Grandmother on Why We Are Here–Unprecedented Times–and Home

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Why are we here? 

Is higher intuitive intelligence and PSI--higher super-sensory perception--increased during unprecedented times? Might these be the times of "breakthrough thinking"?

Can you really impact the world around you when you walk into a room -- with different perceptional, vibrational "frequency"? With a different mind and higher intuitive intelligence?

Will we need this kind of state of mind, empathetic perception  -- when we reach a state of communicating in some way with very different kinds of inter-space civlizations?

Are these unprecedented times for the training of education of new levels of higher creative intelligence, higher dimensional intuitive "supersensory" perception, accessing higher understanding and vision: Because of unprecedented global catalyst events?

Might what seems like simultaneous global and cultural chaos -- be the biggest opportunity of a hundred generations...? A very different perspective for our times...

Listen to Audio Blog, "Grandmother from Another Planet -- On Why We Are Here -- Unprecedented Times -- and Home..." Recorded/Posted Transcript 9-15-18. 7 min., 6 seconds.

-- SHR

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QUESTION SHR: Grandmother, what are the particular questions we should focus on for the Saturday messages?* What would be your question, your subject, your message, right now?


"This is a time like no other before. This 'now' has a particular frequency point which is extremely advantageous for increasing intuitive perception, intuitive meaning across space and time, with a perception -- as opposed to a guess or supposition or even intuition. A specific physical and perceptual ability to see, hear, understand -- your 6 senses and more -- to acclimate yourself to a multi-dimensional reality with surprising frequency and ease.

This opportunity is going to increase. You saw one example of it tonight**, which was almost like a combination of virtual reality and lucid dreaming, and quite shocking and surprising to you!

Well, there will be more such examples for everyone. And the most important aspect to begin to consider today, is that this actually represents an increase in workable intelligence. 

Now, 'intelligence' has two meanings:

  • Smart awareness to conceive, perceive, understand;
  • And information! Inside information, which is helpful to you in your mission, or project, or life!

This pertains to both. So, I am speaking of an unprecedented opportunity for increased 'intelligent awareness' across time and space. And this is important because this 'boost' in intelligence is accompanied by two things:

  1. One is an ability to communicate with more ranges of civilizations which are non-Terran and non-3rd Dimension;
  2. And, a much deeper meditative ability, frequency-shift ability. So if you were concerned about certain electrical, EMF, even Sun pulses -- or the fields generated by non-Terran craft or beings -- you will be able to handle them much more easily with higher frequency range existence. (In transcribing this I later heard this: 'More clearly, higher frequency range coherence. You are after coherence of higher frequency ranges as part of everyday existence.')

I am speaking of your daily walk-down-the-street existence, not some special state that you achieve in deep meditation.

It is the deep meditation and sound which lead you to be able to do this.

But you do achieve a kind of vibrational (almost like a sound aura and auric) transformation -- which is perceivable by those who normally act in other dimensional ranges and other locations in the cosmos -- therefore, increasing the range of your ability to communicate with more civilizations and more beings of higher dimensions.

But this will also impact those you meet in daily life in the 3rd Dimension and your problem-solving in the 3rd Dimension.

If you walk into a room with the perception of being one -- being interconnected with all beings, having a sense of 'I Am You and You Are Me,' 'We are the same, we are connected, we have one heartbeat' -- the other beings even in the 3rd Dimension do get a kind of 'pulse,' a kind of energetic liquid wave. I struggle for the right word, but 'energetic liquid wave' is not a bad phrase to describe it! As if they are covered in a kind of 'love wave'!

And it's very liquid and comforting and kind of watery -- skips across time. For that moment they feel very good. They feel good about you; they feel good about them.

This is an unprecedented time for playing with these multi-dimensional frequencies, and opening your own heart with the understanding that intelligence, and love, and the open heart, and the willingness to embrace with great courage, these new frequencies, and this new planet -- and truly it is a new planet if it is in different frequencies and vibrations -- this is simply unprecedented. 

And you know it! You will have perceptions, visions! You will have an ability to see and connected dots -- and you will go, 'Well! How do I know that?!' "Oh, my goodness, what is that signal? I do think I know what it means!"

You will have more opportunities and synchronicities in which you say, "Oh, I think I know what this means!" And you will truly know what this means!

And you will look for more beings to communicate with who will find it as fascinating as you do to perceive intuitively at higher SuperSensory levels. It's like finding the class that you ideally want to take, because everyone else in the class knows what you're talking about,  loves what you're talking about, loves you, and finds it all very fascinating and exciting and wants to be creative with you!

That is the community that you are sorely missing! And it is almost like a big Birthday -- a big piece of Chocolate Cake -- in its generation of joy, when you find such a setting and begin such an inter-dimensional dialogue!

It feels a little like Home...!"

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


*Message material for a Sat. 9-19-18 session.

**Friday evening, 9-18-18 I had had an almost lucid-dreaming, visionary mystical event during a Crystal Bowl Toning Sound Meditation event. It was so real that I felt I could step into that reality directly, and seemed both awake and dreaming at the same time. It was impossibly detailed, as if a photographic reality had come to life and I could do a motion-stop and examine every infinitesimal artistic detail, yet it lived and the moment spoke. 

Photo Credit: Pixabay, Creative Commons License #3039745_1280. Morgan 888.

“In the space between chaos and shape there was another chance.” Jeanette Winterson, The World and Other Places

Photo Credit: Pixabay, Creative Commons License, #3039745_1280. Morgan 888.