Grandmother on Solving and Creating Mysteries

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Detective School! That's what we're in. Here is a very unusual new blog from "Grandmother From Another Planet."

I was so focused on trying to "solve" mysteries, I did not understand before the power of "creating" mysteries -- to better understand and unfold those we have now! Thinking from another dimension...on how to transform your daily life with higher dimensional solving of mysteries, and the creation of new ones! 

How to make an exercise of  this blog, after reading: Focus on any "mystery problem" you have now. View it as simply the doorway to the creation of new mysteries. Aha! All sorts of new viewpoints emerge once you begin to try to create a mystery!...  Listen -- and read -- below... Recorded 6-22-18, posted 6-28-18.

Click player to play audio recording of "Grandmother on Solving and Creating Mysteries." 6 min. 41 seconds.  Play and read transcript at the same time for maximum effect.  Recorded 6-22-18, posted 6-28-18.


Grandmother: "Greetings!

Your life is filled with with mystery...  This propels you from day to day.

One of the purposes of expanding your higher consciousness network, your higher consciousness awareness and communication, is to expand your vision of the underlying context -- the ancient purpose of many of the missions and mysteries in your life.

In effect, all of this talk about expanding your consciousness and meditation -- is nothing more than going to 'Detective School' -- to find out where you came from, where you're going, and how you tick!

But that's not the supreme purpose! The supreme purpose is to create more mysteries!!

The creation of mystery is the highest form of higher intelligence. And if you look about the universe, you will find it everywhere...

Everything is a mystery; nothing can be known to its core...

And every time you explore, every time you enter a deep meditation -- or you explore the pathways of sacred geometry and sacred numbers -- you are creating little mysteries! They 'flower off'' from the big mysteries you are trying to solve. And who is creating them? You are!

This expands the heart: The love of the mysteries of creation!

Don't be upset by the mysteries! This is the Garden of Eden: The mysteries of your life!

Get excited about creating in our universe of mysteries --creating your own mysteries!

I guarantee you, when you begin to solve mysteries by using your own higher creative spiritual, sacred intelligence, you will begin to 'see' some of the hidden pathways of the mysteries you are trying to solve now.

This has several benefits, this mystery-creation and mystery-solving:

--   One is that you become very, very interesting -- to a wider and wider range of people, this dimension and in other dimensions

--   You begin to think more affirmatively about the 'possibilities' of your life -- in this dimension and other dimensions -- in future lives and past lives...

This exploration of mysteries also brings you into communication levels -- inter-dimensional communication levels -- with past lives, because all of your lives are part of you, and all of you are solving mysteries together.

It is why the exploration of your own past lives, just the 'glimmer' of one personality, can be so exciting!

I really implore you to begin to look at your life as the greatest of 'mystery theaters' and 'mystery schools'! It is truly the Theater of the Universe -- this mystery-creation and mystery- solving!

Let us do this together, like great playwrights and directors and actors!

Wait! We are doing this together! We are just doing it without higher awareness... 

To begin the 'higher awareness,' we will begin a series of deeper meditation exercises.

Just think of deep meditation as an entryway into cosmic mind, and as great cosmic theater -- as entering a school of mystery or a school of the Cosmic Detective...!

It is a spiritual school of the heart. All of the mysteries are in the heart.

 There is enough love in the universe to solve -- or create -- any glorious mystery at all!

-- Grandmother From Another Planet


“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.” -- Albert Einstein, The World as I See It 


Photo Credit: Pixabay, TomBud 1265186, Creative Commons