Grandmother on Steps to Change Personal Energy, Creativity, and Relationships

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A simple but very powerful set of instructions for living in higher creative, interdimensional energy and using consciousness in an affirmative, creative way that could change life. Trying some of these steps -- some are like Right Brain Aerobics we have created -- can strongly impact even the simplest things in life.

Try any one or all of the exercises for a couple of days and watch what happens! Can impact career and entrepreneurial work as well...colleague and client relationships, family relationships.

Enjoy "Grandmother on Steps to Change Personal Energy, Creativity, and Relationships." Recorded 9-4-19, Posted 9-5-19, 14 minutes, 38 seconds.

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  1. Greetings! We are going to speak today about your energy and your creativity – and how these are related to higher consciousness, compassion, expansiveness, affirmation.
  2. And in the end, this is the nature of your relationships. These factors influence your communication, what you radiate to other beings, and how your energy impacts your local environment of family and friends and people that you meet.
  3. There are people who energize and inspire you. There are people who somehow, in their presence, set up an energy that “you feel” – whether this is accurate or not – weighed down in some way or discouraged.
  4. Now, these people may be doing a service – and sometimes you are “these people”! I do not want you to become discouraged, because there is a great gift when something upsets you, and you feel you must “speak” of it.
  5. But I do want to give you a set of “steps” to look at -- to start to switch your own energy level and creativity, so that you may energize and encourage and affirm others as well as yourself, if you suddenly face a time when you feel “kind of down” or a friend feels “kind of down.” Do you see? These are very related.
  6. If you understand their “network,” and these processes, you literally can change the fields of reality around you. And imagine if 7 billion people did that?



  7. So, let us look first at higher consciousness – whether it is creativity or compassion, you are looking at higher level wave-form vibrations -- or in your parlance, “hertz” -- h-e-r-t-z. It is very, very loving and affirming to spend time in deeper states, in perhaps “alpha” or “theta” wave-states for brain-mind consciousness, and it is helpful sometimes to do this with sound.
  8. So, the first aspect is “higher consciousness” – and that meditation, or we should say “interdimensional state of higher consciousness in alpha or theta state,” is something you want to do every day. And if you start your day with this meditation or focus, then you change that energy field. Not just your vibrations – you change the energy field around you.
  9. Now, we’re going to give you another process, a few steps to take, because you want to increase your compassion and expansiveness.
  10. When you are in the mode of “compassion and expansiveness,” you come up with new creative ideas which are life-affirming, and that's why we want to increase your compassion and expansiveness.
  11. Compassion, even your science, is shown to increase with deep meditation.
  12. So, we’ve done Step 1. (Higher Consciousness Deeper States)
  13. Now we’re going to focus on compassion and expansiveness. And here are a couple of steps to do that.



  14. Do 3 Things as You Begin Each Day: Find someone to thank! -- express a “thank you” to, a gratitude to that you do not thank very often -- or would be, in particular, surprised!
  15. Second, give a little “gift” to someone that they do not expect. Now sometimes a gift is just offering to do something for someone and to tell them how much you love them.
  16. And the third is an affirmation. Affirm someone! Be specific about something that you really like or love about them. This affirmation, to the extent that it goes on during your day in a genuine and authentic way, may change your whole personality and approach to life.
  17. So, there are your 3 Things to Begin Your Day: Thank someone, give a gift to someone, affirm someone.



  18. Now, Step 2. And these are leading up to greater “creativity.” So, you have to think about this creatively.
  19. Find some new things to love today! At least one new thing, one new person. “I want to get into loving that today!” So, you want to find some new things or new people to love each day – and you want to get creative with this! These can’t be the same old things.
  20. And it might even be that you go to a different place. Perhaps you do not often go to the beach or to the library or to the mountains or just drive home a different way -- or go into a store or a gallery or somewhere that you do not usually go. Find some new things to love. Even if it is one little piece of art. Or you go into a place that interests you, and you start smiling at people. This, believe me, will increase things to love…



  21. Alright. Now we’re going to a higher level. When you’re in this state, and you have done these things, and you have taken a few minutes in the morning (the longer the better) to meditate or go into an interdimensional state of “alpha” or “theta,” then I want you to look at “symbol language,” or what you might call “right brain” or non-linear language.
  22. I would like you to take something you would like to – or need to – get creative about, and I want you to come up with at least 3 random, “out of the blue” symbols that would be related to how to solve or beautify or make that situation more creative -- or come up with solutions.
  23. So, you want to spend that time in a kind of “symbol writing.” A kind of what you might call “creative speed writing(used in Right Brain Aerobics – SR). Come up with at least 3 symbols.
  24. And then you take those 3 symbols, and for each of those, you use those as sparks for creative action.
  25. You might have the symbol "orange." The color comes to you. Now, what does “orange” mean? It might mean to eat an orange. But it also might mean to paint something orange, to buy something orange, to wear something orange – or, if your, let us say, alma mater, has orange as a symbol, think of a way to reconnect with the alma mater, or give something to the alma mater. You see? Or call someone that you have not spoken to since your college or high school days, you see?
  26. What you are doing is expanding your consciousness network to start to include more people. But you are also learning to extrapolate strategy and daily network pathways through the use of random “symbols”! You might see a bubble! You might see a butterfly! You might see a cheeseburger! This may not mean to actually eat a cheeseburger. But it is a symbol to “take into account.”
  27. All symbols are perfectly fine. But if you do see a symbol and you’re not very happy with it, well, then go on to another symbol. But you need to do 3. Do 3. You’d be surprised how quickly this goes – on any situation or problem at any time.



  28. Now, we come to a kind of “sparking of creative ideas” from a meditation on "creativity." We meditate on many things, but we do not often take the time to go into an interdimensional, calm state and focus for at least 5 minutes, 10 minutes -- meditate on creativity! This is very similar to our meditation on love. Relax deeply, take 3 deep breaths, and spend at least 5 minutes simply staying in a state of creativity.
  29. Now, when you have completed this process, I would like you to try to draw. You may have creative ideas come up, but you may want to “doodle” that idea. You are moving away a bit from the linear to the non-linear. So, you might start to “doodle,” but from “art” – this “art of creativity” -- there will be non-linear ideas that come up! So, again, you want to come up with 3 completely random, creative ideas, because you have meditated on “creativity.
  30. And what does “creativity” mean, often? Doing something new. Doing something beautiful. Making “art” of something that you do not think of as “art.”



  31. Now, if you do all of these things in a day or over a couple of days, I want you to then notice your relationships.  It would be extremely difficult to do all of these things and not have improved relationships and communication! Very difficult!
  32. You’re changing your “vibrations.” So, why not do it on purpose, positively,  knowing that relationships will change?
  33. You see, when you walk into someone’s energy field, and you express affirmation and caring for them, or you express love or you smile -- but you also carry creative energy and new ideas -- this completely changes the “fields” of reality around you and your relationships with the people. Especially if they think they can count on this to be who you are when they see you coming! It’s a very powerful thing!
  34. This simple discussion this morning - these are acts of wisdom, these simple acts of wisdom -- being in a more compassionate, creative, loving state of expansiveness, expanding relationships and creativity – can literally begin to change your life.
  35. And when you change your life, others around you “shift” to “align.” And that is like you are a walking wave-form of “vibrations” – truly like a “wave” of affirmation and compassion and love and creativity. That is what you want to do.
  36. And it not only changes relationships, it creates new networks of relationships.
  37. And it changes your “relationship” with yourself! You find yourself becoming a more creative, loving being. And being able to go faster to some new, loving, creative solutions, if you find yourself in a very difficult situation.
  38. Difficult situations are “gifts.” They are “assets.” That means you will reach for something new!



  39. Affirm yourself every day. Love yourself every day. Be expansive and compassionate with yourself every day. Be artistic and creative – with yourself – every day!! Dress creatively. Expand your little spaces around you creatively.
  40. Watch the world change just by shifting to these simple little steps -- which are, ultimately, Love

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


“It's a funny thing about life, once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack.”  ― Germany Kent


“Here is little habit that can make a big difference. Send sunbeams. Intentionally send a word of encouragement or appreciation every day to one person.” ― Steve Goodier


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