very aura can transform situations as you begin to understand intuitive resonance -- and Oneness; the power of 'I Am You, and You Are Me'..." 

-- Grandmother From Another Planet

*Grandmother often encourages practice deep meditation with sound in groups, and this explains more about the vibrational benefit of doing this.


“We know what we are, but not what we may be.” -- William Shakespeare

“Through others we become ourselves.” -- Lev S. Vygotsky 

“I realize then that it's not enough to know what someone is called. You have to know who they are.” -- Gayle Forman


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