Grandmother on Preparing for Higher Dimensional Communication and Space Exploration

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This message from Grandmother from Another Planet on "Preparing for Higher Dimensional Communication and Space Exploration" -- was in response to questions I had brewing on how to best transform during chaotic times, as an actor in times in which we wonder each day which way to turn, with such contradictions, so deep are the polarities and dichotomies, the unexpected catalyst events.

Her response: A "call" for a new role, for preparation, time, and a framework to prepare for communication with higher dimensions. This includes extraterrestrial and extradimensional communication as well as space exploration -- even exploration of our own higher consciousness... A different kind of space travel.

Now, as I thought about it: This was somewhat comforting in the sense of a clear goal and steps for a plan, which is very very far "out of the box." That might be de ri·gueur at this time, thinking very far "out of the box"...and deep from the heart.

And then I noticed that I was someone encouraged to think about the possibility of a new more cosmic identity. A new role. And this might be just what we need to co-create at this time...

Is it that far-fetched to think that it might include new kinds of personal communication with civilizations beyond the Earth?

"Grandmother on Preparing for Higher Dimensional Communication and Space Exploration," Recorded/Posted 12-6-18, 9 minutes.

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If you would think as a higher dimensional being, then it incumbent upon you to spend more of your time in higher dimensional states. These are commonly done through meditation.

But it can also be done sitting in a forest -- listening to certain sounds including the sounds of waves of the ocean or running water, or the sounds of certain crystals or metal bowls being played, the sounds of human toning.

There is an aspect to sound which you feel is beautiful that evokes the beautiful sound in you...

Now, if you would prepare now for a time which is imminent, it is that time -- for communication with other civilizations, with new civilizations which will surprise you and will form around the world, or with higher dimensional extraterrestrial civilizations -- then this time must be placed on the calendar.

Similarly, if you would travel to another star system, and you, in this life, say, "Well, this is my goal. I would like to travel to another star system."  Well, you would sit down and you would begin to make your plans. You might contact global space agencies or businesses that have this as a goal. You might read ancient literature which includes translations of those spiritual and shamanic teachers who specialized in travel with the mind and even out-of-the-body into other realms.

Whatever it is, you would sit down and you would place time on your calendar to achieve this goal. And I am telling you that to achieve living with your own higher dimensional intelligence or preparing for and beginning communication with higher dimensional intelligence -- which is greatly to be desired at this time and the doors are opening for it -- then you must get out your calendar.

So, think about that right now. Where is your Calendar? Do you see?

When you think about how to meditate or do interdimensional communication, let us call meditation "interdimensional communication" -- and understand that it is time now to begin this course as your life: To do this, you must find out where your Calendar is! What is the Calendar that you use most or that you would like to use?

And you must plan, with a Calendar, each day. 

Now, I will tell you that when you waken in the morning, you have been to other dimensions. So, if you would like to meditate, even for a few minutes with the "Letting Go" meditation at that time and then journal (always have a journal handy when you awake) -- then you will begin your planning and execution on interdimensional communications; contact with other civilizations, both higher dimensional and those which are incarnated in physical or semi-physical civilizations -- this will begin for you!

This is a matter of the Calendar.

Now, the second thing is you must open your heart to this adventure, for the time for it is now. You have an extraterrestrial heritage. You have a non-Terran heritage. We have been over this several times before.

Putting time on your Calendar for higher consciousness development and communication is how you become a higher consciousness being. But you must open the heart in order to open the part of the mind where this memory resides.

Now, this may surprise you, but in states of very deep love, reached in very deep meditation, begin communication from other dimensions which is very loving.

This is not a love which is currently defined on this plane, on this planet at this time, by very many -- but some do try to define this love beyond. Think of it as a time-travelling machine; think of it as a communications machine for communication with higher dimensions. It comes when you begin to commit yourself to an hour or two, every day.  Let us say you did that for one week, as a kind of launching pad, and then after that, you did it for 30 minutes to an hour each day.

Whatever the meditation or the deep bliss and relaxation, with your journal handy, for journalling after these states is a form of very deep high vibrational meditation: Then you will find yourself transcending what you know as "you."

I want to repeat that: Transcending what you know as "you." It is both a time and a place. "You," as you define yourself, are both a time and a place in space.

And when these begin to change in deep meditation, then you, and your identity and your access to amazing universal knowledge, very specific knowledge -- open up as if floodgates were open, and there is this kind of deluge of communication, contact, revelation, reminiscing, sometimes meeting old friends and recognizing them...

You see, this is your future role on planet Earth. This is your space travel. This is your identity. It is part of a -- you might call it "The Space Brigade" of this era and of this civilization, of which you are a member.

This is a "Space Brigade." You will explore areas of consciousness space, the space of universal knowledge -- which does include your making discoveries that no other being has made, because you are creating the Universe all the time, and you are a co-creator.

It is the most exciting life that you can lead. 

I wish you a great bon voyage -- and a great congratulations -- for being willing to become a space explorer beyond your wildest dreams of the heart!

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

"There is an aspect to sound which you feel is beautiful that evokes the beautiful sound in you..." -- Grandmother from Another Planet

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