From the Playwright/Author… Sandra Rodman, Creator of Right Brain Aerobics…

Introducing “Grandmother from Another Planet”…do we all have the ability to tap into higher creative intelligence in some way? Through writing, playwriting — speaking?

This happened by accident, but is turning out to be a remarkable opportunity to explore extraterrestrial, extradimensional viewpoints…the idea of creative thinking beyond every day reality.  It has elements of improvisational theater, as nothing is scripted, and speaking is recorded and unedited as it comes…

Listening first may be worth a 1000 words of trying to explain it — but higher creative intuitive skills began about a decade ago in my 60’s with a couple of hours of daily meditation — and I concluded everyone can do this. Only recently though, could I manage to go into an Alpha State or deeper and “speak” from there. A very different kind of “playwriting”…

I am moved by the messages, which are not in my intelligence and not in my voice — and they always surprise me. They aren’t what “I” would see… Some of the “tips” have already helped me transform how I work creatively with a new viewpoint. Stay tuned – this changes monthly. 

The most important point: Everyone should be able to do this with a little meditation and training. How would that impact regular writing? Analysis? Playwriting? Art? Creativity?

Listen: AUDIO SAMPLE of “Grandmother From Aother Planet on Creating New  Space.” 6 min. 14 seconds. I asked how to “create” a new space for teaching and this came verbatim, impromptu… The idea of thinking of creating a new space for work, as part of an identity quest — could this help you vision a different space and life working in it?

  • Can We Tap Higher Creative Intelligence in a New Way?

    Is this some kind of tapping higher creative intelligence resulting from deep meditation with sound? Can we all do it with practice…? Right Brain exercises? This was created accidentally using Right Brain Aerobics’ “Inner Genius Q&A” exercise adapted for audio inner-dialogue or inner playwriting scripts. Can you do this?

  • The Art of Psychology of Interdimensional Communication

    Is it time that we begin to explore the Art and Psychology of interdimensional — and interplanetary communication? What will that be like? How would you communicate with an Extraterrestrial being? Ask Grandmother…

  • The Mystery of Grandmother. I Have No Idea What Grandmother Will Say!

    Each answer is a complete surprise to me. Thus, the Mystery of Grandmother… I never receive dialogue that I am expecting. The Heart of Grandmother is what compels — always loving, affirming the extraordinary nature of your stellar existence. Explore with me and co-create… Could a time come when playwrights spontaneously bring in plays in verbal speech, as if it were already written?…


Is this the beginning of interacting with interdimensional reality in a new way? A new way of generating ideas, breakthru thinkng — on the fly? And very interesting “interplanetary visions” of upcoming space travel eras, icommerce (interplanetary commerce…), and space minds/ideas?  It has been a bit like living in reality with a different kind of perception and inner dialogue — and a different kind of “speaking…”


I stumbled on doing this kind of deeper consciousness Q&A with “Grandmother from Another Planet” accidentally. It was certainly a surprise to me.

Let us treat this as a combination of science-fiction “channeling” – though it’s neither channeling nor fiction — and improvisational cosmic theater. You be the judge. As a former corporate executive in technology and training — as an actress, playwright, and musician of decades — as a creator of Right Brain and Cosmic Classes for a dozen years, I could go either way on this… 🙂


This is without doubt the “most fun experiment in lifestyle communication” or playwriting or intuitive messaging I’ve ever had.

We’re just starting the experiment. There are no rules, I’ve found, with Interplanetary Communication. Grandmother will communicate about anything — from marketing to math. Don’t get her started. If I can understand it. Often I can’t – and have to go back and listen again…and see what is “hidden.”


Messages from Grandmother from Another Planet began in March 2017 — accidentally — when using a “right brain” exercise I often use for “Inner Genius Q&A” regarding a new strategy for compassionate and globally expansive education that must come for “UFO Disclosure” movements to become both global and expansive!

A different paradigm of “disclosure” which is to reach out, to become lovingly and creatively inclusive at all levels “thinking way seriously out of the box” —
and it began with questions about how to transform out thinking about “Marketing” our missions or messages of light, including the “disclosure” movement.

Grandmother, perhaps an aspect of my higher creative intelligence (an aspect which we all have) — or whom some of you might call a “guide” if you are experienced in extended deep meditations with alpha or theta mind state sound — had other ideas.

I was ill and it was late evening, and I had a burning question I would normally write an use our right brain “Inner Genius Q&A” dialogue/scripting technique — but I was too tired to write.


I felt suddenly, that if I slowed down my speaking to a very very slow rhythm — I could speak instead of having to o write answers from another brain state. But it was the “Grandmother voice” — a slightly British accent overlay from my Texan-east-west-coast one — an accent I’d used for decades in acting…that seemed to easily answer. Clearly not me.

Thus began audio dialogue in March of 2017. This site is being inaugurated in May 2017 because of the deluge of messages and a book and other surprises from “Grandmother” and the need to give this voice her own platform.

She has already written a book and taught a class on “Marketing from the Soul: Transformational Marketing.” (She has now written a new book,  “Grandmother’s Little Book on Rainbow Light Transformation” and taught a class with a Rainbow Stargate Mandala.)  The purpose of the focus on “marketing from the soul” for those who have a “light mission” or “soul passion” — is that everything we call “marketing” or “sales” will transform when we focus in deeper states… No longer a burden or a pain — no longer an adjunct to life or a task. And instead a clear aspect of “soul growth” quest!!! Less about about social media. More about “Social Media from Another Planet” or another dimension. Telepathic Social Media? Hold the phone. Wait. No phones needed. More blogs upcoming on “Marketing from the Soul” – and more on “Rainbow Light Stargate Meditation.”


Most of all this relationship and dialoguing has helped me to be even more empathic, compassionate – not just passionate — from my true heart; to be more forgiving and loving of all; to truly reach for a sense of interconnectedness with all other beings in the universe, if I would want to “market from the soul.” Not just beings currently on planet Earth.

In hindsight, this has involved the creation of new kinds of “identity fields” at higher and higher levels. Apparently, “marketing from the soul” is viewed as a necessary and not optional aspect of “soul growth” – for beings of multidimensional intelligence. Which we are.


Apparently for all “missions from the soul” – some of which we can’t even describe – including personal experiences of a more cosmic and non-Terran reality (or better: Beyond Terra) — we are going to now begin to focus on thinking in higher states, altered-awarness states…but natural ones; it is important than no technology or drugs need be used at all and may interrupt or impede what I’m coming to believe is a natural, innate human consciousness state. It is an altered state/being/identity educational mission…when you begin thinking of “marketing” this way

This is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” territory. And yes, Grandmother has an exercise for that.


In this way we will come to understand “marketing from the soul” as a new era of a kind of “disclosure” of who WE are, not as much about who others are, or where in outer space they have been a major player. When we reach deep in the heart, and begin to speak as who we truly are, reachng out to all others, that marketing of our mission/message of light, will become natural at a higher level. Soul education, soul growth — as much as “marketing.”

It is learning a kind of cosmic “cosmic soul communication” that can be used to completely transform how we view marketing, education, travel through time and space on an “identity” magic carpet.


We can now come to view this “marketing from the soul” for a “mission/message of light” from the perspective of the “starry self.”

We’re taught that we’re made of “star stuff.” We are not however taught to “speak” as star stuff. That’s next. You WILL be surprised.

Other than my own comments as what at least the Copyright Office would call The Author or Playwright, the contents of this site are a platform for Grandmother from Another Planet, an intelligence and an ancient-and-future voice – at once my own and not my own. As I do not speak like this…

I had sometimes referred jokingly to myself as a “Grandmother from Another Planet” — during the decades I have been involved in cosmic theater or advanced and esoteric studies of a deeper kind. This seems to be the name “she” uses. That I won awards as an actress, often playing both comedic or dramatic “grandmothers” – I can present this site to those of you who could only view it as theater — as theater!


I was raised by an Amateur Astronomer who built large reflecting telescopes from scratch – and a small observatory in the backyard. A preview of “Things to Come”?

Be my guest. Think of it as science-fiction improvisational theater – in which the playwright “speaks” the script and dialog from another dimension “on the fly” extemporaneously. You can co-create this dialogue, too, as others are, by asking questions…

It may be a “preview of coming attractions” for all of us, to a different kind of higher human consciousness dialogue, telepathy-with-the-higher-extradimensional-self of a sort — and we can all do this. With just a bit of practice and focus, it should be available to everyone.


Until I began meditating with alpha and theta sound in my 60’s, I had no particular PSI or intuitive ability. Then I did. It was life-changing to an unrecognizable extent.

I tried to translate the process into “right brain” training for business, to share the processes that I stumbled upon accidentally, for every day use and higher creative-innovative intelligence development.

That was before Grandmother began speaking and teaching in my 75th year on this planet. And before I realized the power of just “saying who you are” – corporate settings notwithstanding.


I wrote an article in the 1970’s called “Greetings from Planet Earth to Those Who Sent Me Here,” published in Logos Magazine in NYC. Perhaps that bit of fiction/commentary was a preview…

I am a Grandmother from Another Planet — and was often in school referred to as “a space cadet.” Speaking as such, in a simple meditative state in response to questions — frees me to communicate as who I really am, intedimensionally. This kind of freedom is mostly the freedom of fiction writers! One which they have enjoyed for eons. But to speak verbally, rather than write, and yet be in a no more abnormal state that deeper relaxation — that’s new.

The perspective that comes with a voice or convention or character like “Grandmother” — allows me to see others differently (!), to love others more and be judgmental less, to feel as one with their perspectives and pain and genius — as I never have before.

You might not think you would want to do this. But believe me, you would love doing it! It is an incredible freedom of the higher spirit that I would never have imagined possible! And it is immensely invigorating… And strangely comforting…


It is a “magic carpet” for the metaphysical creative self…

It is unimaginably fun and as liberating as any trip out into space and time should be!

I have absolutely no idea what words Grandmother will say on this web site as I write this, May 14, 2017 on Earth. Believe me. Or in response to Emails. That’s the part that makes this unusually exciting and “unknown” — and takes it quickly “out of the box” — and off-planet.


This Internet site is Grandmother’s, and thus it may take different cosmic, interplanetary turns. I have no idea! It’s an experiment. See what you discover here – and what you might create yourself. (If you’re a playwright, imagine what it would be like to devote a whole website to one character, and keep writing and developing that character… Perhaps all playwrights are somewhat familiar with “interplanetary dialogue”…)

Remember that this is an experiment. And these are the first days of the experiment. And I do not know for sure how it works.

Let’s see what happens as Grandmother from Another Planet is now given a her own publishing and speaking platform!

With great love and appreciation for coming here at this moment and exploring…with a great reaching out to every single being of Earth and beyond, in every culture, of every race and age and belief, of every great genius and talent and creativity, for that defines the future of human consciously- created environments…


And this is to invite your stories as you begin to speak “as who you truly are”… For that is the truest “disclosure” of all…

— Sandra Rodman
Playwright  from Another Planet…

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