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Grandmother on a 2019 Holiday Greeting and the Most Important Thing about 2020

In ADVANCED-CONSCIOUSNESS, Audio, Community, COSMOS, Grandmother Blogs, MEDITATION, Self-Development by Sandra Rodman

Our next year may be much more powerful than we ever imagined… Just what are our “higher dimensional abilities” — and why may these higher creative abilities begin to appear in 2020? …

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Grandmother on Transforming Life and Location in Times of Speedy Evolution

In ADVANCED-CONSCIOUSNESS, COSMOS, Grandmother Blogs, MEDITATION, Self-Development, Uncategorized by Sandra Rodman

What is “Speedy Evolution”? And is it happening to you? Feel like you’re in the midst of it? One challenge or test after another, not knowing which way to turn …

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Grandmother on When You Worry about the Details, You Miss the Details

In Audio, COSMOS, Grandmother Blogs, Self-Development by Sandra Rodman

Should we take a rest from the “details” of daily life — in order to relax and allow the details to resolve themselves? When we worry about the small details, …

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Grandmother on Nothing Is Ever Lost

In ADVANCED-CONSCIOUSNESS, Audio, Disclosure, Grandmother Blogs, Self-Development by Sandra Rodman

A powerful reminder of who you really are, the importance and indelible nature of human creative consciousness — a very multidimensional feature in your heritage — and that everything that …