Grandmother on a 2019 Holiday Greeting and the Most Important Thing about 2020

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Our next year may be much more powerful than we ever imagined... Just what are our "higher dimensional abilities" -- and why may these higher creative abilities begin to appear in 2020? How could "joy" be connected to greater personal "power"?

A very empowering message at just the right time...and perhaps a very different 2020 is possible than we think!...

Happy Holidays and an astounding New Year! Much gratitude!

"Grandmother on a 2019 Holiday Greeting and the Most Important Things about 2020..." Recorded 12-23-19, Posted 12-24-19.

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SHR: Grandmother, what is the most important thing to know about next year and our transformation personally and as a planet?


There is a viewpoint which is emerging – you might think of it as “Rings of Emergence…”

Gradually, every day you are becoming more and more aware that it is the mind and the consciousness and the compassion of all the billions of human people on Earth which are determining and motivating and moving energy on Earth.

And that which creates the energy can also change it.

So, the most important thing for you to understand about the very near future -- in a few days, a new decade and a new year – is the enormous power and love and transforming ability of your own human consciousness and human consciousness on this planet.

The mindset which does not believe that you can make the great changes or go through great change yourself, has been dominant -- but is also a great lesson. For only within a university on Earth in which that was the seemingly dominant paradigm or belief system, could you then be moved to reach for a higher consciousness state and interconnectedness, which suddenly becomes aware of its own power and its own higher abilities.

The most important thing about the coming year is your focus on and recognition of your own higher abilities.

This does not mean a skill that you learn from a book in the usual sense. This means devoted love and meditation in higher dimensional states -- with a goal of planetary and personal transformation.

This is within your asking. This is not beyond your ability to request and have that request taken very seriously – to the point of creating simply by requesting.

Now, I do promise you that if you begin to explore the new personal horizon in which you commit time every day on your calendar and in your heart to meditate upon love for the planet, love for all the people and all of the beings, all of the animals and fish and birds and plants and trees – if you devote this time you change yourself every day.

If billions of people devote this time, the Earth can be transformed overnight.

It is the lack of information about the power of this commitment and this very precious, sacred time that is yours to allocate – which holds you back, not in a reality in which you do not have the ability to transform yourself and the planet forthwith, quickly, gently and with great understanding. You have the ability to tap into higher understanding, higher intelligence, and higher joy.

The second most important thing to understand about the coming year and your own transformation is the power of joy.  You are somewhat sad at times, no matter how hard you try. And I would greatly implore you to go ahead and seek joy anyway! Regardless of the circumstances that you see before you!

You have not explored, step by step, putting in more moments of joy, more seeking of joy – the simplest little moments of sharing love or sharing affirmation with another human being, with another being from any planet, with an animal or plant who are part of this beautiful Earth environment, with the Earth and with the other planets. This can bring great joy, and you have not yet discovered the true power of your own joy!

Now, I know you do not associate the word and the concept of “joy” with great power. And I ask you to consider this new paradigm. Because this is the horizon of your future, and it is a way for you to transform 2020.

Now, this will be a year, as we’ve spoken of before, of “Speedy Evolution.”

“Speedy Evolution” is a great gift. Therefore, if you meditate upon the greatest love, if you seek the greatest joy in your day, and you commit your time to these simple practices, to the honoring and love and caring of all other beings, even those beings who upset you, with whom you are angry – even those beings must you love, and have joy that they are providing an extraordinary lesson so that the Earth can be transformed: NEVER FORGET THE POWER OF THE LESSON.


And in this case, in wishing you a most glorious “entry transition” into your New Year and New Decade, the most important thing that can change your heart and cause you to soar is this daily commitment to deep meditation on love and compassion; and to the daily, hourly seeking of joy and to bring joy and happiness to others. You can do this! It is your choiceIt is the mindset that you do not have a choice – that is only boundary.

You have no boundary. This is your choice: Wishing others great love; smiling when you do not have to smile and when you do not feel like smiling; reaching out and helping someone else when you do not have to, and you do not feel like it. These are the moments that matter in 2020. They are squared; they are quadrupled.

You are such a glorious being of love and light. This is the greatest thing for you to realize in the coming year. And if you put on the calendar these moments of focus on that realization and that great power, you will see transformation that you do not believe. You will almost think that you can fly, so great is the astounding nature of such revelation!

I wish you a most, most happy year of revelation and a most Happy-Holy-Day time of celebration and gift giving. Most of all give the love, give the gift of love to all beings…

-- Grandmother from Another Planet