Grandmother on The Joy of the University

In Audio, Grandmother Blogs by Sandra Rodman

This blog is a suggestion that perhaps we would do well to  view life as a University, and trying to divine the curriculum may be key to our growth... (Post includes: Overview, Audio Blog, Full Transcript, Exercise to apply to daily life for problem-solving.)

I am constantly asking for Grandmother's advice to understand: Why so many new issues to solve every day! What's going on? How can there be so many?

The blog offers a very different, educational view about problems, issues, and people -- as a joyful University. One which we apparently co-design.  The Audio Blog is comforting and a good reminder to find "Joy" and "Gifts" bestowed with every problem -- or:

"The Joy of the University that is Life! Life as classes that you signed up for and, in fact, were thrilled to be able to sign up for!" -- Grandmother.

I also loved these:

"This isn't a miserable situation. This is a great learning situation."

"Every thought is a pop quiz!"

"Every thought is a creation!"

"You should be concerned when there are no Lessons. You should not be concerned when there are plenty of Lessons. The Lesson there is to find Joy in every situation."

"Every being you meet has a joy, a gift for you! Your job is to find the gift that each being iis bringing to you. Isn't that marvelous! It is truly a fabulous plan -- if you get with the plan!"

"The trick is REMEMBERING that you helped set up the plan!"

"This is 'Prime Time' learning!" -- Grandmother

FULL TRANSCRIPT follows, below the Recording. And an EXERCISE for Applying "The Joy of the University" for daily problem-solving.


Listening to the advice encouraged me to refocus on events, to look for gifts instead of mantras of "why me?" or "why this?" -- and new pathways were revealed. I found new attitudes toward others, and was encouraged to change my communication when meeting new people, participating in new situations. I also found myself more focused on "remembering" intuitively how and why I might have participated in co-creating this reality.

A joyful intuitive remembering may be the greatest lesson of all. -- S.H. Rodman

Recorded 1-25-18. Listen below, 4 minutes, 30 seconds. Transcript follows.

Click to Play: "Grandmother on The Joy of the University" -- how to handle new issues and new people with a new outlook. Recorded 1-25-18. 4 minutes, 30 seconds.

Grandmother on The Joy of the University"

"It can be very key to find the joy of the 'University.' You are in a University; you are learning new lessons every day and taking new classes that you signed up for -- and in fact were thrilled to be able to sign up for, to agree to: This should be done with the joy of colorful creation.

This is not a miserable situation. This is a great learning situation. 

There are 'pop quizes' every minute. There is no cessation of 'pop quizes.'

Every thought is a 'pop quiz.'

Every thought is an opportunity. Every thought is a creation, and it goes off into the Universe to become whatever it will become. And you have created it.

So if you become judgmental about creation, remember that you are creating a great deal of it yourself...

Understanding that you are the co-creator, you may come to a point where you relax with this process.

You should be concerned when there are no lessons. You should not be concerned when there are plenty of lessons.

If you want a legacy, it must be a legacy of a lot of lessons learned, not a legacy of nothing done, nothing risked, no lessons learned, no problems of any kind.

The lesson there is to find joy in every situation.

Every being you meet has a joy, a gift for you. Your job, in this lifetime on the Earth or beyond, is to find the gift, the joy that each being is bringing to you. Isn't that marvelous!

It is truly a fabulous plan, if you will get with the plan!

The trick is REMEMBERING that you helped set up the plan! And even remembering -- the act of vibrational shift to remember -- is one of the greatest lessons of any life in this era. 

This is prime time learning.

This is enormous graduate school soul growth: To remember.

You want to concentrate a great deal of your time and effort in a joyful remembering around each lesson. And seeking to know the gift and the lesson that each being brings you -- is a wonderful step in that direction!

It is not an island that you are. Do you see?

You are not only interconnected. You are interacting -- moving, bumping up against other beings, other desires, and you don't know where they come from. And you keep doing this until you realize that all of it comes from you.

And there truly is only One of us here..."

-- Grandmother From Another Planet 


A thought occurred after transcribing this: Life is a good old-fashioned mystery series. And our job is to find out: "What was I thinking when I created this? What did I have in mind with this plot?"

But rather than a "who-done-it?" mystery -- it is more like a "what-was-my-motive?" mystery. Every event and lesson is a Treasure.

Is life a "Treasure Hunt"? Where is the "Treasure" that I buried in this moment, in this lesson, in the meeting of this being!?

Meditating on the "Joy of the Treasure Hunt" may begin with realizing -- actualizing -- Life as a Treasure Hunt"... -- S.H. Rodman.



  1. Go into a deep creative-meditative state, seeking your own higher contemplative, intuitive intelligence.
  2. Use "Right Brain StartUp" creative mind sound exercise, for example, for this or listen to Steven Halpern's "Deep Alpha" or "Deep Theta" sound - highly recommended.
  3. Focus on a current issue or problem. Think as your own "Inner Grandmother" or "Inner Yoda." What are at least 3 gifts of learning that could accrue from this issue, situation, problem? 
  4. In this state, are there new approaches, creative ideas, or actions you could take to transform your perception of the problem -- or the problem itself? From the viewpoint of a higher dimensional joy of learning...?


“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.” 
-- Albert Einstein


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