“Grandmother on What Do I Create Next on Earth”

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SHR: Grandmother, what message do you think is important for us at this time in our history on Earth?


When you learn and practice thinking at higher dimensional levels, you see a different Earth. You see a different You. This beautiful Planet and You together have a powerful conscious effect on large regions of this star system and on the consciousness of others who are visiting, others who have visited, and others in your star region.

The ability to take in information, process it, and begin to take action with higher dimensional view points, -- as if you were looking at the length of time across eons, as if you were looking at the length of time in the future, as if you were high above this Planet, as if you were a cosmic being sailing the cosmos -- this gives you a corridor, a channel to intelligence which you do not ordinarily explore.

This is because you do not ask yourself this question: "Now, what would I think at a higher dimensional level?"

So the most important message for the Earth and for you at this time, is to begin to find and create ways to consider each of your issues, each of your problems, and each of your desires to create new things on Earth from a higher dimensional perspective.

This requires the intention to do so. And it requires that you shift into what I will call "higher creative intelligence and acts of creativity" -- the moment you feel anxiety, the moment you feel depressed. Or the moment you feel excited, and you want to do something new in the world.

Co-creating this world is why you are here. You have ancient heritage and quite miraculous future lineages to co-create with! You are not alone!

So, the next step, once you reach that creative level, is to realize that you are not alone and begin to work with a higher guidance.

Now, this can come in many ways. This might be "messages" you receive "out of the blue. You don't know why you got a nudge to go do this or to create that. It can also be the result of a kind of sacred commitment to time in higher dimensions.

Those can be reached in deeper meditations, particularly meditations outside. If you are going to garden or you are taking a walk: Pause! Stop! -- for a few minutes. And meditate. Just meditate! Sit down on the ground or on a bench or a stone. or at the beach, and simply focus on higher guidance -- your own, and higher guides, higher teachers, higher dimensional perspectives that you might work with. Begin to ask very specific questions.

This is the Third Part: Ask specific questions of higher dimensions. This is a "call." Do not sit and wait for contact in dreams and contact because you have meditated and perhaps you will receive a symbol. No. This comes from asking. "Ask and It Shall Be Given."

Ask -- and you move into an intentional higher knowing state because of the Question. So, in this case, the power of the Question is a great message for this time. And I would like you to focus on both the cosmic questions and the "What-do-I-create-now?" questions.

Finding ways to focus on love, regardless of the political and geothermal and climate other activities -- and the digital distractions and the worries of your world -- focus on love and what can you create, and, particularly, how can you help people during this difficult time?!

You think you are having a difficult time. You may be very surprised to learn what a difficult time everyone you see is having! Everyone is a bit anxious because of the feeling of a nudge "to move," to do something!

There is a desire in human consciousness across this Earth right now, actually, "to do something"! And the next step above that is to reach to higher dimensions for more clarity on "What do I do"?!

When you work with higher dimensions and ask that question, with your notebook in hand so that you may take down answers, or even your recorder in hand, so that you -- this is part of self-teaching. This is so that you can become your own teacher.This is a key step on Earth right now.

If I had to focus on one of the most key steps, it is for you to become your own higher teacher. That being you call "Yoda" -- becoming your own higher dimensional Yoda-self-teacher.

Now, this internal discernment will increase in love and compassion, the more time you spend in deeper alpha state meditations, again, with sound, sound plays a role here-- and when you spend more time in a loving state, beginning to teach yourself, it is love -- realizations of love that lead you to new pathways.

So if you are wondering what to do and what to co-create at this time, with asking your questions in the higher dimensions, part of that first question -- and we will end here for today -- is how do I create right now in the most loving way for this beautiful Planet and all of the beautiful beings on it who are trying to find their way.

How can I be the most loving? How can I communicate with higher dimensions so that I needs be of great great help in the most loving way...

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

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