Grandmother on How Star Family Meditating Affects Us Physically

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It is possible that dimensional changes -- interaction with other dimensions, the experiencing of space, time, and information differently in altered states (as reported at times in near-death experiences, paranormal encounters, or high-level synchronicities) -- alter our cellular activity and even DNA.

But is it also possible that "intentional changes" -- intending to connect with our vaster human consciousness heritage and ancient linkages in the starry unknown past of the universe -- can alter our cellular activity and even DNA?

Since I began "intentionally" doing star-family connecting, long meditations in the last decade (with my first experiences and contact in the 1970's), I can say that my intuitive and physical sense of reality and its potential, the magic and energy it holds -- HAVE CHANGED DRAMATICALLY. Identity changed at the same time.

So could it be said that "intention" changes us physically -- as well as changing our conscious perception?

What could happen if our advanced work with meditation and deep sound, could alter physical life, intelligence, and ability to work with "multi-dimensional" energies in daily life?

Life changing...?

I am not fully aware of what is being said when it is said -- it seems to come from somewhere in a deeper mind. This message was very compelling for me in re-listening -- to help answer this question:

After years in large corporations and technology during the early days of internet/computing innovation -- why do I focus now on THIS work instead? I have the same drive for "discovery"!

It is the most exciting "discovery" work I've ever done in my life at any age.  At 75, This blog helps me understand why... Why do this? Why now?

Is it that important? Why? Is all technology and innovation about to change on our planet? In our star system? Are all of us about to change on this planet?

Listen and read below. "Grandmother on How Star Family Meditating Affects Us Physically," 9 minutes, 57 seconds, recorded/posted 8-24-18.

S.H. Rodman

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QUESTION - SHR: "Grandmother, how does remembering, whether it is ancient star family connections, or it is remembering a past life or a future life experience, or going into deep meditation -- affect the physical body and daily life?"

GRANDMOTHER: "You do not ordinarily connect your identity with your cellular activity -- nor the connection of your own cells to the networks of light information among all living systems, plants, animals, fishes, birds, and other beings that you do not see on the Earth -- but they are deeply connected. Your identity is much more a network than you suppose.

Now, when you are asked to go into a deep meditation, especially of love, radiating love and light to all beings -- you are in effect, engaging that larger cosmic or universal network. The intention to do this meditation, engages the network, in and of itself.

Now, once engaged, there is an aspect -- subtle and overt -- of remembering. It is as if this is an effort to be something you remember you should be -- to communicate with beings that you know you should remember at some subtle level.

And it effects every cell of your form, and every cosmic cell of this cellular cosmic body, those connections which you have throughout the universe which all connect back to you -- THESE ARE CHANGED.

It is like turning on a switchboard, a gigantic information network. You are a vast swarm of 'information technology, in quotes.

You are not a machine, you are love.

And if you do not believe that love is a vast, impacting technology, then you have quite a surprise waiting for you in the next 10 years. An intergalactic surprise!

Can a comet love? Well, do you breathe air? Of course a comet can love... A comet is 'atomic' -- as you are.

All things love where you believe they are alive; and all things love where you believe they are not alive. It does not matter.

All matter, energy -- is light and love in very surprising forms.

You may think that a star is light. But you may not think that a vast expanse of space which you perceive as darkness -- is light. But it is...

All of these connect to your physical body cellular network. And when you begin to meditate, you begin to ask unconscious cosmic questions about who you are -- where you are and what you will become -- what your goal should be.

It is very surprising how many people come with questions about 'what should my mission be?' As well as 'what IS my mission'? Instead of 'how do  I do my mission?' This is most interesting!

There is definitely a strong awareness that you are not remembering fully why you are here and what your connections in the universe are.

This is an aspect of identity-formation and transformation. And this is going on right now at levels which are higher than in your life experience.

When you are uncertain of events on Earth -- when you are uncertain of geothermal and geopolitical events -- then you must reach to a higher source to understand what is going on. It is a natural urge to do this.

But I'm telling you that the intention to remember more, the intention to connect to your galactic or star family [origin]*, almost a DNA connection, is very powerful.

And every cell in your body is awaiting that 'trigger'!

It is in the intention

So when you set each day to meditate -- and it is as if this is a tremendous health boon, mental health boon, life boon, communication boon! To set this intention to meditate in the stars every day, to meditate with the stars, to express communication to your higher dimensional star self, soul self, intelligence: The kind of 'being' that makes you feel warm and loved, that is within you.

And when you intend to meditate with that part of your being, you are literally meditating with your cosmic selves...

Your body can do fantastic things -- your physical body as well as your cosmic body. It is the intention to engage them at the cellular, atomic, and universally connected level that changes things,  that brings a warmth you could not have imagined before.

So if you want to know 'Why?' -- why you should remember to meditate deeply on your star connections, your universal connections? -- that is a key metaphor: Warmth. Warmth and Love! 

A remembering of Warmth and Love...a remembering of beautiful Sound and Colors...of great Peace and of great Oneness...

And for every cell of your body, there is a warmth exuded in this remembering. You will be warming yourself. And this is a good step toward loving yourself more, and loving all other beings as you.

One key reason to set the intention to connect with your star family, is to connect with all other beings -- because we are all part of the same family.

And I say to you again: I am your Family and you are my Family."

-- Grandmother from Another Planet.

*[origin] – in re-listening I got that the real meaning of this meditation is clearer if you add “origin” – connecting with “galactic or star family origin” is fundamentally the issue of these meditations. 

Photo Credit: Pixabay, Geralt #3539309. Creative Commons License.