Grandmother on Shifting Gears & New Terrain Every Month

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Got a mission? And new obstacles seem to appear all the time?

Wonder why? A very different view from a higher creative dimension.

It's simply new terrain. And it prompts us to "shift gears."

Get ready for more "New Terrain" every month. In fact, put "New Terrain" on your calendar every month, just in case.

This will push you to plan new creative ways to transmit, publicize, broadcast, create new products or pathways -- every month. Don't wait for obstacles to happen -- put creative new broadcast brainstorming and new creativity time on the docket every month under under "New Terrain."

This recording happened when I asked for guidance on what to do when congestion and allergies made it difficult to record articles from Grandmother...for weeks.

"Shift Gears." An interesting way to spark new creative energy as a creative director rather than waiting for events to blindside you. Viewing constantly changing obstacles simply as "new terrain." Hm...

"Grandmother on Shifting Gears and New Terrain Every Month."  Recorded/posted 10-6-18, 8 minutes, 22 seconds.

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(Note: The strange electronic "interference wave" sound at the beginning of the recording serves as a good example of these kinds of "obstacles...")

QUESTION - SHR: For a couple of weeks, I have been unable to record because of constant sneezing, coughing, clearing my throat. And I find this not entirely accidental -- because it's just another obstacle in my doing my work.

And I wonder if you have some guidance about how to handle obstacles that delay the truth of you, that delay speaking your truth, in particular...


You are familiar with "shifting gears" -- "shifting gears" to communicate or to drive (and this is a "driven" mission -- for everyone -- to speak their truth).

"Shifting gears" sometimes requires a nudge, an obstacle which is strong enough to assure that you will try something "new" with a great deal of creativity.

The creativity is inspired from the energy of the frustration at trying to move forward and being "blocked." Do you see?

This is running into an obstacle, and wanting to push that obstacle with the shoulder, forward. You build up a great deal of "steam," a great deal of energy to try to move it forward, when there is such a strong obstacle.

This causes you to have to think at a higher creative level, because the comfortable, usual level of energy and broadcasting or speaking your message -- will no longer work in a satisfactory way.

Now, if you would like to take a lesson from this, for general management of your role as a "Speaker"* -- and that means everyone, as a "Speaker" of your truth -- then you would say that it would be wise to put on your calendar your own nudges at certain periods, maybe even once per month, once every other month or so -- to try a new means of communicating your message, as a matter of routine.

In effect, this comes closer to going with the flow of life. Life is always a series of obstacles and eddies and blocks and wonderful new events. You see, even a "wonderful" new event can cause you to have to shift how you broadcast, how you speak, how you write your message and deliver it at higher and higher dimensions.

Which brings us to the next aspect of why this can be viewed as an opportunity. And that is, as a natural act of marketing and broadcasting your mission to speak your truth, you should be in a flow of change, of new discoveries, and of trying new things.  This should be natural.

And it causes you to have to reach naturally and often to higher creative intelligence and generate higher creative ideas. Again, this must be routine.

This is the nature of honing higher creative intelligence. It is always honed in the midst of challenges, shifts in timing, shifts in partners -- shifts in world events. And this means a shift in the areas of creative intelligence, even creative "mind/brain power" -- in order to continue to pursue your mission at a very high level with great enthusiasm, joy, and energy.

You are not "blocking" yourself. Someone else is not "blocking" you. And if you perceive it that way, then you begin to create that. So, I will say that that is not as useful as looking at, on a regular basis -- "How can I, this week, this month, broadcast, speak, teach, create my mission, my product, my books, my words, my service to others, in a new creative way? And how can I communicate with higher dimensions and receive higher dimensional guidance, while I do this?"

This should be your goal each month. Set it at the top of your list and review it. And come up with at least three new things, each month, to inhabit that list of solutions you are always looking for.

Three new ways to speak, to broadcast, to teach, to create new products -- every month. And, then, you will see the obstacles that you now view as obstacles, are like shifting roads, shifting paths: Sometimes it's paved, sometimes it's gravel, sometimes you're walking across a field or running across a field.

And to be the finest athlete on your mission as a speaker, you should be able to travel well and flow well in every kind of terrain. This is simply the creative terrain of the universe. And your job is to learn to navigate it with so much love and appreciation for all the lessons, for every step -- that you begin to create life as a bounty, of the highest level of love and creativity and inspiration and service to others!

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


*"Speaker" -- I believe the word "Speaker" is used in this particular context in an ancient lineage sense, "Speaker" as an ancient and future role that any of us might have, of speaking an ancient truth that has come to you as a "mission" -- as presented in work such as that of Jane Roberts, the Seth books.


“The imagination, backed by great expectations, can bring about almost any reality within the range of probalities. ” 
― Jane Roberts


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