Grandmother on Consciously Creating New Timelines

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Are we here -- to be the first generations to consciously create new timelines? Stretch your mind into a new dimension... "I am telling you, this is the most important time you have ever had in any of your lives..." Recorded 11-4-17, posted 7-18-18...  Listen to this short post of 1 min., 42 seconds, several times and you will physical feel your energy and vibrations rev up...

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GRANDMOTHER: "If your question is, 'Can I change my Timeline?' -- the answer, which you already know, is 'Yes, you can -- you do it every day!'

Every day, with intention, you have thoughts which are changing your Timeline and the Timeline of Earth.

But, usually, our thoughts are not consciously created. We are accidental Timeline characters and players, going along in our 'play.'

Is this the time on Earth, always intended, that you should become 'A Conscious Player with Timelines' -- 'A Conscious Dancer of Cosmic Creation'?

I am telling you that this is the most important time you have ever had in any of your lives.

You have never consciously created Timelines with such an extraordinary opportunity and potential for outcome which is unimaginable, which is interdimensional, which is interplanetary and can impact other civilizations.

This is your time. This is why you're here." 

-- Grandmother From Another Planet


“The timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness." Kahlil Giibran

“They always say Time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”  -- Andy Warhol 


Photo Credit: Pixabay - Geralt. Co-Creative Commons License. #3696061