Grandmother on You Are Your Thoughts and Communication in a Very Real Way

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A powerful message about the power of every thought, every communication -- about the power of meditation and contemplation, silent time to understand the world, the cosmos, our very being, in silence.

Listening to it later, and its suggestion that we allow young people time to think, to contemplate -- I thought about what a very different world it would be if all children had this precious time, protected and safe, to sit in silence or in nature, and to simply be with their own thoughts -- every one of their own thoughts valued.

What a different world we would live in. What a different life I would have lived. And I thought, what can I do to make this possible for children all over the world. Even thinking about that let me to a different heart and a different place to live in my mind...a different reality...

Contemplate "Grandmother on You Are Your Thoughts and Communication in a Very Real Way, Recorded/Posted 10-25-19, 5 minutes, 23 seconds.

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You are your thoughts and communications in a very real way. You are creating your own reality, and you are also creating your relationships.

This awareness is a form of transformation. When you become "aware" of the impact of your thoughts and your communication with others as an aspect -- a very real and direct aspect -- of the formation of reality, you begin to work with your thoughts and communication differently.

And a powerful state to do that is one of deep meditation and prayer, whether it is in silence, whether it is in contemplations, in questions, in journeys, in other dimensions. It is a creation of a reality and an identity.

It is also a blessed and sacred act. When you begin to understand that each thought and each desire, each worry, each moment, is an act of creation, and your reality responds directly to these actions and activities -- then you can begin to have a sense of personal power in the act of creation and flowing of thoughts and communication, which you did not have before.

This can enable you to consciously create a reality near you -- and even to impact the larger reality with this creation.

This puts you into a creative mindset. Awareness of your creative ability and acts of creation puts you in a creative mindset. This is the very definition of confidence.

It is very important for young people to be allowed time to themselves in peaceful contemplation or to meditate with you, in joy, as a powerful part of education.

If you want to know Earth and a new timeline, it is very important to include the young ones in your times of meditation and joy, as precious beings, who are also creators of thoughts and communication.

Meditation increases their awareness of the power of their own communication and thinking.

It is a time to observe that. And it does not matter the age of the being. In silence and peace, this awareness will come into consciousness.

It is a very happy state when a sudden insight comes, that this is the nature of reality, and every thought and communication is creating it, regardless of the age of the creator. It is a very happy moment. Make these moments available to all of your young ones.

And make these moments available to you in the simple act of putting this powerful time of creativity on your calendar with relish!

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


“The plan, a memory of the future, tries on reality to see if it fits.” ― Laurence Gonzales

“Contemplation does not rest until it has found the object which dazzles it.” ―Konrad Weiss

“Winston stopped reading, chiefly in order to appreciate the fact that he was reading, in comfort and safety. He was alone: no telescreen, no ear at the keyhole, no nervous impulse to glance over his shoulder or cover the page with his hand. The sweet summer air played against his cheek. From somewhere far away there floated the faint shouts of children: in the room itself there was no sound except the insect voice of the clock. He settled deeper into the arm-chair and put his feet up on the fender. It was bliss, it was eternity.” ― George Orwell, 1984. 

“We each possess the ability to engage in self-healing through contemplation and self-analysis.” ― Kilroy J. Oldste

“To learn to read, after all, is a descent into silence.”
― Jane Brox, Silence: A Social History of One of the Least Understood Elements of Our Lives... 


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