Grandmother on “The Protocols of the Gifts: Find Loving Higher Intelligence in Every Lesson Learned

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"Grandmother on "The Protocols of the Gifts: Find Loving Higher Intelligence in Every Lesson Learned"


Today is a special day for understanding... Understanding that which seems hidden, mysterious, or nonsensical, or farcical in your eyes. Understanding that which is upsetting and viewing it differently so that you can be more loving of others in response to all of the activity taking place in your wonderful university that you call Life...

Today we will expand "The Protocols of The Gifts"...

(See this previous blog, “Grandmother on Seeing Every Challenge as a 1) Gift, 2) Advantage, 3) Lesson: The Big Picture, Refocusing Time and Strategies for Quicker Solutions

We have explained the power of seeking to find a Gift, an Advantage, a Lesson, and an Expansion of work and understanding in each event in your life and on Earth, as a way of "seeing" all events with higher dimensional, loving, compassionate, forgiving understanding.

We would like to add an element to this today, and that is Intelligence. The purpose of this protocol is to expand your higher, creative, loving intelligence so that you can handle all events in your societies on your planet, in your star system, in your galaxy with greater intelligence and understanding.

So, let us add this element today with a great deal of love! Sometimes you have been missing the teachers who teach "love" in intelligence. There is a great deal of intelligence that comes from love. Why would there not be a great deal of love in true, pure intelligence?

This is part of your university or class or learning on the planet Earth, in your star system, in your galaxy. You are a galactic citizen. Isn't that interesting? That is important intelligence.

So let us add this element and expand understanding of how to view this "protocol," not as a simple step, but as a higher-intelligence, higher-creativity "protocol."

When an event occurs that upsets you or that makes you happy, when there is a situation or an object or an element that you do not understand or which is engaging your most extreme emotions, apply "The Protocol of the Gifts"!  1. Make a list of The Gifts which come from this circumstance, this object, this event.

Now, we expand this protocol, because you might see a "story," for instance, in your news, in which there appears to be no answer, and you are very upset about contradictions and fights and all sorts of things that do not make sense.

So, expand this: What are the Gifts for you? There's always a Gift in every situation for you to learn something and for you to expand your sense of identity. Now, make a list of what -- if you are for instance viewing two opponents -- what is the Gift for Opponent A? What is the Gift for Opponent B? Do you see?

Then you could expand this greatly if you want to expand your higher creative intelligence greatly. But for right now let's expand at this level:

  • "What's the Gift for me?" -- and
  • "What's the Gift for two opposing beings or situations?" If that is your issue.

And then you want to know -- 2nd -- list the Advantages in this circumstance having happened. Advantages can include a greater understanding. It can include more and more beings being able to "see" at a higher frequency level. Always seek the Advantages. Now, add to your list:

  • "What is the Advantage for Opponent A?" and
  • "What is the Advantage for Opponent B?"

Now, you can add or analyze with other aspects and quickly see that this is a complex protocol and not a simple act of, "Oh, what are the Advantages in this for me?" Do you see?

Now, 3rd. Very, very, very important. "What are the Lessons?" 

  • Now, that is first, Lessons for you.
  • "What is the Lesson for the person or group that is Opponent A?"
  • "What are the Lessons for the person or group that is Opponent B?"

Now, if you write these down, you will truly stretch your mind into a new dimension, but you must do it with love. And because we are using this protocol today to look at "opposing" situations or events, you will see that love is required! This is an important part of these protocols.

  • "What are the Gifts, with love?"
  • "What are the Advantages, with love?"
  • "What are the Lessons, with love?"...

And you write this down for you, and for Opponent A, and for Opponent B.

Now, we have said that there is a 4th Step called "The Expansions." It's a form of "Advantage" but as you are trying to expand your mind and your intelligence and especially your understanding, your emotions, your ability to love and be compassionate toward others, it is important to use the word "Expansions."

  • "How will this situation enable me to expand my mission, my work, my help of others, my learning?"
  • And then, now add: "How will this event help Opponent A and Opponent B, each to expand their understanding and learning? Their ability to perform at a higher frequency level?" Do you see?

It is very powerful, the "Expansion" element, because it is almost the point: To expand your consciousness, your understanding, to, in a way, expand your heart of compassion and love and forgiveness.

There is a great deal of forgiveness in making your "lists" of the Expansions, that come up also in the Lessons. Often the Lesson will be: "I must love others more." "I must see at a higher-frequency level of Love."

And now we want to add: "What is the Intelligence? The loving Intelligence in this act, situation, or story?" We're adding with this 5th step of Intelligence, the element of the story. "What is the Intelligence of the story?"

There is always higher frequency intelligence involved in every single event that happens to you or others, and as we are "one," everything is always happening to you as well...

Making a list of things that you can view as higher dimensional "Intelligence" at work, at play in this event that has happened to you or to others, which is impacting you -- changes your identity profoundly and your view. In a way, the 5th step -- "What is the Intelligence, the Loving Intelligence in this story?": Let us make it "Loving Intelligence," our 5th step.

These are the protocols of the Gifts of Learning in this 3rd dimensional "university" of soul growth that we all call "Life" -- and there are many beings among you who are of many different dimensions, who are growing from one dimension to another or expanding their understanding of the many dimensions of being. And you, yourself, are a multidimensional being, your soul always growing from its "rooting," its connections, to the highest frequency intelligence and love -- the lights of the universe that you call stars... Lights everywhere!

All of your life, all of the lives of others, are tremendous Gifts. They offer tremendous Advantages, tremendous Lessons -- they enable you to Expand your growth and your mission, your ways to contribute, your ways to forgive, and they have great, loving higher Intelligence. This is "The Protocol of the Gifts."

And with great love for you and great compassion and understanding -- and enormous appreciation for all that you are going through at this time, such great love for you from everywhere -- I am Grandmother from Another Planet.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

Summary of The Protocols of the Gifts – to use in daily life, work life, to understand conflicts or confounding, contradictory news:

When an event happens which is a challenge or an upsetment – and often this comes because you see two opponents and have a vested interest in the outcome – to try to achieve a higher dimensional view, make a list of these positive or growth gifts that are present for you in this event or conflict or challenge having happened:

  1. What are the Gifts that could come from this?
  2. What are the Advantages that could come from this?
  3. What are the Lessons that could come from this?
  4. What are the Expansions that could come from this? (For mission, work, learning)
  5. What is the Intelligence that is involved in this and could come from this?

Now: A frequent circumstance in these times is upset meant about polarities or conflicts. If the event involves two opposing or polarized combatants and you feel very upset about their attacking each other, even if you prefer one over the other in some ways, apply this same protocol, to reach a much higher dimensional view or understanding of what is actually going on! Thinking at a higher strategic and tactical level and even more creatively can come from making these lists! And you may begin to understand how you could be more loving and expansive with all in your viewpoints and handling of communication regarding this event or conflict.

  1. What are the Gifts that could come from this for Opponent A? Opponent B?
  2. What are the Advantages that could come from this for Opponent A? Opponent B?
  3. What are the Lessons that could come from this for Opponent A? Opponent B?
  4. What are the Expansions that could come from this for Opponent A? Opponent B? Expansion of mission, work, learning.
  5. What is the Intelligence that is involved in this and could come from this for Opponent A? Opponent B?

Writing down these lists – either applying the protocols just for you, when faced with a challenge – or applying the protocols to “see” at a higher level how Opponent A or Opponent B might have Gifts, Advantages, Lessons, etc. from this, especially unexpected ones – is so highly educational a psychological or strategic exercise that it would be difficult after having made the lists, to continue to maintain the more narrow view of “what is happening!” that first upset you.

Try it. You might be utterly amazed at how much higher creative intelligence of your own that you can apply to every contradictory or seemingly nonsensical or confounding event you see in the news. Or in interactions with family and friends and colleagues. And well discern for yourself, beyond needing other interpretations, what is happening in contradictory worlds. And well discern, with love…

-- S.H. Rodman

Image Credit: Gerhard G. from Pixabay