Grandmother on Root Origin: Solving Problems in Higher Dimensions

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Sparking your imagination to "get to the heart of the matter" -- the "root origin" -- whatever the problem.

Grandmother on Root Origin: Solving Problems in Higher Dimensions. Recorded 8-3-18, posted 8-16-18. 6 min., 36 seconds. Listen below and read simultaneously!

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Grandmother, how can we switch from global to a higher dimensional intelligence for problem-solving?


"It is very popular in your world to look at the 'root origin' to solve a problem. You want to know the 'root cause.' This is considered an act of high intelligence, and often great creativity comes from 'getting to root.'

So, in a sense, most of your problems, which are actually learning opportunities, do have a root origin in higher dimensions -- soul planning, star family planning, and your own higher self growth and teaching.

In a way, you are always teaching yourself... You are constantly creating classes, for yourself and for your soul and star family.

Therefore, if you want to work on higher dimensional problem-solving, rather than just global -- (I mean, at least thinking 'global,' as opposed to just at your own personal realm in the 3rd dimension) -- it is actually a higher step of consideration, because you are taking into account a whole planet, peoples, and beings.

But to go to higher dimensions, and to address the issue of 'root origin,' which is a very good way to look at problems in a much larger context, then you must be able to achieve or engage in a higher state of contemplative intelligence -- which is your own by birthright.

In our deep sound meditations, using sound and music which is very calming, and allows you to slow down time, understand time and space differently, you are able to exercise and practice going into higher dimensions to work with problems.

But you do not do this alone. So I would say to you to, as a first step, automatically assume that you will be entering your own 'gestalt intelligence.'

You are a multi-dimensional, multi-incarnational being. And you are quite capable of looking at multi-dimensional contexts for the root origin of problems -- and how your own creativity and innovation can actually intertwine and intermix with that of others, who are also seeking solutions to problems such as yours -- which are often 'fields' of problems!

And you will see that many people begin to arrive at a new answer and a new context interpretation at the same time.

Going toward the 'root origin' in higher dimensions with your higher self -- is a very important step to problem-solve in higher dimensions, after you have started to problem-solve looking at global issues.

In deep meditation, asking is very powerful. And I strongly encourage you to be brave with this, to be very loving and very compassionate with this, and with yourself, and simply ask.

Ask aloud, if you like -- in a very truthful way from the heart -- what you would like to know about your problem. And how you can truly solve it at a higher, more loving level. And work with your higher self, your star family self, your soul self...

And have that dialogue in writing or spoken, with the sound that helps you relax and calm.

When you engage in a dialogue with the higher self with the intention of loving solutions, to solve that which is borne in higher realms of planning for learning, then you change the vibrations, the energetics, the cosmic context of your problem-solving. And you begin to grow solutions in that new field of knowing.

This is a fantastic step toward solving problems and understanding context at a much higher dimensional level.

This can bring you great feelings of joy!

This is the being you are, and this is truly how you were meant to solve problems!"

-- Grandmother from Another Planet.


“Our problem is not that we want to know the answer, the problem is that we do not know the right questions.” -- Kamlesh Mishra 


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