Grandmother on How to Handle Volatile Times

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Grandmother's unexpected answer to my question: "How can we use the crazy events of our time, to increase intuition, clairvoyance, and understanding..." And instructions for a powerful Meditation.

Click Player to play "Grandmother on How to Handle Volatile Times" -- and increase intuition, cloairvoyance, and understanding. 8 min. 29 seconds. Recorded, posted 4-11-18.


SHR: "Grandmother, how can we use the crazy events of our times, to increase intuition, clairvoyance, and understanding."


"The higher the level of vibrational change in global events, the higher the potential for an increase in vibrations -- especially of intuition and understanding, for you personally.

You should begin to welcome a time of change which makes you THINK!

This time makes you wonder at each of your core beliefs!

  • 'What is right?'
  • 'What is wrong.'
  • 'Who is right?'
  • 'Who is wrong?'
  • 'Why is this happening?'

Because it is almost impossible to understand what is happening -- in the old way!  It does not make sense!

This may sound illogical, but: Welcome a time when things do not make sense! It is always a catalyst for your own growth! Because you yourself must begin to make sense of this level of changing volatility -- and at times, seeming craziness!

Welcome these times! These are the time of catalyst -- when you grow!

But you will need to take time to contemplate the meaning of your own belief structures. You see: These are the foundations you are using to understand what is happening in the world. And they are not working!

There is a change in the plane of reality -- as vibrations change. 

The old ways of understanding and applying logic will simply no longer work! I do not need to tell you this. You are fully aware of it!

The goal is for you to increase your own vibrations, increase your own contemplations, and meditations, and thoughtfulness, and kindness to others -- in order to begin to apply a new kind of understanding.

You see, understanding is based almost completely on the vibrations in which you are trying to understand.

If the plane of vibrations on your planet and star system appear to change -- then it would be logical that you yourself would have to do the work -- the meditations, the time in contemplation, and thinking and journalling, and writing your questions and answers -- in order to understand this new plane!

Now let me say that your attempt to do this, your sitting down, your meditating, your asking questions of your Inner Higher Self --  in itself changes your vibrations! In itself, this act changes the vibrations of the planet! 

You see, we are interconnected at a level that is almost unimaginable! And therefore when one of us changes, all of us change to a certain extent."



"So I would say to you to even create your own meditations and contemplations!

Set yourself a goal and take 5 minutes or 10 minutes with something you do not understand. 

Go into a deep meditation, let go --and we have provided this meditation -- ("'Letting Go Meditation') - and then begin to think about:

  • 'What is the meaning of this event or these events?'
  • 'Why am I here on this planet to grow at this time?'
  • 'Is this an opportunity?'

And ask your guides for guidance.

This is how you increase your intuition. This need be not a problem at all.

Simply assign yourself a guide! You can name your guide anything, if you do not already have guidance that you would like to call upon for wisdom.

You may decide this is your "Inner Yoda" -- after the famous character. You may decide this is your "Inner Higher Self" or your "Inner Genius." Or any guide you wish. 

Ask the question. Write down or speak the answer AS THE GUIDE.

Now let me tell you, if you begin to think of this as theater, or fictional writing, or playwriting, or acting - play-speaking -- you will discover, within you, that Drama is going on! There is a literal "play" -- staged theater -- that is possible for you to tap into in the dialogue between you and your higher guidance and higher self.

So do not despair! Great lessons and volatile change are not a time for despair! They are a time to get busy! To grow! To meditate upon the answers!

And believe me, your answers to any problem on this planet, or in this star system, or in this galaxy -- are just as useful as anyone else's answers! They have their own path for discovery!

They will be catalysts! Your answers received in high meditation will be catalysts -- for your own change.

Now I would say in closing: Each time you mediate in this way, given the events of these times, begin by giving yourself an affirmation, and some loving regard and appreciation for all that you are willing to go through, to be on this planet at this time.

And when you complete your meditation, again, give yourself loving affirmation, and appreciation for all that you are doing to understand.

And then affirm all other beings going through this, for you are not going through it alone. 

And when you complete your meditation and seek higher guidance, each time, you will expand -- not just increase -- the planes of your vibration.

This will have a healing effect, a calming effect. And you will begin to see the secret.

The secret is that each time you do this, you increase your vision, your understanding, your inter-connectedness and compassion for all beings in the Universe.

And -- for you!"

-- Grandmother From Another Planet

“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” -- Roy T. Bennett