Grandmother from Another Planet on How Can I Plan or Change My Life Now? The Joy Lists

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"Grandmother on How Can I Plan, or Change My Life Now? The Joy Lists..."


A question that I'm getting often is, "How do I plan even the next week, let alone the next year or two when everything changes from week to week!?" And I'm also hearing, "How do I respond to change with new plans, new missions, new things I want to accomplish, for people that I'd like to help -- when the pathways to do that change even by the hour?"


At this time, for you to begin to think of yourself as a being who changes hour by hour, will enable you to more easily and joyfully handle a changing world which shifts by the hour as well.

You may not realize this yet, that already you are becoming that person, that identity: "One who changes by the hour." In fact, you look for new broadcasts and local happenings and relationship events in family gatherings, family groups, with friends that you speak with often because you are becoming accustomed to an environment and ethos, if you will, that changes very rapidly what you think of as the fundamental foundation of your life, your schedule, your mission, and particularly your identity.

For most people, a change in schedule can be accommodated, and you can be creative. But not a frequent change in identity, or a frequent change in reality which requires you to respond with a new identity, because the circumstances have changed so drastically:

  • A now looks like B.
  • C now looks like D.

Your former choices, in every sense --  every kind of business, politics, health and medicine, food -- all of these have undergone a kind of "auric shift" such that you can barely make any choice about what to do with your day, without taking some kind of perceived philosophical or political step, in which you have to consider your own identity. And it is not aligning easily.

So, I want to impress upon you the great power and flexibility. the great love and forgiveness and compassion, that is within your consciousness -- and with these abilities and this identity, you can handle much more than you are handling now, and always see a "clear path" to a "right action" -- which makes sense to others as well as to you.

You see, if you are authentically respectful, inspiring, and reflecting the greatest hopes and dreams of others, all others, you can have conversations and relationships that were before not available to you. They will become available now because every action has to have forethought and measured response. 

You must think "Is this 'me' or 'not me'" -- and it is becoming more and more difficult to find "me" in the old lists of identity, which define nations, countries and counties, to define the kind of human being one might be.

In higher states of focus -- and I recommend your spending time in these higher states which I call meditation, with sound -- you are able to perceive more aspects of "you," more ranges of your own supersensory awareness and even knowledge. You know things that you do not know that you know. (Listening to this, it definitely seems like a different “identity,” if the higher states are practiced daily.)

You may also become aware of these things with more time spent in contemplation of reading from many different perspectives -- and contemplation of time spent in deep and difficult service to others. This is extremely empowering if you can manage the service to others without judgment, and with full love and respect and understanding that all roles on any planet are to be played for a reason, even if that reason is to be a catalyst so that all others can move forward and grow stronger.


Now, how could this possibly be helpful to you in a practical way? We have made a number of suggestions for things to do during your day. That had a great value in the past. Now it has a supreme value.

If you can begin with your list of things to do today, and your considerations or concerns or worries -- and you first go into higher states of meditation on love, which we have provided, or even if you sit simply in very powerful sound, on the clock, 15 minutes -- sound frequencies activate brain and every cell of the body in a different way.

There will also be a calmness, a kind of slowing down of time and letting go of your usual thoughts when you do this. And THEN you look at some options for today.

We have said this before, but let's look at it all as a complex. If something is upsetting you or even if something is good, make a list and write it down:

  • What is the gift?
  • What is the advantage?
  • What is the lesson?
  • And even, in what way might this even or situation enable me to expand my consciousness and my abilities?

We have also said that to begin each day with:

1) An Affirmation of someone else.

2) A Thank You to someone else.,

3) A Gift to someone else -- will change how you approach the day.

Any expression of love and affirmation, any expression of honoring, of great affirmation, going deeper than you would usually do, expressing your gratitude over and over and again -- these simple acts literally change the environment around you.

And in this day and time when you are isolated, there is a tendency not to use the pathways, the channels, the platforms in front of you to communicate. [Implication: Usually using only those you are familiar with.] And I would say to you to reverse that --  to activate all platforms for communication, to reach out to others.

Right now, this is a great service to others, because many in discouragement are not communicating -- unless forced, because something requires a response immediately. It is so much easier to fall into a state of unresponsiveness.

If you would like the world to be more responsive to you, then you must take actions, and you must be more responsive to the world you see.

Now, in our meditations on love, part of these meditations are to have a sense of "being love," of "radiating love to others." And if you can be in this kind of profound meditative state before you go out, and if you don't like to wear a mask, then your "aura" can expand your being. And you can also be very creative with how you dress and handle situations which are upsetting.

The most important thing in all of these lists is to begin to look every day at how you can bring joy to others. That's what these lists are: The Joy Lists.

This will empower you. It will activate your higher-intelligence creative mind -- which is different than your regular creative mind -- such that you may come up with new ways, new ideas, new missions to use all of the platforms available to you to expand your work, your mission, your business, in ways that you never dreamed possible, and to be twice as successful as you were in the past.

The more joy, the more success.

I repeat, the more joy, the more success.

And if you are giving out joy, expressing joy,  causing joy, creating joy -- that is success in itself.

With a great deal of love on this very beautiful sunny day, I will tell you that there is always joy to find and create, you as the creator of the joy. With great affirmation, I am Grandmother from Another Planet.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


“When making a foolproof plan, one should always plan for the most likely eventuality: that nothing will go as per plan.” – Rajesh, Random Cosmos

“One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end.” – Krishnamurti

“It’s the unknown that draws people.” – E.A. Bucchianeri

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” – Rumi

“One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.” – Helen Keller


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