Grandmother’s 2nd Recording–Sound and Disclosure

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To introduce this first recording, this is from the opening of Grandmother's new book of the First Year, a story of the first beginning of "Grandmother" speaking...

I had been very ill, in bed for a long time where being in the dark room made me feel better – at least a month or more.  One morning in March, 2017, in the wee hours, I was meditating and wanted guidance, kind of an “Inner Yoda” that I’d learn how to do with writing (write the question, then write the answer for my Inner Yoda guide – in this case “Grandmother from Another Planet,” a new “guide.”)

Once you begin to tap “higher creative intelligence, which we teach in Right Brain Aerobics and in Cosmic Mind classes, a whole higher “streaming” mind or flow of information in the universe seem available – in writing.

I asked about how we as a society would ever be able to have “disclosure” of already existing relationships with other civilizations, extraterrestrial civilizations and peoples in other star systems, going back millennia or eons and representing themselves in many inter-dimensional ways – in a gentle and loving coming together. Because this seemed like the most “impossible” education, so many of the contacts (ranging from regular 3d appearances or short visible entries – to visions and dreaming with clear messages) were ridiculed.

I was too ill and tired to write the answer, just too sick…and suddenly I began to try to speak it, as this is the most troubling and evolutionary question of our time, and I just began speaking “as if I was Grandmother,” who immediately began to talk v-e-r-y v-e-r-y s—l—o—w—l—y and in a kind of British-style accent that I once used when an actress and playing “grandmothers” and “aunties” in Shakespeare and other plays when I was young – my specialty even in my 20’s – a “character actress.” This now took on whole new meaning.

Below, Grandmother’s recorded answer, impromptu. I did not record this first one, completely surprised that it came through speaking! But I went for a phone to record the second one, which included some of the original messages.

And I began again, asking about why Grandmother spoke this way, the sound, as well as about how to begin to disclose more information about these ancient starry relationships when they had been ridiculed in modern society for so long…

Listen to the answer below, Grandmother on "How I Sound, and the Sounds of Disclosure," recorded 3-27-17, 6 min., 18 seconds.

Click Player to Play Audio: "Grandmother's First Recording: Sound and Disclosure." 3-27-17, 6 min., 18 seconds. Click Play and listen while you read, for expanded enjoyment...


GRANDMOTHER: “Grandmother here. This is how I sound... You have a different sound. Each sound is the result of many many countries and states and planets and lives… So many lives…

You have a special sound designed just for you and just by you, and each of us play our role in the universe, making its special unique signature sound.

A ‘sound’ is a thing of ‘place, as a ‘place’ is a thing of ‘sound.’

When you are ‘disclosing’ information to those who ‘sound’ different -- or those who sound alike! – you must take into account that it has a “sound – it has a ‘tone,’ it has a ‘culture.’

It is very important to understand the many symbols in each sound you make, ‘who’ makes the sound, what do they ‘look like.’ This matters! For each takes in the information according to the symbols and the sounds. To recognize this, simply acknowledge it. This will be most appreciated by those trying to listen.

Now who should you speak to? Should you speak to those who are highly skeptical? This would be most difficult for you, because you would perceive, in your work, an attack. And the purpose of the communication is not a two-way sharing of information.

But it is most useful if you may share with those who are ‘wondering…’ 

Sometimes there is very little difference between the “’wonderer’ and the ‘wanderer from another star system,’ who is here to aid in this most ‘wonder-full’ adventure!

It is a mystery... and you must be in full cognizance of the mysterious evolving nature of this mystery of ‘disclosure,’ because once you believe it is all ‘disclosed,’ there would ostensibly be no more mystery. Aha! But that is not the case, you see…

This ‘disclosure,’ if it is a story that pleases the heart, as well as the ears and the eyes, the sense -- will create mysteries of legend and legion and legacy that you have never imagined could come a simple ‘disclosure’!”  

-- Grandmother From Another Planet, first recording, 3-27-17, the wee hours.


“Remember tonight... for it is the beginning of always..." -- Dante Alighiiere 

“And suddenly you know: It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” -- Meister Eckhart 

“Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.” -- Shannon L. Alder 

“There's never a beginning for eternity.” -- Toba Beta 


Photo Credit: Pixabay, Creative Commons License. Starry Sky. Felix Mittermeir. #2183637_1920