Grandmother on Understanding Big Transition Events: Writing Cosmic Questions. Parts 1-2

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During these unusual times, several times in deep meditation, "Grandmother from Another Planet" messages have included beginning during last year, long before the pandemic, that a “big event” was coming and for me not to make any moves just yet.

I wanted more clarification today, wondering about how to plan future life and work during a time of global pandemic. I wondered if the virus pandemic was the “big event that changes everything” that she had mentioned before.

This is the answer that came in the usual extemporaneous audio blog -- about "big transition events," which may now often characterize our lives, and help us shift into higher consciousness with a consideration of the true "Cosmic Questions" of our lives at this time on Earth. And a it includes a powerful exercise on writing "Cosmic Questions" to increase visioning from higher perspectives during these times, that really helped when working on my planning.

"Grandmother on Understanding Big Transition Events: Writing Cosmic Questions" -- Part 1, 19 minutes, 6 seconds. Then a Part 2, which followed immediately after, "Grandmother on Writing Your Cosmic Questions from Higher Dimensional Perspectives ," 3 minutes, 8 seconds. Recorded/Posted 5-13-20. Both recordings and transcripts are below. -- S.H. Rodman

Click Audio Player to play Part 1, "Grandmother on Understanding Big Transition Events: Writing Cosmic Questions," 19 minutes, 6 seconds, Recorded/Posted 5-13-20. 

Click Audio Player to play Part 2 which followed immediately after, "Grandmother on Writing Your Cosmic Questions from Higher Dimensional Perspectives," 3 minutes, 8 seconds. Recorded/Posted 5-13-20. 


Part 1: "Grandmother on Understanding Big Transition Events: Writing Cosmic Questions." A Blog related to our times of global pandemic and other "Big Transition Events"...

SHR: What can you tell me about “the big event”? Is there more than you have said?


Understanding “birth” and “rebirth,” very high-level transitional events, higher dimensional transition events, is complex for human consciousness in lower stage senses. This understanding will increase as more of the events take place.

The events are in the realizations of a new reality, which take place in waves across the planet in human consciousness. In the same way, great inventions seem to come at the same time to different people. This is similar. Except that these will have more of a global consciousness reality, like a giant wave – a realization.

The human consciousness acting as “one” will increasingly be able to discern, decipher, and tell the truth -- a “finer” truth -- about events happening on Earth which are not in synchronization with their higher selves. These “Big Events” are in a way, opening the doorways to perception of the higher self.

This is a reality, a consciousness, a set of vibrations which are in higher dimensions. It is higher dimensional “viewpoints.” Seeing with different eyes involves realizations. (real-eyes-ations).

The “Big Events” might be called “the Big Seeing.” It is as if you are in a game show, and you are to guess which parts of reality events being thrown at you -- which seem either crazy or unrealistic -- are actually valid from the standpoint of your higher self. You will, thus, come to a greater recognition of your higher self and an integration of the views of your higher soul and the views of your daily-self identity.

All of the events are about your remembering:

  • Who you are…
  • Where you are…
  • How you are…
  • When you are.

Now, you can design your schedule and time, your focus to expand your understanding of what is happening -- and to increase your ability to perceive and communicate at the higher-self level -- even now.

I have said so many times that this level of perception in your third-dimensional reality on your planet is a calendar event. You must set the time on the calendar and devote more of this time on the calendar to your own ascension, your own meditations and realizations, communication with your higher self.

This requires this kind of self-analysis and self-teaching time each day. And it is very useful in the early morning when you awaken from dreams and can include the recording and analysis of your dreams. Writing these down causes them to be in your consciousness during the day. And you may pick up important ‘cues” related to this early morning “debriefing.” This can also happen in the very late evening prior to sleep, or in the hypnogogic state.

Here is a process for you. Design a series of questions that you have about what is “real” right now and what is “unreal” -- in the sense of being information or events being used to manipulate the “true reality” for you. It is in the interest of someone with a different kind of life path, for you to believe something different than is actually in synchronization with the current reality. This is not something to be upset about but something to understand and to adjust your conscious levels, your vibrations accordingly.

If you must turn a corner, you do not get upset that you have to turn the wheel of the vehicle to turn the corner. It is simply a corner. It is a process. Well, this is like that. You are driving a “consciousness car” as one society. And you are being shown a series of events and told about “data” without a way to know whether these are true or not because so much can be created technologically and psychologically through media news. The most important media news is you

Let us try a way of looking at this.

  • You can be your own muse.
  • You can be your own inner muse…
  • Inner teacher…
  • Inner Yoda…
  • Your own inner grandmother and grandfather.
  • You can be your own shaman.

This is the time when that application of your own higher intelligence is essential to ascension.

So, begin with your questions. This is a creation – creation of a list of questions. And then, start with what is comfortable to take in new information from this higher dimensional flow, because you can access it any time.

First comes this accessing of higher dimensional information – the truth of you – and then comes ascension. In your writing, by hand, there are certain activities which happen in the physical body, synchronizing with the higher vibrations of the soul and the interdimensional self, which can be recognized and felt with expanded senses, writing by hand with a pen, with an instrument – which are not available in the same way, clicking your fingertips on a keyboard, with an interruption of electronic technology. This is somewhat distorting at times.

And the purpose of your finding this way and perhaps recording through speech your realizations – it is time for you to undertake this self-teaching in a formal way. The use of paper and pen for this is also more natural for you to draw and sketch, for you to let the hand move freely across the paper, paper which was once a tree, the tree networks…

So, see if you can set this time on the calendar with the instruments that you need, relaxing meditation with sound or outside in nature, and set your questions.

A question is an intention. You are intending to enter that channel of information. That is why it is so important to write your questions, your interdimensional-viewpoint questions. You do not simply have to write questions of “What does it mean that this was announced?” You can write this from a higher dimensional viewpoint. You can ask,

  • “What is the higher dimensional viewpoint of this event?
  • “Is there meaning that I am missing in my daily understanding and reaction to events?”
  • “Can I express myself as a higher dimensional being by being in meditative states to consider these higher dimensional questions?”
  • “Is the consideration of higher dimensional questions part of how I live my daily life in a more interdimensional state of awareness, of perception, of ability, of intelligence?”

There is one powerful form of meditation in which you would simply write “Cosmic Questions.” You’re not writing answers. You’re writing the questions. And you continue to write page after page of “Cosmic Questions” you have.

This is an extremely empowering exercise of interdimensional communication. When you do it, try to write at least 2 pages of questions. The reason for this is that it takes a little bit of time passing in this state of consideration and contemplation, for you to begin to tap into a “flow.” Once the “flow” begins, one question will lead to the next, and you might have a small book of questions. And each new question contains a new answer.

I would like to repeat: Each new “Cosmic Question” which you write, contains a new answer in its structure.

So, part of this exercise is exercising higher dimensional logic and analysis by tapping into this flow of questions when you consider reality and even emotions.

Now, this seems like a simple exercise. But each one of you seriously do have “Cosmic Questions” --  about how the universe works, about what is true and not true. It is less important what is true and not true -- than that you write your questions, your cosmic loving questions about the universe.

For this kind of exercise, always meditate on “5 Levels of Love” before you begin. This places you in a different vibration for your Cosmic Questions “flow.”

The writing of such questions, the meditation on these questions, even the drawings that you might make with each question, are very healing for you. They place your identity in a state of “one who contemplates Cosmic Questions.” Any part pf your day which you spend in a state of “one who contemplates Cosmic Questions, “ changes your health and healing ability, ability to love, as long as you are meditating on love as your foundational-reality-wave-form-vibration when you do this. It is very powerful. And this is a powerful time for you to do this.

If you all do this, then you become the “Big Event.” You create a series of events, if you begin to do it.

And you discover an intelligence that you have that is truly the beginning of a new life. It is truly the rebirth of your own higher intelligence expressed consciously in form in the third dimension. You can do this.

In effect, the school is up to you. Put the school on the calendar as the very loving and beautiful and eternal and compassionate and forgiving and astounding being that you are.

With great love and great affirmation, with great admiration, I am Grandmother form Another Planet.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet




When you write these questions, try to write them from the perspective of one who is seeking to live life and attain perception and the more open and loving heart of your higher dimensional self. The true self, the soul self.

Secondly, when you write these “Cosmic Questions,” use your own sense of what these are. You might say,

  • These are spiritual questions.
  • These are quantum questions.
  • These are the questions of one seeking to view the world from the perspective of higher dimensional psychology.

And, as I am making this comment, begin your own instructions for yourself and others, about how to work with the writing of the Cosmic Questions, about a Cosmic Reality which is much more expanded the one you know, so that your own natural higher dimensional intelligence can begin to flow into these.

The third point I would like to make is that you’d like to be in the best health when you are doing this kind of work and during times of Big Events and spiritual as well as physical transitions on the planet.

And by health, I mean health which is in concert with the goodness of all life on Earth. So that anything you are eating harms you or it is said might harm you, don’t eat that. If you grow your own garden, you will increase, naturally, your own health. And good health helps good mental intuition and a perception which might be said to be more spiritual or inclusive and expansive.

So, you yourself, as a teacher, a self-teacher – and write your comments as well as your questions – you are a very loving, universal being.

You have a reality accessible to you when you close your eyes which is completely astounding. I suggest that you try these exercises and begin to discover it.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


“Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else.” – Tom Stoppard


“In the space between chaos and shape there was another chance.” – Jeanette Winterson, The World and Other Places


“The great miraculous bell of translucent ice is suspended in mid-air. It rings to announce endings and beginnings. And it rings because there is fresh promise and wonder in the skies. Its clear tones resound in the placid silence of the winter day, and echo long into the silver-blue serenity of night.

"The bell can only be seen at the turning of the year, when the days wind down into nothing, and get ready to march out again. When you hear the bell, you feel a tug at your heart. It is your immortal inspiration.” – Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration


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