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Intro:  Take a moment and meditate upon these Quotes from “Grandmother’s Little Book on Marketing from the Soul” — Transformational Marketing: Thinking Way Seriously Out of the Box. 

Is there a new perspective or an innovation in your thinking which can be derived on any day, from any given segment? In the book, the segments are numbered – making it easy to “choose a number” and go to that saying as a prompt for the day’s “marketing…”

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From Audio Recording: Why You Must Market NOW!

“This is an important time to transform all of your efforts, and your thoughts, and your concepts, and your activities about what you think of as marketing. But it is actually the soul’s education.” — Grandmother 4-30-17

“Every marketing message is a reaching out to others, but also a reaching out to yourself in Oneness. Those messages go to the forefront in your mind. They are the powerful messages, the ones you put out in your announcements, your posters.” — Grandmother 4-30-17

“If you would create a new future on Earth: YOU MUST MARKET IT!!” — Grandmother 4-30-17

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Soul Marketing

“If you are going to ‘market’ – ‘change energy’ is an essential part of the rhythms, the speed, that attracts people to your message, your Light… New movement, activity, new insight, new identity, new players, new costumes, new characters, new pictures, new sound, new rhythms, new lines upon new stages. That’s your to-do list – but it transforms you when it comes from the heart and soul, the truth of you!” — Grandmother 5-3-17

Every time you reach out, say your message, one time, just one piece of paper, just one line of code of light – increases the consciousness of all other beings…” — Grandmother 5-3-17

“You are marketing your Ancient Calling, calling all of your ancient selves to the front line, when you spread the light of your mission — its words, its dances, its art, its heart.” …   “Marketing the Light Is an Ancient Calling… A Lineage Calling…” — Grandmother 5-3-17

“Do not leave home without your ‘marketing’ – your messages and missions of light – your torch. Always have it with you to share with others who are working to share their messages.” — Grandmother 5-3-17

Acronym added June 2017: ATM:
“Always Take your Marketing!”

“Soul Marketing – is ultimately sharing the light of your soul with others…” — Grandmother 5-3-17

“Do not do your marketing alone! Do not shine your light alone! Share it! With every being, in every dimension. Call in every cosmic helper, guide, angel of light – every element of the firmament… Thus you begin to see that your mission is the work of a committee of light…and light itself.” — Grandmother 5-3-17

“If you want more light in the world – you must shine it!” … “In every step of shining your light from the soul, a star is born…” — Grandmother 5-3-17

“Transformational Marketing is less about slogans, although these can become powerful symbols. It is about truths. Truths of the light. It is about this truth especially: I Am You, You Are Me.” — Grandmother 5-3-17 (In a sense: Empathy Marketing, Inclusive Marketing, Reach Out Marketing. — SHR)

“There are no interdimensional boundaries in Marketing from the Soul…” — Grandmother 5-3-17

“How can any light worker on Earth and beyond know to help you with your light mission, if you do not ask?” — Grandmother 5-3-17


“Do not judge yourself or others if you have not yet sent out your marketing or created the message you would like. Celebrate every small step, every interaction to reach out with light, to reach out with your mission’s message.” — Grandmother 5-3-17


“Be inclusive when you Market from the Soul. Reach out to all cultures, all ages, all planets and stars, all beings and elements, all dimensions, with your light. Marketing from the Soul is at its essence creating new families of light.” — Grandmother 5-3-17

“Be of help for all who are trying to market their missions and light messages, as if they were family. Even if it is difficult. For family becomes family by working together in light even in hard challenges.” — Grandmother 5-3-17

“Remember the Boomerang Principle: Everything you do to others, you will experience in return. If you want more light, shine more light! Whatever you send out, comes back to you.” — Grandmother 5-3-17

“You cannot shine light without revealing yourself in light. Therein lies the soul growth in Marketing from the Soul: Vulnerability…” — Grandmother 5-3-17

“Remember that there are light bulbs of many kinds, there is shining of many kinds. Such opportunities for glowing!” — Grandmother 5-3-17

“The most difficult part about Marketing from the Soul, marketing a mission of light, is revealing the truth about who you are – to you. The many other things you want to do can be done easily in partnerships, once this is done.” — Grandmother 5-3-17

“Marketing your mission of light from the soul is creating new worlds… Marketing is a sacred soul journey.” — Grandmother 5-3-17

“The knowledge of all things is possible…”

Leonardo da Vinci