Grandmother on The Road to the Mountain Top

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During the day which preceded this recording (12-31-19), I had so many questions about new obstacles I had discovered regarding travel to the highest mountain peaks in Colorado, concerns about health at high altitudes, how to travel, as well as concerns about new obstacles being placed in my path, blocking the ability even to travel to the mountains.

Yet every day, new synchronicities, messages, symbols would appear, confirming that a trip to the mountain peaks is very important at this time, for learning, for soul growth, during Earth Change times.

As a New Year’s greeting and thanks to Grandmother, as midnight tolled for 2020, I recorded “Thank you, Grandmother.” Then this message of this Audio Blog came:

“Grandmother on the Road to the Mountain Top,” Recorded/Posted 1-1-20, 11 minutes, 9 seconds.

Click Audio Player to play "Grandmother on the Road to the Mountain Top," Recorded/Posted 1-1-20, 11 minutes, 9 seconds. Listen and read simultaneously for an unusual experience.


(In a separate recording, as the clock had struck midnight and the day became 1-1-20, I recorded a thanks to Grandmother for the year.)

SHR: Thank you, Grandmother.

(Before I could turn off the recorder, I heard this very strong response coming through which changed how I viewed all of the “obstacles” in my pathway to get to the highest peaks in Colorado, the range I have felt called to for so long and that my father was called to. Every day, a new confirmation in high synchronicity events underscores that this is a Sabbatical that I must undertake now. Amazing. Yet every day, there appear more and more obstacles to this pathway to the high mountains. This recording seemed to come in response to all of my questions of the day...of this year...!)


When there is a way that is made before you, and it seems filled with contradictions that you do not understand, always know that the way has secrets with their own paths. And when you see the larger picture and the winding paths coming together and forming new “geometries of understanding,” then you will see that even the contradictions and even the impossibilities that you see before you, all play out perfectly on the path.

So, let us say you see many messages, and you see many signs or symbols -- or events occur, and you say, “These all confirm this pathway!” Yet everything becomes an obstacle all of a sudden, to prevent you from following the pathway that you see so clearly!

And you become in a state of confusion or frustration, because you see the path clearly, you read the signs, and they all add up, and every event of high synchronicity leads you in this understanding -- and yet come the contradictions and obstacles! And you ask, “Why is that!? Why would I see such clear guideposts and signs, and yet I cannot move to the path that they illuminate?”

Now, this is part of your “New Year,” this year of your 2020, to begin to see higher dimensional connections, to see meaning in contradictions, which has before eluded you. You will stop when you see the contradictions, and you will ask “Why is this obstacle placed before me?” Instead. begin to look at the larger story, a story of many times, many roles, many lives, many feelings that you do not understand.

And you will come to a conclusion: This story of a great pathway before you -- with many signs and symbols pointing to where you should go, and all of the contradictions and obstacles coming – is simply a microcosm, an analogy, a class, a lesson on how all of the lives, not just your lives but the lives of your soul family, the lives of all the co-creators of your reality in every dimension, in every galaxy, in every universe, this is how they always play out.

This is the way the story is always resolved which leads to the greatest lessons.

If the obstacles were not there, you would not find the greater pathway. You would not find the greater treasure which lies hidden, when you must move the obstacles out of the way, sometimes, by learning how to work with obstacles and sharing with others how to work with those same obstacles. Do you see?

The pathway is one of learning to handle obstacles and transforming them and seeing what lies hidden behind them. And seeing aspects of your identity which you will not be able to see if obstacles do not appear which must be cleared.

So, what looks like an obstacle or an interruption in your clear, “high synchronicity” path to the highest points on the Earth and beyond, are really integral parts of becoming a much more aware and loving and expansive being – and that is the true destination point.

In order to communicate with the “mountains,” with the beings of higher dimensions that you desire to know, that you desire to become close to -- you must begin to know how to work with every obstacle and obstruction as a friend, as an ally, as a great love in your life…which will teach you more than you could ever imagine….so that you can see what is hidden behind the obstacles.

A path without obstacles is really not a path. What you are looking for is “Graduation,” higher learning; that would not be a path to “Graduation” and higher learning. Do you see?

So, in a sense, you should become as excited about mountains of obstacles as you are about the mountains in the distance that you are trying to reach -- so sure are you of their highest destination and point of “light.”

And I’m going to tell you that there is “light” in every obstacle! There is incredible love and hidden identity lurking every time you see an obstacle.

It is as important who you are on the path, as that you read the signs and find the path and remove the obstacles. The story is of your development. The story is of – to use a phrase you’re so fond of using – a “road to Damascus event.”

Well, the “road to Damascus” events only occur when there are giant obstacles and events which are transforming on the “road to Damascus”…

That is seeing a path in the New Year of great contradictions, great ascensions, great landings, great new information, great new partners. This will be a stellar year if you understand the power of the role of obstacles and the ability to “love your way down any path…”; to “love your way through any obstacle. And that is your New Year.  And that is how you will always get to the Mountain Top.

It is how you will always learn the greater picture, which is: “How do we travel together, in love, to that Mountain Top?”  

That requires learning how to handle the obstacles. You literally “love your way down the path.” And without obstacles, you would not know higher love. This is the path to the Mountain Top.

There is great light – but there is also great light in every giant boulder in the middle of the pathway. So, you become, in effect, a student of the greatest light.

And I bid you a most Happy New Year in your path to the Mountain Top…with great love and great cherishing and the greatest affection and admiration and affirmation for all who are seeking The Road on the Path to the Top of the Mountain, regardless of what that road holds.

You are amazing, eternal beings.

You are eternally loved.

You are universally loved…

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

“Life will throw all kinds of obstacles our way. It's our job to scramble over them and hunt for the little miracles tucked away, then leave some reminders for the people that follow behind us.” ― Emily Page


“If seeds saw dirt as their enemy, they would lose out on the opportunity to grow.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo


“Life keeps throwing me stones.
And I keep finding the diamonds...”
― Ana Claudia Antunes


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