Grandmother on Letting Go of Old World Secrets and Boundaries

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“No matter who you think you are; there is always another version waiting to show up.” ― Bindu Madhav Tata

"Grandmother on Letting Go of Old World Secrets and Boundaries" or: "No More Secrets, No More Boundaries -- Oops!" -- came as an answer to question forming in my mind about global events, about the coming "Disclosure" of extraterrestrial or extradimensional contacts in our societies -- over the last 100 years, and even over the last eons. It's a Yowza for me!!!

And it came contemplating this new quote from Grandmother, at the time a Hurricane was expected on the East Coast:

"These rapid changes in reality cause you to 'let go' of the old 'cemented' view of who you are, what this reality is, what this Planet is..."

The answer was SO not what I thought it would be. Result: I -- we -- have a lot of work to do.

"Grandmother on Letting Go of Old World Secrets and Boundaries," recorded and posted 9-13-18, 11 minutes, 15 seconds. Listen below.

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SHR: Grandmother was answering a question I was thinking of regarding "disclosure" of extra-terrestrial, extra-dimensional contacts in our societies and the volatile times we seem to be living in.

And regarding a quote from her: "These rapid changes in reality cause you to 'let go' of the old 'cemented' view of who you are, what this reality is, what this Planet is..." I wanted to know what that meant in practical daily terms.

I suddenly got this intriguing title: "Letting Go of Old World Secrets and Boundaries" and could see and expanding future before us in which they no longer existed. I realized that I had mixed feelings about this...


"This is in answer to your question about the rapid changes in reality that you perceive. These seem to be happening everywhere.

There are 'storms' of the mind and 'storms' of the psyche and 'storms' all over the world, and in many cases, you do not understand what is going on!

But I will tell you that underlying the uncertainty that you are feeling -- is a kind of subtle fear of 'letting go' of old views of who you are; of what your reality is; of what this wonderful, amazing Planet is.

This is, essentially, what is happening in your world today. The 'storms' are resistance to new lessons, to new change.* That is all! These are good things! These rapid changes will act as "A Catalyst Event"** -- so that you will reach higher to 'see'!

  • 'Hm. Perhaps  I do not really know who I am!'
  • 'Perhaps I do not really understand that there is a larger reality!'
  • 'Perhaps I do not understand the amazing nature of this Planet!'

This is a time of 'Letting Go' of the Old World of Secrets and Boundaries! 


Many of your consternations come about desiring 'Disclosure'! 

  • 'When will we have 'Disclosure' of extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional civilizations and realities?
  • 'When will we have the 'revealing' of Secrets that have been kept.'

This is simply a 'concept' which is to catalyze your own remembering -- for you know all of this!


YOU MUST LET GO OF YOUR OWN WORLD OF SECRETS AND BOUNDARIES! -- in order to enter into the world of a new Earth in which those old Secrets and Boundaries exist no more! They fall away very easily, very creatively.


Now, you may think that you do not have enough 'Love' to handle this! That you cannot be calm while all of this goes on; that perhaps you fear who you might become in this World of No Secrets and No Boundaries!

I will tell you this for certain that: Secrets ALWAYS = BOUNDARIES!

Think on that. For every Secret, there is a Boundary. For an exponential number of Secrets at every level of this realty, this mass drama -- there is an exponential number of Boundaries!

This is within your own co-creation. This is not something that you do not know about , nor something that was created beyond you, or that you cannot affect.

You have co-created this. You are fully aware of t!

It is now an exciting time to simply let go of the Old World!


Now, the difficulty with this -- and I do implore you to have some kind of sense of humor about this -- the difficulty here is that you are going to have to let go of YOUR SECRETS AND YOUR BOUNDARIES!

Now, you have many Secrets. Some are Secrets which you keep from yourself. These are the important Secrets, of course.

And the purpose of our work -- is lovingly to meditate with your 'self,' and work with your higher self, and those aspects of your 'self' which manifest as higher 'guides' -- to know these Secrets of your higher self! These Secrets of who you truly are and why you came to this Planet. And the multiple lives you have had, and many forms of existence!

It is tremendously exciting to let go of your Old World of Secrets!

You may hesitate to let go of your Old World of Boundaries -- because Boundaries are very comfortable. They are like a comfortable old couch, in your way of being.

But I tell you: The moment the Secrets are out, there aren't any more Boundaries! So be careful what you wish for! If you want all the Secrets to go away and all of Disclosure to come about -- Hm -- that comfortable old couch will not be there. And you are faced with a Cosmos of boundary-less exploration and knowledge and discovery and new identity!

You will begin to sense right away that this is a somewhat uncertain form of existence. It is an uncertain perception of reality, when you do not have familiar Secrets and familiar Boundaries!

Now, you yourself, have not quizzed about many of these Secrets! You are careful about what you ask.

So, at some level all of you know, that in those Secrets -- that you will not inquire about further -- are your Boundaries.

They have been lovingly created, so it is perfectly fine to want to hold onto them. But in this time -- and this is a very, very special time of a great Catalyst Event -- when you come into more direct contact and ability to communicate with inter-dimensional, not just extra-terrestrial -- inter-dimiensonal beings and civilizations, what a grand exciting time!! Oh!!

But this always involves rapid change, particularly rapid change of identity. And I just want to tell you that meditating on Letting Go of your Old World and Your Old Secrets and your Old Boundaries -- is where this great Disclosure movement must begin!

It does not begin outside of you. We are all One. It must begin inside of you, with a Letting Go meditation.

Now, this is very simple. It is in some ways fun -- to contemplate:

  • 'Well, what are all the Secrets that I would like to let go of?'
  • 'Where did I come from?'
  • 'How many lives have I lived?'
  • 'Am I living more than one life now?'
  • 'Can  perceive the consciousness of all other beings?'
  • 'Does that exist for me in a World of No Boundaries?'
  • 'Who might I become?'

This is delicious meditation! This is the time you are living in.

But I would like to very much congratulate you and welcome you -- as a 'Discoverer,' as an 'Explorer' of the 'Letting Go of the Old World and Secret Boundaries on Earth!'

This is a Primal Time in Cosmic History! This is a very special Cosmic 'Now,' and it is being experienced by many, many more beings, who are all involved with life on Earth!

You are at the Center!

What are your Old World Secrets and Boundaries?

They hold the Portal to your boundary-less existence! ...To your greatest possible Loves of the Cosmos, and Creativity and Soaring beyond your wildest imagination! So do get to it!!

Do get to Letting Go of Your Old World of Secrets and Boundaries!

It is with great, great Love that I Welcome you to this New World!"

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


*On the topic of "storms" as "resistance to new lessons, to new change." My Incan Guide of many years says that "Fear is just  resistance to new lessons, new change."

**The "Catalyst Event" is being referred to in many daily messages by the reference "C.E." This may have some significance or ancient history  that I do not yet understand.

Photo Credit: Pixabay, Geralt, #3653420

(Note: This is the correct audio. Ignore "Audio source missing." Some inter-dimensional tech programming prank. The audio is present and not missing. 🙂 )