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Grandmother on Disclosure 1st Recording 3-25-17

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To introduce this first recording “Grandmother on Disclosure” done on 3-25-17, this is from the opening of Grandmother’s new book of the First Year, a story of the first beginning of …

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Grandmother’s 2nd Recording–Sound and Disclosure

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GRANDMOTHER’S FIRST RECORDING: HOW I SOUND and THE SOUNDS OF DISCLOSURE… To introduce this first recording, this is from the opening of Grandmother’s new book of the First Year, a …

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Grandmother on How to Handle Volatile Times

In Audio, Grandmother Blogs, MEDITATION, Self-Development by Sandra Rodman

Grandmother’s unexpected answer to my question: “How can we use the crazy events of our time, to increase intuition, clairvoyance, and understanding…” And instructions for a powerful Meditation. Click Player …

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Grandmother on Numbers-Reality-Solutions Part 2

In ADVANCED-CONSCIOUSNESS, Audio, Grandmother Blogs, NUMEROLOGY, Self-Development by Sandra Rodman

WOW – These 5 short recordings/transcripts made during the 14-Recording even on Numerology and Higher Reality. These are about solving VERY TOUGH NEGATIVE DILEMMAS — where NOTHING seems like a …