Grandmother on The Sound of the Universe

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Grandmother from Another Planet message today regarding the vibratory relationship between the power of expanding human consciousness and the vibrations of the universe -- personal and interstellar...

Impact of regular deep consciousness meditations using alpha, theta, delta and other deeper sound waves are explained as part of the development of interdimensional communication skills and the evolution of human consciousness...

Short messages were given before this Audio Message began:

  • "Human consciousness in deep planetary sound meditation acts as a kind of '2-way Stargate'..."
  • "There are 'actions' of consciousness waves..." 
  • "The eonic magic of the sound of the deeper human heart, the cosmic heart..." 

Listen/Read "Grandmother on The Sound of the Universe" -- on vaster sound of the universe and human consciousness, Recording 1, 2 minutes, 6 seconds, recording 2, 7 minutes, 59 seconds, recorded/posted 1-8-19.

Click Audio Player to play Recording 1, Grandmother on The Sound of the Universe, 2 minutes, 6 seconds, interrupted and continued in Recording 2, below. Recorded/Posted 1-8-19

Click Audio Player to play Recording 2, "Grandmother on Vaster Sounds of the Universe and Human Consciousness," 7 minutes, 59 seconds. Recorded/Posted 1-8-19

Grandmother's Short Messages on "The Sound of the Universe"

Short messages received in automatic writing before or during this Audio Message:

  • "Human consciousness in deep planetary sound meditation acts as a kind of '2-way Stargate'..."
  • "There are 'actions' of consciousness waves..."
  • "The eonic magic of the sound of the deeper human heart, the cosmic heart..."
  • And a question came to me: "Can we create 'consciousness waves' of change in Group Intentional Sound Wave Meditations at this time?...

FULL TRANSCRIPT, RECORDING 1, "Grandmother on The Sound of the Universe," 2 minutes, 6 seconds.

Recording 1 - short recording which was interrupted from outside sources, continued below in Recording 2. 2 minutes, 6 seconds.


This is a time of great "Sound and Future." I would like to expand on our last message, "You As Science Fiction,"  to discuss the vaster ranges of perception of sound and light -- and the impact upon the nature of human consciousness.

Now, here are a few phrases to "meditate"*:

  • "The Sound and the Fury."
  • "The Sound Universe"
  • "Sound as a Kind of Stargate."

There is much focus in your meditative literature and teachings regarding "light" and the ascention of human consciousness regarding its relationship with "light."

There is less said about "sound":

  • The Sounds of Ascension.
  • The Sounds of the Cosmic Heart.
  • The Sounds of the Soul.
  • The Sounds of New Life.
  • The Sounds of New Beginnings.

So little is understood... (that was meant when an outside source interrupted the recording)...

-- Grandmother from Another Planet, end of Part 1.


*Explaining the slight variation in the use of this phrase: "...a few phrases to 'meditate'." An odd usage which seemed to mean the contemplation or focus on a concept in a direct higher dimensional way as a verb of action; not "meditate on" a concept, but "meditate" a concept. Like "stir x" or "know x" or "consider x". A direct action  consideration. Interesting implications.

FULL TRANSCRIPT, RECORDING 2, CONTINUING, "Grandmother on Vaster Sounds of the Universe and Human Consciousness," 7 minutes, 59 seconds.


There is a second aspect of "sound" for your meditation: You as a "Speaker" of hidden truths and of a vaster identity, which is your birthright.

You have the right to speak your truth to every planet in your star family, to all of these consciousness at the "planetary level," which are not yet known to you, and yet, you are known to them -- to all of the stars and to all beings...

If you increase your relationship in deep meditation with cosmic sound, at levels beyond the daily "beta" level, in your scientific terms, to "alpha" and "theta" and "gamma" and "delta" and even beyond -- then you will begin to understand, however unlikely this seems, the relationship between sound and oneness.

For everywhere in the universe, human consciousness is linked:

  • in sound,
  • in meaning,
  • in birth and rebirth,
  • in the ability to love,
  • in the ability to create,
  • and in the ability to understand...

Now, we have limited time today. So, I would like to speak first on the relationship of "sound" at various levels and various ways, and:

  • your own ability to understand,
  • your own higher creative consciousness,
  • your ability to shift reality,
  • your ability to communicate with all other beings.

Now, I would say to you, if you want to communicate with all other beings in this universe -- if you want to ask for help or send a message or report out what you are learning -- then you must being to communicate with all other beings!

This must be intentional. There must be both listening and speaking. And the creation of art is added. You can  communicate with other beings with the "creative" creation of your art! And by "creative" in that sense, I mean interdimensionally creative!

Now, the meditations with sound, merging with your consciousness, are very, very, very powerful, and they are an art form.

So, I would challenge you today to begin to experiment with your creative identity in different realms of sound. Deep sound "meditation" is:

  • communicating with the Sounds of the Universe;
  • "seeing" with the Eyes of the Universe;
  • "speaking" with the Voices of the Universe.

This is a great field of discovery for you!

(A "vision" message received while in transcribing: I saw art created with sound, and for which a piece of meditative music is created. I could see this "on display" in a museum; art to be seen -- and heard... I could also see "interplanetary" or "extraterrestrial" visitors in this museum -- as if Grandmother herself would have great interest in visiting... 🙂

I will tell you that it is more difficult to understand this great ability and heritage for the evolution of your consciousness -- if you are not often in sound fields! --

  • experimenting with deep focus;
  • intentional focus;
  • group focus;
  • on deeper levels of sound states that are available to your physical being, your brain, your higher consciousness, all at once!

This is so powerful that it is almost beyond understanding until you try it!

I will promise you such surprises of vision and synchronicity that you will be -- what is your word? -- Gobsmacked!

You will almost not believe what knowledge banks, what understanding from the soul, what visions of the future -- are possible as you begin to commune with much vaster ranges of sound! In the same way, for vaster ranges of color and light!

And we will take all of these, one at a time, and show you that "You As Science Fiction" is a very true statement! Except that nothing is fiction! Except that you are an interplanetary being of both "Sound and Fury"! And you are just beginning to discover that!

I would like you to explore more! And we are providing meditations-and-sound which is available to you for that purpose.

Now, there is another "sound" to consider, and that is the sound of the human voice expressing great love and affirmation to other human beings, both those which are in physical form on this planet and those which you communicate with but cannot see as easily: Those interdimensional beings and those who, in your sense, have passed over, and those in consciousness which are an extension of you as "past and future lives." Sound is communication, and believe me, there is great love and fury in this sound!

You are now beginning to explore the realms of The Great Sound Universe.

With a great deal of love and with great blessings, I welcome you to one of the adventures of your lifetime which is truly unforgettable -- as you are!

-- Grandmother from Another Planet.


“Be music always. Keep changing the keys, tones, pitch, and volume of each of the songs you create along your life's journey and play on.” 
― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun

“Form itself, even if completely abstract ... has its own inner sound.” 
― Wassily Kandinsky

“Wouldn't it be nice if there were a planet where the sound of rain falling is like Bach?" he says.
"Yes, Planet Bach," I respond.
He smiles -"Yes", he murmurs- picturing it, hearing it.” 
― Bill Hayes, Insomniac City

“Listen to the trees as they sway in the wind. Their leaves are telling secrets. Their bark sings songs of olden days as it grows around the trunks. And their roots give names to all things. Their language has been lost. But not the gestures.”  ― Vera Nazarian

"...You will begin to understand, however unlikely this seems, the relationship between sound and oneness." -- Grandmother from Another Planet


Photo Credit: Pixabay, Geralt, #1903455, Creative Commons Licence.