Grandmother on Comfort in Difficult Times – Your Role as a Cosmic Reporter

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It was quite surprising that my feeling "down" about all of the events in this world all of a sudden, wondering what to do to be more of service -- led to a new spontaneous message from Grandmother -- about recognizing and honing our roles and missions as cosmic "reporters," (!) engaging in 2-way communication with higher dimensions. The surprise was that I felt better! In fact, buoyant!

I could somehow, through the misty fog of these times, wrap my brain around being a kind of investigator or reporter! In interdimensional dialogue at deep meditative levels, with guides and in different planes.

I could see real action to take, and a different mindset about my "mission."  That we ALL have roles as investigators, as reporters across dimensions, across time and space -- a part of soul growth. I had a job I could do!  My deep meditations often result in 2-way dialogue with guides -- as are all of these blogs with Grandmother! I shifted from "what can I do" to "I have a job! Let me get to it! How do I do this?"

Apparently, I was missing the "why" -- for becoming energized and learning about all that is happening, and not feeling "down"...  The idea of roles and the midst of all we're experiencing in 2020 -- seemed freeing. I sensed action that I could take.

See what you feel after reading and listening to "Grandmother on Comfort in Difficult Times -- Your Role as a Cosmic Reporter," Recorded 2-24-20, Posted 2-25-20.

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As spontaneously spoken and recorded. 


Greetings. I know that it is difficult during uncertain times to feel some comfort…

  • to feel that there is a great deal of hope and potential;
  • that everything is fine;
  • and everything is going to continue to be fine in the world and in your own development.

To feel a good part of this kind of progression, it is important that you understand that you have a powerful role to play -- whether the times in your perception of the 3rd Dimension are comforting, or the times seem unstable.

You do have a very significant role to play. And it is extremely important that you value your role:

  • that you even take joy in it;
  • that you express yourself with greater creativity and compassion and caring for others who are going through the same thing that you are going through.

Your role, you see, is one of a Reporter.  You experience life as human consciousness in “form” on this planet at this time, in its scientific development, its personal soul growth development, both as a group, as a planet – and as individuals.

And then you “report back,” through your dreams. And as many of you are becoming more sophisticated, even in your work with higher dimensional meditations and even consciousness teachers, in altered states, in a regular way, it will begin to occur to you over time, that this is your Role. And when you do, you will begin to value each unusual experience and relationship and your efforts to make it better -- AS A GREAT GIFT, this experience! Even when it is very, very difficult.

You see, there are no “difficult” people, and there are no “difficult” events and situations, in the sense that you are perceiving it. What these are, in a way, is expressions of love as part of learning of “the great soul.” But believe me, every lesson and every person you meet is truly a great loving lesson for you.

It is easier and more profound for you to go through the experience, if you begin to understand your role as investigator, experiencer, and reporter.

It is important that you begin to value your dreams as 2-way communication! You see, you are always trying to “interpret” the meaning of your dreams, to you!

I would suggest that there is a great deal happening in your dreams that is a “reporting and processing” of your psychological gain and understanding into higher dimensional realities which you can barely grasp. That is just fine. You are doing wonderfully well, having more and more unusual experiences individually and as a society every single day.

The willingness to go through with this life in this form at this difficult time is actually a contribution of your soul, your soul family. You are to be greatly affirmed for going through this experience during such difficult times. These are extraordinary times in any epoch; but this is both the end of an era and the beginning of an era. And it will result in a new kind of human consciousness and what you would call “mind” – even though that is very limited in its parameters and does not include your “supersensory” awareness, or even “supersensory” awareness of dreams, which will begin to occur to you over time.

If you would like to increase your ability to use these times, instead of being somewhat down or depressed about them, it is very useful to begin to truly think about your role as an investigative reporter. And not to judge others, because they each have their role to play. They are simply investigating a different phenomena. Sometimes that phenomena is you, you see! And they are having to report back what they observe about you -- and this is true of every bit of consciousness.

Now, I speak often of love, of the loving nature of the universe; of love as foundational; of understanding the truth in the statement “I am you, and you are me” -- beyond identity into a connection that could only be called “love.”

But I want you to understand that there is so much learning going on, and that you have so many exciting roles to play as a learner and as a teacher! And that includes interdimensional experiences, interdimensional 2-way dialogue, that you are only beginning to discover in your deep meditations. You have so much more that you can do in your dialogue as part of your investigating and reporting!

This is a 2-way communication in the sense of reporting and investigating. You see, the higher dimensional guides -- some of you may experience these as a portion of your own psyche or being; others will experience this as a “guide” or a “teacher” -- but let me assure that all beings and expressions of consciousness in any life form are reporters and investigators in the same way! They are all seeking to understand phenomena...

And in some senses, your guides learn as much from you, through your experiences and your work with them, as you learn from the guide!

So, I would like you to understand that you have a remarkable opportunity to take a flying leap, a “quantum leap” in your soul growth by becoming very aware and committed to your role as a loving investigative reporter. You can do this through your deep meditations and journaling.

And this is also why it is very powerful to experience meditations in a group in which there is sharing and dialogue about these experiences! This is why we have these kinds of Roundtable discussions, as well as our deep meditations.

In a way we are investigating and reporting to each other what we are learning in soul growth. And as you go deeper, you are investigating and reporting to each other, in a gathering, what you are learning and discussing with your guides -- in a group! This is a very powerful event. This event is noticed in the universe. It helps “fertilize” the universe with even greater love -- because it is a loving gesture to do this.

Now, I do want you to think about this: You are a reporter. You are experiencing something quite profound. You are increasingly able to understand it in a multidimensional way. And each step you take toward making new relationships with your own higher energies, your own higher self, your guides from other dimensions -- many other dimensions: This is an extraordinary experience, a kind of awakening

But I just believe, given the nature of your society and your world, that you might take some comfort and experience and soul growth by beginning to think of yourself as a very powerful multidimensional reporter.

And if you do that, you will begin to investigate things that you might not normally; you are more apt to journal your thoughts about what you are investigating; and you are more apt to share that which you experience in higher dimensions and that which you consider, let us say, “a synchronicity,” an “impossible coincidence.”

These are indications that you have reached a higher dimensional level of observation and reporting – and “synchronizing” with other dimensions to the point that you can communicate with and in other dimensions.

This in itself, this awakening and realization to your true role as human consciousness in evolution on Earth: This is almost a quantum-leap-of-the-soul. Without any other event taking place, yet – other than those which have already taken place -- you can make magnificent progress as a soul, as a being of love!

And believe me, as you realize this love in your being and this compassion, you will take much greater comfort from every single event on Earth. You will recognize it as priceless learning. You will begin to feel that every single player on the “stage” of Earth is profoundly valuable and important and loving. They are here. They have made that commitment to be here. And they are trying to fulfill a role which they do not truly understand, and yet are diving into it! And learning more every day about how to do that!

I want to give you the highest affirmation!  I want to express my love for you! Because you have made this decision to be here at this time, and to even work on your own soul growth and compassion.

I want to express the greatest gratitude for what you are doing, and appreciation! And I want to assure you that all beings in higher dimensions appreciate every single thought -- of learning, of beginning to forgive, of loving yourself as well as others.

This is a momentous time. This is a profound experience that you are going through. And I would like you to remember that phrase that we say often:

  • You are universally loved; -- believe me.
  • You are eternally loved.

My feelings are difficult to express properly in this mode, in this dimension... If I could do it the way I truly feel it: The love I feel for you is simply boundless!

-- Grandmother from Another Planet -- Adrial.


“Honest investigation can result only in growth.” ― Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson


“We are not trapped or locked up in these bones. No, no. We are free to change. And love changes us. And if we can love one another, we can break open the sky.” ― Walter Mosley, Blue Light


“Art is partly communication, but only partly. The rest is discovery.”
― William Golding, Free Fall


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