Grandmother on Solving Upsetments

In Audio, Grandmother Blogs by Sandra Rodman

How does a higher dimensional intelligence solve “upsetments”? This was my question. 

Is the purpose of developing higher and higher intuition or PSI or interdimensional consciousness — partly to solve, reinterpret, transform how we take in upsetments — more as inspired lessons?

Connecting “intuition” and “upsetments” got me thinking along whole new pathways for daily problem-solving.

Got a problem? Go into deep intuitive meditation and see what is revealed!

Are “upsetments” actually “cues” that new lesson content is now available?

Is every “upsetment” actually a new opportunity “challenge” to try to resonate and vibrate at higher levels in order to balance or translate the event into new life pathways?

Listen to Grandmother’s Audio answer below — 3 minutes, 50 seconds. I sometimes understand more from listening than reading…is there something else in the “audio” than meets the ear?

Click player to listen. Grandmother on “Solving Upsetments” in higher realms. 3 minutes, 50 seconds.

Photo Credit: iStock License #11766328