Grandmother on What’s Your Real Address?

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I was focused today on "addresses"... and how where you live can influence your work and even interdimensional perception.

I then asked for a message for today about The Family of Earth and our consciousness development -- and Grandmother's lesson was about our "real addresses" as "family of Earth..." which was a great comfort and helped me understand what is really important in our pantheon of "addresses..."

Human consciousness -- seems to have a cosmic URL...

Enjoy "Grandmother on What's Your Real Address...," Recorded/Posted 8-28-19, 9 minutes, 15 seconds.

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Grandmother, do you have a message for us today regarding The Family of Earth and our own higher consciousness development?


When you focus on “family” and not on “non-family” actions -- your sense of identity, place, and purpose in the world are transformed. Just the focus on the Earth Family matters.

But when you worry about things that could make you feel that you are not a member in good standing, according to today’s qualifications, then you forget your Earth Family relationships and memberships.

So, Step #1 is to focus on The Family of Earth with great love, with great forgiveness and great compassion, and great understanding across time and space.

You are not a local address.

You are not disconnected from the stars you see in the skies, from their beauty, their ancientness, or their loving, nurturing, gestalt being.

This is important, because when you relegate yourself to a series of local identities on Earth – “Who am I vis-a-vis this “club” or this “card” or this “address” or this “municipality” – then you confine your understanding of your own heart and your own ability to be of great service to others, to a small area, which may not give you the energy and the reinforcement you need to understand properly both who you are and how to be of service to others in many, many regions of the cosmos.

You are not of service to others only locally. You do not have only local identity.

I repeat, if you tune in to your cosmic identity, your soul identity, and you stay focused there, and you stay focused on that opening of the heart, spiritual love, nurturing love of others, then the other aspects of identity start to fall into place almost by magical materialization.

You can be of great comfort to others in their worries, with the expression of affirmation and love and encouragement and appreciation and gratitude. Now, when you feel that you would like these things, that you would like miracles, then go out and do that for others. Create miracles for others. Give even when it seems impossible. Create great windfalls for others even when it seems impossible. Do you see?

What you create for others is what you receive.

Now, in addition, there is a higher ability to understand that an appreciation and love of others, and an appreciation and love of yourself -- are the same thing. This will come to you like a large “aha” – a large realization – they are the same thing. So, when you feel needing that affirmation and love and encouragement – simply go and do that for someone else.

This also increases your sense of connection with all other beings.

Now, you might say, “Well, what difference does it make if I feel connected with the stars and with the planets? I have problems right here on Earth -- very real, concrete problems that I must solve. So, what difference does that make?”

Your real concrete problems are actually lessons, and they are completely connected to your “connections” with the cosmos, the stars, the planets, your own planetary consciousness.

Now, when you understand the size of your consciousness and creativity in higher realms, you change what you can do, what you can materialize, what you can transform on Earth. Make “transformation on Earth” your goal, and you will find yourself transformed. Do you see?

It is the interconnection “address” that you are missing. It is that understanding that there is not a specific address that you need, but the interconnectedness of all addresses into one address. And that is “home.”

Now, in today’s world, this sense of “family” is eroding, and sometimes that is not a negative lesson, that is a positive lesson, because it may have been a “false” circumstance to which you felt so connected, that if that is shaken in any way, you feel, “Oh, my goodness, who am I? Where should I live?”

But in reality, when you feel connected to every being in the cosmos, that is not an issue.

 This is why we focus on meditation; this is why we focus on affirmation of others and great love of others. This is where we would like you to focus. This is where we are focusing for you with great love, with a great sense of appreciation and admiration of all that you are going through, and all that you aspire to do.

We are extremely grateful for you and your lives and your willingness to go through great adventures in the cosmos to discover and remember that which is hidden, that which is forgotten.

Know it is now time to discover and remember.

You are eternally loved. You are universally loved.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


Photo Credit: NASA, Chandra, "Taken under the Wing of the Small Magellanic Cloud," PIA16884