“Grandmother on Who Are You? You Are a Light Being – and Other Aspects of Your Higher Dimensional Starry Psyche!”

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There is nothing at all “ordinary” about your ordinary daily life! This is Grandmother from Another Planet on that “non-ordinary-ness” and the starry, higher dimensional intelligence aspects of your intelligence, which she sums up, including all aspects of your life in form and energy, in higher dimensions, as, “You Are a Light Being!”  Not an ordinary message…

This audio/blog includes TWO+ deep meditation exercises, which we always recommend with sound. Sound List for higher dimensional meditation practice: Click Here.

This message is also an introduction to the “Light Being Stargate Meditation” session for the Friday, February 7th  “Paranormal/Extraterrestrial Roundtable," where we will explore this new form of the “Stargate” Meditations. See also: Events.

“Grandmother on Who Are You? You Are a Light Being – and Other Aspects of Your Higher Dimensional Starry Psyche,” Recorded/Posted 2-6-20, 12 minutes, 27 seconds. 

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This is a message for our very special Friday “Paranormal/Extraterrestrial Roundtable” experience.*

Now you may not attend this experience, but these messages regarding the nature of your own being at daily levels and quantum levels, at “light” levels, are still extremely important in your daily lifeto understand the multidimensional nature of each of your thoughts and actions.

You are a Light Being!

This is a good description of your overall psychology and essence, even form, in certain dimensional states. And it is an important aspect of a true description of who you are! Because your intelligence is very much rooted in this “light being interconnected-ness,” these networks and grids, which aspects of “you” are affected by and influence daily, and especially in dreams, and especially when you are “day dreaming,” as you call it -- when you are being creative about your day.

When you pause and shift to non-linear thoughts, this activity is very powerful!

So instead of chastising yourself because you are “daydreaming,” instead, put “Daydreaming” on your Calendar! -- as an aspect of higher dimensional intelligence training.

Now, how will you use this training time? That is what we discuss in these sessions.*

What is a practice that you can use to go into deeper meditation states? And by “meditation,” I am almost always meaning, “interdimensional communication” or experience of the state of being that  you might call “light being” -- which is very different in terms of vibrations and frequencies than the daily life of that you are aware of.

Now, you are often in higher dimensional states during the day, without awareness. All we are doing is practicing an awareness that this happens and that this is your, in a sense, “birthright form and energy,” and to increase this awareness.

When I say, “You are a light being” or you have a “light being intelligence” aspect in your human psychology, this is actually an understatement. And the more you can go into these deeper states of mind – where you perceive the “larger picture,” the true scope of “you” in higher dimensions, then you can see that living your life in a new way which involves interdimensional communication every day, and with awareness – is where you are headed!

You may talk about Ascension, and there are many practices and discussions of “Ascension” right now. But I want to tell you that this higher dimensional intelligence awareness can be part of your daily life right now.

We are for this week, as we explore in our Friday Roundtable sessions, looking at for the first time in this practice -- both the concept of “light being,” in effect a being of light and love – and the structure of a “Stargate Meditation.” Now, this instruction for a “Stargate” or an almost “quantum-mind” level exercise was received a number of years ago in deep meditations with several planets, particularly Saturn, and an aspect of the “sphere” part of the instruction, while meditating on Uranus.

Now, we have said before that daily meditation of deep consciousness focused on each of the planets in your star system, is one of the most empowering exercises for higher dimensional intelligence that you can undertake. Why? Because above human life consciousness, the next step clearly is coming more in alignment, in attunement with planetary level consciousness -- and understanding that your intelligence is an aspect of it; not just related to the Earth, but also related to the other planets that we are working with in this practice, and to the Moon and Sun.

So that would be a meditation upon, with great love:

  • The Sun
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • The Earth
  • The Moon of the Earth
  • Mars
  • Ceres, the dwarf planet.
    • Mars and Ceres are very closely related. Ceres is in the “asteroid belt” but is called a planet. And the connection between Mars and Ceres is very strong, so you can also meditate upon Mars-Ceres (C-E-R-E-S).
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Neptune
  • Pluto, which is also called a dwarf planet.
  • And Eris, which is called a dwarf planet, and is closer to the “outlying fields” of your star system.

This kind of meditation is just one step in this higher dimensional transformation of consciousness.**

What we will do in this session is to focus on the nature and the identity of the “light being. Having “light” and a sense of interconnectedness or oneness as part of your identity, the way this “school of Earth” is organized -- is a key element in evolving soul growth and the ability to be your own “guide,” the ability to self-teach in a powerful way. So, that is where we will focus.

Anytime you are in deep meditation and you would like to go beyond your planetary consciousness meditations to a “light being meditation,” there is a very simple way to do this, which is to meditate upon being a light being! It is unnecessary to know what a “light being” is!

Your own approximation of this is quite sufficient, and your understanding will grow as you practice the meditations. Believe me, when you begin to meditate on deeper and deeper levels of your consciousness form and spirit, as a “light being,” many new things will happen!

So, you might meditation on:

  • “I am a Light Being, Level 1.”
  • And then, “I am a Light Being, Level 2.”
  • Each time going deeper, down to Level 5 or as many levels as you would like to include in your meditation.

Now, doesn’t this sound simple?

But I will tell you that it is instruction to your higher dimensional “psyche,” which is very interconnected into a grid of both energetic instruction and non-linear “universities of understanding” that involve learning in more than words.

This simple meditation, “I am a light being, Level 1” – following our deep meditation on “love,” and followed by, for this particular session, the full “Stargate Meditation” in that concentric-ring structure -- may be quite amazing in your experience! It is very good to challenge yourself often with new experiences which involve exploration of your higher mind, your deeper heart, the great love of your soul, which can radiate to everyone and to every planet.

This is a healing practice. This is a gift to all of the beings on planet Earth when you meditate and communicate at these deeper levels.

It is with great affirmation and great love that we welcome you to the “Light Being Stargate Meditation” practice!

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

* For Details, see Events.

** We call this meditation, “Star Talk.”


“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.” – Roy T. Bennett


“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.” – William Shakespeare


“He lost himself in the words and images conjured in his mind and for a while forgot ... He found himself flying among stars and planets ...” – Carlos Ruiz Zafon


Photo Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay