Grandmother on Being in a State of Love When a Beloved Being Is Passing

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This special message is dedicated to MN, a very special being, a cherished, giving, loving family member, a courageous, tireless mentor and university Professor -- who had such great love for his students and colleagues! I have just found out that he passed away today, May 23, 2019.  The message came in on April 9th, when there was an emergency and the message came in and I recorded it. The recording I posted May 15th. Today I opened the transcript file to post it on this blog, May 23rd -- when I learned later this evening of his passing today... What an extraordinary being who was so important in my life and learning and work! Who was so admired by so many students, community colleagues, friends and special family... Great love and prayers to all whose lives he has touched, to all who love him!

This powerful loving message from Grandmother, of a different, vaster view of role of love in life and death...has been of such great comfort to me. And I hope it will be for anyone who has a loved one, a beloved being, who is near death, or who has passed away...

"Grandmother on Being in a State of Love When a Beloved Being is Passing." Recorded 4-9-19, Audio posted 5-15-19, Transcript Posted 5-23-19.

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All journeys are journeys of love. If this is foremost in your blissful mind, after you have entered a state of deeply loving meditation for a being who is preparing to pass into another dimension, another realm of existence, and yet always with you -- this is a journey of love, and this being is always with you.

These are two important teachings for your heart and soul to come together…focus on love; focus on understanding the oneness of all beings, that this being will always be with you
This being is here. Whether in a state beyond death, whether in a state in what you think of as the present, this being, awake or asleep, in your sense, is always awake and loving in your heart. And in your heart, for this being, you are always holding a great flame of love.

This great light -- is love. All passageways into a state of higher realm light, is a passageway of love; a passageway of interconnectedness with all other beings -- past, present, and future -- all other aspects of “you,” from the first spark of “you” to the ultimate spark of “you,” all of this is love.

And the being who is preparing for this journey, who has passed into this journey, is in a journey of deep love. You may express your deep love for this being. 
What you may not be aware of is that this being is expressing great love for you. If you enter into great states of quiet contemplation and deep love, into deep meditation, and open your heart to this flight – this experience of flight – you can begin to hear and to feel that love from that being expressed to you. 
You must listen very carefully, letting go of all your worries and identities, and opening a part of you which can listen in any dimension. This being -- and this state of listening -- is always available to you.

It is, in itself, a doorway to a higher realm for you and for this being, who is passing from one realm to another, if the being so chooses. Think of this as a great doorway of communication -- with all the higher selves of this being, of all beings, of your family, with all the higher selves that this being has loved and that you have loved -- all of this is an eternal passageway of beings of great love.

Share this love with each other. You see, when you speak of loving thoughts and loving concerns for others in the family of one who is making this great transition, then you are speaking love to the being who is journeying in new ways
And there are so many experiences of this journey on so many dimensions – physical, mental, spiritual, and an empathy, an unconditional love which is beyond understanding
And when you take that moment to say “I love you” to all of those who care about this being, who have known this being, and especially to yourself, this is a way of opening great communication with someone who has undertaken this great journey, this great milestone of learning at a deeper level, and being able to make contributions at levels which you cannot even imagine. 
This being is not gone – or will not be gone. Even if the being passes from your consciousness as “alive,” this being is always “alive” and always with you and always in a conversation
And it is now time, in these great times of catalyst, when you may more easily move into dimensions of interdimensional communication. This is the time to open that communication! Take your time in your meditations or prayers going forward, to speak with this being! To express your love and your caring and your gratitude! 
And open to listening or seeing in the world a symbol or an image or a sudden surprising event that you know is this being communicating with you. And in some cases you may even hear the words or write the words.
And that is the last point that we will touch upon today. When you are facing a transition with a being – in partnership with a being – who is preparing to pass or who has passed into a new realm – this is a time when you can keep that communication line still open
This will cause a great transformation in you. 
And if you keep this line of communication open when you do your meditations and prayers at least weekly, then you will see some astounding things happen. It will surprise you.

It is real. All life is realAll life is eternal. This is real.

And in your deeper prayers and honoring of this being over time, you will begin to see a reality of you, as well as a new reality of this being, that you before could not possibly imagine could be so.

And yet, it is so.  

And yet, it is so.  

And yet, it is so.

It is eternal.

Always communicate with great love to all beings… 

And it is so…

-- Grandmother From Another Planet... SHR..

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay