Grandmother on Speaking the Truth of Oneness

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"To speak the truth is a form of creation. The only way to learn the truth, is to try to speak what you think the truth is!" -- Grandmother from Another Planet

This is one of the most personally impacting of all of the recordings of "Grandmother from Another Planet," for me personally. Until posting and transcribing it, I did not realize its complexity -- yet shear simplicity. I did not realize how much I am held back each day, by not spending more of my time on "speaking my truth." Can this change us?

Can we shift back and forth in daily life and decisions between living in the 3rd dimension -- and contemplating, integrating 4th and 5th dimensional perception in deeper intuitive mind states -- by simply "speaking the truth" as it appears in greater circles of realization?

Who do we become when we begin to spend more of each day "speaking our truth"? 

"Grandmother on Speaking the Truth of Oneness," recorded 2-27-18 and posted today, 8-10-18... Listen, contemplate the transcript, enjoy--a kind of mystery in a way...

Click Audio Player to play "Grandmother on Speaking the Truth of Oneness," 7 min. 38 seconds. Listen and read transcript simultaneously for maximum effect.


GRANDMOTHER: "You see, your question about how to shift between 3rd dimension and higher dimensions -- is actually key to the practices which the soul finds adventurous by working in 3rd dimension.

It is the awareness and the interactions between these dimensions that must be accessed -- and negotiated -- to live this life with awareness.

It is a process of waking up a being who is not actually sleeping. Do you see?

You are not sleeping. You might say more, that you are not speaking your truth.

Because the moment that you begin to speak your truth, you will find that it is quite awake, as you are. 

When pressed to speak their truth, most beings recognize in some consternation, that they can!

But they are never called upon, in a safe place, with a sense of play and a sense of loving regard for one another -- to speak their truth! 

To speak the truth is a form of creation. The only way to learn the truth, is to try to speak what you think the truth is!

This is why writers find writing such a great learning tool. They are trying to speak the truth -- as they can understand it at that moment. 

And the moment they 'speak' what they think is 'the truth' -- they see what part is 'the truth' -- and what part, perhaps, needs either re-examination, or sets them off on a new path into outer space!... Because it doesn't quite line up. And they start seeking: 'Well, where might this line up? And what could I find out if I go on this adventure?'

So in a sense, your original question of this day -- how does one move back and forth easily from working on the things of the 3rd dimension and working on those in the 5th and 6th during a life in the 3rd: In effect, it is to speak your truth.

And the more often and the more hours of the day you are engaged in speaking this truth, the clearer it begins to be revealed to you, the more rapidly it begins to be revealed to you -- that that kind of truth-seeking is actually a way to live your life in a higher dimension while playing with 'form' -- and having to also appear in the character and the costumes of the 3rd dimension, while simultaneously appearing different!

This is not a simple feat. But it is the feat of this universal time of 'Now.' It is 'now' -- but this is a very special 'Now.' This kind of expansion of the personality from 3rd to 4th to 5th to 6th [dimensional] awareness.

You see, you have to 'play' at living in higher dimensional speaking-of-the-truth -- in order to come to the ability to actually live that kind of life. And that is the true meaning in the work of Jane Roberts, of the context of 'The Speakers.' This might be called: "The Speakers of Their Own Truth." The 'Realizers.'

Knowing comes with living and speaking a truth which is on the tip of your tongue; it is one step ahead of you, and you are trying to catch up! And it is quite a glorious, glorious thing! You can see it just ahead. And, oh, if you just could take that one more step. And yet when you get there, you see so many other possible steps!


This is a practice of speaking a truth -- in Oneness. That recognition, that it is not simply the truth, but the-truth-in-Oneness...which causes you to take into account the feelings and well-being of all other beings in time and space -- everything is alive -- to take into account the goodness and the vulnerability of all of that, because all of that is you: THAT IS A DIFFERENT KIND OF TRUTH.

So when we say, you may reach higher dimensions by increasing the time and the practice of speaking your truth, this is the truth to which we refer: The truth of Oneness, and an almost unuterable complete compassion for all other beings, as you.

It is not just to 'see' all other beings as you -- but to have compassion for all other beings as you, and through that step, realize the ultimate compassion for yourself.

So that you can care for yourself, and love yourself, in such an expansive way that it stretches out to every other being, and every other space and time.

And this is that 'love which you can neither understand nor deny; Resistance Is Futile'...*

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

*A key quote in the "Parallel Universe" musical which "dropped in" in a kind of automatic writing around 2006-7 with my extraterrestrial guide "Oron" serving as the Narrator.

Quote from the musical "Parallel Universe," S.H. Rodman:

"THE GODDESS: You are self-confined only to a galaxy of thought. You are confined to the dimensions of your definitions and nothing more. In truth, when you open your heart in compassion for the first time, you open your eyes for the first time." 


“The creative act is not performed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative act.” -- Marcel Duchamp 


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