Grandmother on The Sensei Dimension and Higher Energy

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A most unusual and powerful message – which also solved a mystery of a decade! As well as providing a new procedure for how to take steps, to make choices, when feeling discouraged, feeling low energy, and wanting to daily bring in higher “inspired” energy.

As this “message” from Grandmother from Another Planet was about to come in, and I had the question forming in my mind, I kept getting the word “Sensei.”*  But I did not have this idea in mind at all when beginning this recording – and do remember that all recordings are posted exactly as they come in, extemporaneously and not edited. I had absolutely no idea what was coming.

I paid strong attention to this, as for a decade, when I commune near trees and forests or ask for messages from them, I hear the word “SENSEI!” But I do not have much knowledge or experience of this word. So, this has been a mystery. It has sounded like a clearly spoken “call” or even greeting before messages from a kind of “tree network” or “forest wisdom”... This did not make sense to me in past. Now it does!

Grandmother clarifies it as a kind of “call’ to/from a higher wisdom “dimension” of high energy called “Sensei!” She does not use the word in the context of its historic name for higher teachers. For her, it seemed the word “Sensei” had a special “cosmic-call” meaning -- outside of an Earth-plane historic designation. It almost seemed that those who heeded the forest or tree dimension messages/calls of “Sensei!” in ancient times, later became teachers of the studies which they followed after opening to the call. I should note here, as it may be related: I have recently begun to receive the clear message “Log In” instead, when opening communication with the tree network planes. A double-entendre play on words – to “login” to this higher wisdom…)

The second strong synchronicity which happened during this message was that “knocks” interrupted the recording! It was a pattern, almost like “Morse Code.” 4 knocks, in a clear consistently timed pattern; then a pause; then 2 knocks; then a pause; then 1 knock. Then the recording continued as if nothing had happened. I did not hear any “knocks” in the room, or I would have been startled silly and jumped up and stopped recording!

When something like this happens – particularly some kind of interruption of electronics – I pay special attention to the significance of the message and its source. It means that some kind of special “inter-dimensional communication” is trying to come through. See what you perceive from the message -- and do listen to the audio while reading the transcript.

“Grandmother on the Sensei Dimension and Higher Energy,” recorded and posted 1-27-19. 13 minutes, 36 seconds. 7:28 pm Pacific Daylight Time. (The time of evening in this case seemed important.)


 “Sensei” from Wikipedia:

“Sensei (can be pronounced "Sensai" as well). Sinsang, Sonsaeng, Seonsaeng or Xiansheng (先生) is an honorific term shared in Chinese honorifics and Japanese honorifics translated as "person born before another" or "one who comes before" [1] In general usage, it is used, with proper form, after a person's name, and means "teacher"; [2] the word is also used as a title to refer to or address other professionals or persons of authority, such as clergy, accountants, lawyers, physicians, and politicians [3] or to show respect to someone who has achieved a certain level of mastery in an art form or some other skill, e.g., accomplished novelists, musicians, artists and martial artists.”

(I have sometimes recorded messages from a past life guide, Pi Lee as I can understand the name, who was an ancient Chinese grainer who taught/teaches concepts of reincarnational psychology and reality frequencies, that I have included in my work. I felt this ‘Pi Lee” connection strongly with this message. But until I looked this up, I had no idea that the word “Sensei” had a Chinese as well as Japanese etymology.)

Click the Audio Player to play "Grandmother on The Sensei Dimension and Higher Energy," Recorded, Posted 1-27-19, 13 minutes, 36 seconds. DO LISTEN TO THE RECORDING AS AT "MEDIATE ON LOVE, LEVEL #," IT HAS AN UNUSUAL SERIES OF "4 KNOCKS" THEN "2 KNOCKS" THEN "1 KNOCK" THAT I DID NOT MAKE!  



Grandmother, at times there is a higher energy which sparks seeing, an excitement about communicating in higher realms. What is this energy, and how can it be called up when otherwise feeling low energy, feeling discouraged? When this higher energy comes, the vision is very different.


(Beginning with a slow guided meditation)


Meditate on Love, Level 1. (Long Pause)

Take a deep breath.

Meditate on Love, Level 2. (Long Pause)

Take a deep breath.


(At this point, an event occurred: After an “movement interruption” when I shifted in my chair, a pattern of clear “knocks” is heard on Audio:  4 knocks, pause. 2 knocks, pause. 1 knock, pause. Before Grandmother’s recording continued below with “Take a deep breath.” I did not make these knocks or hear them in this dimension in the room. They are clearly rhythmical “knocks,” quite uniform and quite different from the sound of shifting in the chair or shifting near the computer. Computers don’t usually “knock”… 😊

(It is somewhat a synchronicity that “Knocks” were sometimes associated in prior centuries with interdimensional communication of some kind. It was startling for me to hear this on the recording. If had heard the “knocks” in the room at the time, I would have been so startled I would have jumped up and stopped the recording. I would have tried to figure out what/who caused them in the room. I knew that I did not make the “knocks.” But I continued recording as “Grandmother” as if nothing had happened… In hindsight, it would be somewhat humorous if it were an unexpected “interdimensional communication,” beginning like the “Knock-Knock Jokes” with “Knock, Knock…”)


Take a deep breath.

Meditate on Love, Level 3. (Long Pause)

Take a deep breath.

Meditate on Love, Level 4. (Long Pause)

Relax deeply.

Meditate upon Love, Level 5. (Long Pause)


(Speaking very slowly)

The “Sensei” dimensions of higher creative intelligence evoke and carry higher elements of energy.

There is the possibility of shifting conscious “reality frequencies” for the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, merging and converging into an “energy consortium” which is above, in some sense, your usual reality frequencies. Your energies reflect your current reality frequencies -- your current focus.

  • Shift the focus – shift the energy.
  • Shift the focus – shift the vision.
  • Shift the focus – shift the SuperContext.

If you are able, even for a moment, to shift into SuperContext paradigms or seeing, the energetics is powerfully changed. This is "known" in the “cosmic chakras” from the Regeneration Chakra to the Solar Plexus or Light Source Chakra through a kind of feeling which is both physical an emotional; which is both spiritual and ingrained, embedded in matter.

In other words, a very much larger sense of “being” across space and time. And when you reach these states, especially during deep meditation with Alpha, Theta or other sound, you experience this “high creative energy.”

Now, this state is reached primarily by a decision to reach the state -- a practice of consciousness evolution or expanded awareness and communication. This is controlled by your own decisions. The breath you choose to take is that eternal and universal breath through which you see, create, manifest, and move.

A call to this, the “Sensei” dimension, using a word or clue which has been given to you before, particularly when you are tuning to the Earth reality frequency of the network of beings which you call trees -- the relationship between the tree-consciousness networks, the star called the Sun, all of the plants and water and minerals is very, very powerful! When the trees have given you a message: “Sensei!” -- this should be recognized as a "call." The call is for you to enter this higher “Sensei” Dimension, to tune into reality frequencies, broadcast frequencies in your terms, in order to assimilate information, and your physical and expanded higher soul being, in an awareness of the SuperContext of all reality frequencies.

So, in response to your question, there is a decision for you to make – and the steps to take to achieve this awareness and energetics is purely free will and purely up to you, regardless of any interceding pain, depression, worry, distraction, or even excitement about very immediate things and entertainments.

You always have at your beck and call a decision -- and the availability of radio-and-reality-frequencies -- these calls to enter higher dimensional visioning and a Sensei Dimension.

This is an identity shift. The greater the chaos, the greater the questioning: “Who am ?” “What am I?” “What am I doing here?” “What should I do right now?” – the greater the shift that is possible into what I will call “The Sensei Dimension of Energies.”  We will speak about this more.

But it is with great love and admiration that I say to you that this is your natural dimension, it is your next dimension, and it is your choice to shift into this energy, when you find yourself in a distressing or low energy point.

Do this with great love. That is why we always begin, “Meditate on Love, Level 1” – to enter the Sensei Dimension, which is your birthright.

With many blessings, I am Grandmother from Another Planet. I am your family, and you are my family...

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


(Note 1: Grandmother sometimes uses a singular verb where I would have used a plural one – more consistent with a British sensibility maybe? Or it might be that she tends to treat a whole “complex” of ideas stated together as a “single thought-ball" concept, and thus uses a singular verb. I myself would not do that.)

(Note 2: The “Meditate on 5 Levels of Love” meditation is given on the Meditation/Sound page. But it struck me that Grandmother, while she might give a meditation instruction like this, has never ever begun one of these public messages with the “Meditate on Love, Level 1” opening. Previously, that has only occurred when I was doing what I call a “Deep Space Message,” which I have never published. This Voice Group speaks extremely slowly, I am half-asleep, and the “call” for this kind of message only works if I begin this way: “Meditate on Love, Level 1.” It is a monotone voice so slow and full of riddles and symbol-puzzles that I have no idea of what is coming in. What is different about it? It is prophetic, and those messages have given predictions which have later come true. In regard to this message: Pay special attention to what is given within. It may result in a “high synchronicity” later, revealing something prophetic about it in public news headlines later or other events. If this happens, it would represent a shift in the “Grandmother from Another Planet” work at this time, 1-27-19.)



“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” 
― Phil Collins


“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” 
― Albert Einstein


"The call is for you to enter this higher “Sensei” Dimension, to tune into reality frequencies, broadcast frequencies in your terms, in order to assimilate information, and your physical and expanded higher soul being, in an awareness of the SuperContext of all reality frequencies." -- Grandmother from Another Planet


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