3) Grandmother on I Am the Dimension I Occupy 10-17-19

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Third of the 3 recordings of 10-17-19. A real brain stretch exercise!

Am working on a class for tomorrow regarding the power of meditation and focus on future -- as well as ancient - timelines -- and this blog posits the idea of human consciousness perception as vast enough to "be" the dimension it occupies!

How could we have a consciousness and interconnectedness in which that is true?

It puts a whole new spin on: "Stretch Your Mind into a New Dimension" -- which was a quote we often used in Right Brain Aerobics training.

Yet some of today's physics,  quantum mechanics are equally "spooky"! Einstein called it, "spooky action at a distance." It seems to imply that consciousness is much vaster and interconnected than we think.

Are we more than we think? Does each of us have an individual consicousness powerful enough to be a dimension?

Powerful food for thought... Are we "dimensional" beings?

Important to consider as we race into a new future in which the contemplation of higher physics and higher cosmology -- even quantum computing and interplanetary travel as well as higher human consciousness across time-space and intergalactic space travel in future generations. This concept of vaster human psychology may be key!

What would our space-travelling future generations want to say to us now, if they have mastered time travel?  This message came for a class of 10-18-19 especially about working with future lineages, multidimensional reality -- and multidimensional time...

Contemplate "3) Grandmother on I Am The Dimension I Occupy," Recorded/Posted 10-17-18, 1 minute, 11 seconds.

Click Audio Player to play "3) Grandmother on I Am the Dimension I Occupy," Recorded/Posted 10-17-18, 1 minute, 11 seconds. Listening to the voice can increase a sense of interdimensional communication/vibrations.


Now, in a sense, you are the dimension you occupy… The dimension you occupy is you.

This sense of identity being a dimensional state of being “you” – it’s a higher level concept that meditating upon this idea is extremely powerful.

Simply do a meditation on this one concept: “The dimension I occupy is the dimension that I am. I am the dimension that I occupy.”…

-- Grandmother from Another Planet



The Cosmic Questions Exercise from Grandmother Might a Similar Meditation -- Very Freeing...

In an exercise from last year, we were asked to do an "interdimensional communication state" meditation exercise by writing down "Cosmic Questions," one after the other. No answers, just questions; nothing local -- all at the non-local, quantum, "how-does-the-universe-work?" level...

I found this extremely freeing and accompanied by a high state of bliss... Each "question" was an answer in itself. I wish now that I had transcribed the questions as a blog/exercise, to go to for meditation in future...

This Grandmother Audio Blog is like that... Try contemplating this concept for a few minutes as she suggests. "I Am the Dimension I Occupy"... Can we conceive of the idea of consciousness being a whole dimension? What do we learn?

After doing this, is there a subtle change in how we interact with others? Are all others we meet, also "the dimensions they occupy"? Is the "dimension" of every single individual actually different?

Might we change our relationships affirmatively by relating to others as the "dimensions" they occupy?...

-- SHR


“If time travel is possible, where are the tourists from the future?” -- Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time

Can we just "make a call"?... -- SHR


Photo Credit: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay  - 2405206