Grandmother on How to Handle Great Changes in Life with Balance — When You Want to Panic

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When you are facing great changes in life, it is tempting to panic. In my case, facing such unusual environmental issues that I might have to start planning to give up a lot of "stuff" -- which could actually help solve the problem. So I asked Grandmother how to handle this, because it is a true challenge to identity! Who knew!

However, this may be the theme of our times -- handling of great global change and begins to impact great personal change. And an opportunity to find out who you really are...

Grandmother has me thinking, who might I be if I could, as she says, "Fly Free"? Who might any of us be if we "Let Go" of old identities -- old "things" and "stuff"... old "anchors"...

More change seems coming daily! This message gave me a very different interdimensional, even extraterrestrial view -- definitely "Thinking Way Seriously Out of the Box."

"Grandmother on How to Handle Great Changes in Life with Balance -- When you Want to Panic," Recorded 6-24-19, Posted 6-25-19, 16 minutes, 48 seconds.

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Grandmother, how do you handle great changes in your life with balance and higher intelligence -- when what you want to do is panic?


There are very few times in life when great growth was not accompanied by great change. And if you remember that, then when you see a peak of great changes coming, you will say “Aha! Growth!” You will look for the gift, the treasure, the learning in each great change.

When you sit in contemplation in a place of love, and you meditate upon love for life, for these opportunities, and you begin to truly assess, ask yourself, your higher self: “What is the gift in this great momentous change that is happening? What is the gift? What could it be?”

If you can, within a few seconds, begin to shift your thinking to a treasure hunt, a hunt for the gift, for the sign, for the great lesson that accompanies a great challenge -- then you will find yourself being calmer and welcoming the coming of these gifts.

Now, you live in a time of tremendous opportunity which is brought on by tremendous change. And you are facing a great change in your life. You are learning the lesson of “The Great Letting Go.”

  • Your identity is not based on this third dimension only.
  • Your identity is not based on the history of your roles and life and relationships of this third dimension only.
  • Your identity is not based on where you live, the home or dwelling which you call your house or your place of work.
  • Your identity is based on a tremendous multi-dimensional, multi-universal, multi-plane “beingness” of so many experiences and lives -- you can barely imagine such a vast being could be you. But it is you. And its complexity exists in the form that it takes primarily because of great changes of the kind that come rapidly, where you have barely a moment to adjust from one great shift to another.

You might move across country, you might change so many things about your identity, your role, your work, your name even, your purpose, your mission. One day it is this mission, tomorrow it is a completely different mission.

The “panic” which occurs is nothing more than a very strong love, a very strong attachment to this role that you have played, this home that you have lived in, and these beautiful things that you have collected.

But you are in a new time and the era and the civilization and the industrialization of the biosphere you know as Earth, your home, is changing dramatically. Now, tell me, how could you possibly expect that you would not simultaneously change dramatically!?

You are in the midst of a great drama. You are playing a great role. All of the great performers across time and space have relished the opportunity to play a great role.

So, Step 1: When you see great change coming – “How can I handle this?!” – is to say “Aha! I have been given a role for all eternity! A role of such great change coming that I can barely understand myself. I can barely contain my identity!”

To handle this, I say to you: Do not contain your identity! Stop trying to hold it in! Stop trying to anchor it with thousands of things and so much stuff that you have collected -- such beautiful furniture and dishes and clothing -- and such lovely homes and furnishings -- and the pictures of all of your loved ones -- all of these third dimension artifacts, which are going away now in terms of your era…

You have entered an era of very rapid change, in which your perception of “things” or “stuff,” your perception of how the creation of such industrial things and stuff may even bring such great harm to the biosphere, to biodiversity on your planet, that you do not know how to survive.

This great change that is happening at this time to you is a great “Letting Go” of a kind of attachment to an industrial and sometimes thoughtless way of life, without empathy for the life in other regions or continents or countries, for life in all its form. It is a good thing to let go of these times, which have been such great lessons, such great fodder, such great compost for the beautiful garden that you will create now.

I would like so very much for you to understand how beautiful a garden that you can create by letting go of your attachments to the old. You do not need all of these “things.” You do not need all of these artificial chemicals and synthetic fabrics and beauty that has been created that you love – but there are other beauties!

There are beauties that exist to delight you – which can also exist on a planet which is sustainable for millions and millions of years for millions and millions of people…

But there is that moment when you must step out of that identity in which you are anchored, sometimes “glued” to your “stuff” of that identity. And it is not just physical objects – it is titles, it is names, it is identity with a relationship, a company, a town, a country, even a planet.

Let that go! And, in a way, come to dwell in a great place of love and forgiveness and empathy in which you have a freedom that you have never known…

When great change is coming, often you see it manifest as “Oh, my goodness, I have lost all my things!” Or: “How can I do this?” Or: “I have this great illness.” Or: “Oh, I can’t keep these things anymore!”

These are just “things.” They are a beautiful creations of a beautiful era. But you must understand that growth transforms all of the “things”! What can these “things” become now? How can they be transformed so that life can be quite beautiful and thrive. And all life can be loved and nurtured -- because you are a loving and nurturing being.

That is how to handle great changes. You focus on becoming a great being who is nurturing; who sees change as transformation; and who sees change as community. 

You understand: Change that is coming is community. You will come together to meet the challenges of this rapid-fire change. You will meet new people. You will make new alliances which surprise you.

And some of them – some of the new teachers who emerge in your deep meditations – may be, in your terms, from other dimensions and some from other planets.

You are beloved beings. This is a beloved opportunity to meet and be with your “self” of higher dimensions, in relationship with beings and missions and intentions which flow, which blossom from higher intelligence and even balance…

 I will bring you, again, to the meditation which I always mention, that you would Meditate on Love – 5 Levels of Love.  This meditation is given (Meditation-Sound Page), and when you have done it, begin to focus on something new:

  • Meditate on Love, for this Time of Change.
  • Meditate on Love, for this Time of Growth.
  • Meditate on Change, for this Time of New Identity.

Now, this is Step 1. We will talk about this handling of great change, letting go of so many things that, in a way, actually anchor you and make it harder for you to fly free. And focus instead on flying free in the new times of change, when you can simply let go.

You see, you do not know who you are yet, when you let go of the things of your industrial creations, “things” and “stuff” which you know are harming your biosphere. You do not know who you are when you let go of all of that and when you heal this planet. That should make you excited!

But I do understand the panic – the panic of rapidly changing identity is an appropriate sense of anxiousness. “Change! How do I handle this!?” That’s all right. That energy is reflected. View your panic as like a big flag: “Hello! We’re about to go through a great time of growth and a great time of change!”

Welcome it and meditate on love for all the great changes. Find something to love about each change you see coming. Write about it, draw it, sing it, love it. And that is how you can begin to transform the ways in which you handle great change, until you become transformation itself.

With great love and many blessings…

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


"I am large -- I contain multitudes.” 
― Walt Whitman


“We can't be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea. Holding onto something that is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don't have something better.” ― C. JoyBell C.


“We are not trapped or locked up in these bones. No, no. We are free to change. And love changes us. And if we can love one another, we can break open the sky.” ― Walter Mosley, Blue Light


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