Grandmother on: Creating New Space, New Resources and Revenue for Your Mission

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Intro, Exercise: Grandmother's 6-5-17 Recordings on Creating New Space, Revenue, and Resources

Transcripts of Audio Recordings of Grandmother from Another Planet 6-5-17. A meditative-intuitive process from Right Brain Aerobics' "Inner Genius Q&A" spoken dialogue is used to create the recordings which become verbatim blogs. No editing is used after recording; total dictation time, 10 min 1 second. To write something like this in my usual way -- might have taken a day or 2. Think of these as experiments in consciousness - or playwriting.

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The 3-Part Blog transcripts are from from 3 recordings of Grandmother on this date, which followed each other on the same thread, each adding more clarification.

 Meditate upon each as an exercise to expand the vision of your mission, to spark very different paradigmatic ideas about how to focus on space, revenues, resources for your message, based on larger concepts of  identity and vision for your work or projects. Audio Recordings will be posted soon.

  • "How to Create New Space for Your Mission" (6:14 min recording)
  • "How to Create New Revenue & Resources for Your Mission" (3:12 min recording)
  • "How to Create a New Being for Your Mission" (1:35 min recording)

-- S.H. Rodman

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Grandmother-from-Another-Planet on Creating New Space for Your Mission
Photo by S.H. Rodman

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6 min. 14 seconds


Question:    How shall I create new space – a new center – for my mission?


If you would change the scope of your local and global reach, this is rooted in identity creation.

This is an adjustment -- a creativity applied to your very being, which then renders itself in new space.

So if it is new space you would like to create, bear in mind that it is an identity.

This is a new identity you would like to create.

It is born from the deep desire to see something new upon the face of the Earth -- to see you in a new way upon the face of the Earth.

The resources and the revenues to create such new space and new faces must flow from the heart of being. Do you see?

These are 2 things: The Heart... The Being….and [they] merge together the great desire and love of the heart, the creative rendering of being and identity which grows from this great desire.

This is a kind of soaring creativity which innovates from within and is open to the idea of flying as new personalities.

This sometimes requires creativity on-the-spot when working with new identity.
But I ask you, how can you have new identity without new yearnings from the heart?

Do not all new identities come from new yearnings from the heart?

If you would to awaken a new space, awaken first the heart of desire. Draw it and dance it and sing to it.

It is the height of the emotion that will determine the height of the space.

It is the daring nature of a dance not yet danced that draws you into a new creation of movement upon the face of the Earth.

As you move into the being of Higher Dimension, which would create a space of higher dimension, there is a great energy vortex, a portal created.

This great desire for the transformation of being -- generates the space to hold the being…

This is also true of the body and the health.

When you have great desire to create a new being, a new relationship with other human beings, a new love which can grow from you and reach out to them bearing fruit -- all sorts of new spaces and new physical realities and new health, new wealth appear, as part of that tremendous desire to reach out to others.

If you remember the reaching out to others, and interconnection to communication across fields, across galaxies -- then you create space effortlessly, and the space actually “comes” to you.

Watch for space that “comes” to you! These kinds of spaces tend to act as magnets for many.

But at the core is this Theater of Being. And at the core of this Theater of Being is this tremendous love and desire to reach out to others, to touch others, to see others “light up” when you come into their cosmos…to create together a cosmic dance…

This is what creates new Space.

-- Grandmother

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Grandmother-from-Another-Planet on Creating New Resources and Revenues for Your Mission

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Question:  How shall I create new resources and new revenues for my mision?


If you want to create new resources and new revenue, it comes from the same place of reaching out to others, which you may use to create new space.

The reaching out in love to others, and the desire to collaborate creatively: This is the source of new resources and new revenue, always.

This is a reaching out to share your discoveries and even to share your heart.

If you would bring in new revenue, focus on new desires to share – especially to share things that excite you greatly!

These things can come manifest and grow like fruit and vegetables in a beautiful garden well-tended and greatly loved.

Growing a garden requires both love and knowledge -- and daily work – and this is no different, except that those efforts which open the heart, those activities of reaching out to others to comfort them and be of service to them, are that which excites this desire to collaborate creatively.

This produces much more than you know, in other dimensions in which such activity and partnerships are seen as great creative art – exploding beautiful rainbows of colors and bouquets of flowers of cosmic thought, which are very exciting for those who view them.

It is this heartbeat of reaching out and creativity together that is what produces new resources and in your terms revenues -- but it is the shared ability to collaborate, overcoming obstacles as if they were nothing.

Because even obstacles are fodder for creation.

They are the raw material from which whole universes are created.

-- Grandmother

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Grandmother-from-Another-Planet on Creating a New Being

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Question:  Can you say more about creating a “new being,” in order to create new space, resources, revenue?


The ultimate creation which is your goal is the continual creation and bringing into being of your own “Self” as a “Multidimensional Self.”

This revelation, this discovery, of the ability to fly and create across time and space and across dimensions in concert with other beings seeking the same: This is what creation is!

It is constantly the creation of new identity and new being, flowing into new discovery, new exploration, and that flowing into a great love and a great desire from the heart to share that which you have discovered.

So it is the priceless sharing of discovery, and rendering it in a way that is outstandingly creative, which is appealing and magnetic to other beings. This is the source of a transformed society of transformed consciousness.

And once again, no obstacle stands in the way of doing this.

The obstacles are merely the props for this great universal story.

-- Grandmother

A Little Addendum.  Just my own experience -- and the idea of putting this together came from meditation and from my travels... These may be good just for me but they sure made a difference. Couple of glasses of water to start the day also helped me which I discovered lately -- also lost weight this way.

Then I do a "Rising Drink" so I'm in a healthier state before I tackle creating new space and resources. he Rising Drink came during a deep meditation -- here's what I put in it.

RISING DRINK (your ingredients could vary, this is just for me...looks like it has electrolytes...) Images came in meditation. Also a kind of resurrecting drink for when you feel REALLY exhausted or wiped out. I drink before bed also, if I'm having trouble sleeping. Seems to work for both Rising and going off to dreamland...

In a Tea Ball with fine mesh (so particles don't get in tea:)

-- Couple of blueberries sliced in quarters
-- 2 TBS of shopped peeled apple (1/4 cube) (toxins are stored in peeling--always peel)
-- Bit of fresh off the plant Oregano (maybe 1/4 to 1/2 TSP
-- Bit of fresh off the planet Rosemary -- several springs.
-- Small sprig maybe 1/2 inch of tip of Pine Tree leaf -- I use both regular pine needles and a small spring of Cedar needles as they are known for healing. So 2 springs if you have nearby.
-- (If you wanted to add a little chopped cherry or plum, ok)

In Cup:

-- 2TBS or a little more of Organic just TART Cherry Juice - not from concentrate. High in Vit C than others or regular Cherry.
-- 1/2 TSP Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar
-- Couple of squeezes of fresh lime or lemon juice from the fruit.
-- Couple of dashes of Salt
-- And: Organic STEVIA sprinkles to taste. Don't use any kind of honey or mollasses or regular sugar or rice syrup -- Either NO sweetner or all stevia organic sweetner. Otherwise messes up your body sugars and it's just another sugar drink. Stevia has bp lowering properties. Tastes great with just the above, and no sugar rush.
-- AND: I use this sometimes not all the time -- but it helps me get enough Vit C (supplements cause digestive issues): 1 or 2 scoops of Organic Acerola TART Cherry Powder.


-- Pour in boiling water and STEEP for about 10-15 minutes. Sometimes I do longer...
-- I wait at least 1/2 hr to 45 min before eating anything.


Just thoughts as you start to tackle your day of increasing resources and creating new space. I get electrolytes, digestion is improved, and I even get some pine needle tea!  (Meditate too!)

-- SHR