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“Fabulous!” Gretchen Lawlor, Langley, WA
Bravo to Grandmother!” K.C., Freeland, WA


I truly enjoy these and find so many wonderful new mission ideas, creative ideas and  innovations “pop up” in the midst of our “conversations” and intuitive explorations with Grandmother and other guidance. Especially in such challenging times.

Email or call with questions or to set an appointment. or 425-214-21926.  

Experience what seems to be a kind of higher dimensional “live streaming” intelligence, thinking-way-seriously-out-of-the-box ideas… Sandra Rodman, creator of Grandmother from Another Planet and Right Brain Aerobics/Right Brain Mind Power, with “Grandmother” and an alternate view focused on your questions, projects, issues, strategies.

I have no idea what will come, but inspiration and creative imagination seem always to be part of it. Even unusual views such as: Is  something in your past & future “lineage of knowing,” even past life “experiences” or early forgotten experiences, waiting to inspire you?

These can be quite joyous adventures and dialogue from another planet… I would have been so excited, had I been able to tap into “Grandmother’s” off-planet intuition when in high level corporate technology management innovation!  I didn’t learn to do this until my 60’s.

You may be surprised. I am surprised every time. Sometimes it seems hard to find joy in situations…but Grandmother seems to find that potential for joy, with unending affirmation and love. I’m not sure how this works…but it


Private Consultations: Very unusual adventures, exploring with Sandra Rodman, former VP and Sr. Director reporting to CIO in Fortune 500 companies, former Director and Board Member in non-profit organizations. Playwright. Author, Right Brain Aerobics — and Right Brain Mind Power at Any Age. A unique experience of intuitive vocal higher creative or “live streaming” intuitive ideas, brainstorming —  thinking  way seriously “out of the box”…across time and space.

This unusual experience begins with a short deep sound meditation for deep relaxation and bliss, to lower anxiety. This can calm the mind and open new creative mental focus, new pathways of thinking and seeing, intuition.

Consultations: One to 2 hours: $100 via PayPal. Includes recording, relevant materials, links sent to you.


In future, in-person consultations may be available to resume on Whidbey Island in Freeland, WA.  Sessions are based on your quests or questions: Questions for Grandmother focused on your issues or strategic decisions, life or family issues — or just expanding, exploring “intuitive mind” views and creativity.

You can experience over 125 Audio Blogs/Transcripts of “Grandmother from Another Planet” inspirations, messages — many very relevant to self-empowerment with new thinking, to career and improving personal relationships. Accessible and available  to anyone, anywhere,

Sandra Rodman’s intuitive “cosmic mind” and right brain work has been profiled by New Connexion Journal/TV, Redmond Reporter, Everett Herald, I’m Thankful Radio Network, Contact Talk Radio, and more…  Award-winning actress and playwright (See “Parallel Universe Musical” and “Cosmic Cowboys Musical“) — a former Director in non-profit “therapeutic community” programs — and former VP and Sr. Dir. reporting to CIO/head of IT in Fortune 500 companies in technology/ training/innovative strategy.

More: Sandra H. Rodman, LinkedIn. @SHRodman, 14,000+Followers on Twitter.


"The Teacher is the First Step...

The new ideas, missions I have burning in my mind--delayed with worry over pandemic and unknowns--only 1 thing matters now : The First Step.
If I can do the First Step, the motion begins and teaches me during the pandemic. It lights a fire."

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