Grandmother on Creating the Best Living Environments on Earth

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I wanted a higher dimensional viewpoint on: Where to live that's best for a mission of the soul, that's best for health? How to create a new living environment on Earth in new societies -- how to live in harmony with the Earth?

"Grandmother on Creating the Best Living Environments on Earth," recorded 6-29-19, posted 7-4-19, 15 minutes, 2 seconds.

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LISTENING while you read has the greatest effect - surprising. Especially for this recording. The experience of a deeper mind state was also surprise for me. Forgive the allergies and sneezing - decided to record anyway!



Grandmother, can you say more about where and how to live to do this work, the most agreeably and successfully and for best health?


The creation of human living in Earth and other environments is surprisingly the work of the soul, for the most educational experience of life. Many factors are in play: Creativity, soul growth with intention, design, and harmony with all life.

If you would be healthy, work diligently to be in harmony with all life. Life has a flow on the Earth. Be in harmony with the spaces of the Earth. There are higher dimensional abilities which enable you to communicate with different aspects of Earth’s natural environments and living energy.

You are not trying just to live in harmony with other life, you are trying to live in harmony with the Earth herself, her soul -- and in that regard, in your trying to learn to communicate at the soul level with any being.

Now, these decisions are conscious in some ways and unconscious in others. That you would set out intentionally to create and design a living space in a location to be in flow with the Earth and with living beings is a good step, a “course” for soul growth.

Each time you learn something, such as how to take care of the garden, you are learning the Earth on her terms -- even though you are still constructing an artificial rather than a “flowing” garden. A flowing garden would exist in a forest without much effort on your part at all. Something like the raspberries which have created their own forest. (I have a small raspberry "forest" in the garden -- about 4’ x 6’ growing wildly!)

You did not interrupt them. They are among the most bountiful of all of the plant beings in your garden. And yet other than providing water, you do almost nothing! You are in harmony with the raspberries, and you often affirm them.

Well, this is a good model for working on your creative abilities with space and being in a planetary environment. Affirm all aspects of the environment! If you affirm and love the environment that you have, you begin to understand it.

You are not separate from the spaces you live in.

This is one of the biggest issues for this society of human beings -- that you have come to see yourselves as separate from your environment, from your Universe; that you have come to see the environment and the universe as “areas for study” and not as a greater universe that includes you.

You are part of this universe.

 So, if you want to set up a living environment which is very conducive to spiritual and personal growth, to compassion, to the gaining of wisdom, then Step 1 is to realize that this is you.

It is not simply that you are creating this. It is that you ARE this. You ARE this biosphere – which, as a human society of consciousness, you have helped to create.

So, if you say, “Oh, my goodness, there is a problem with the biosphere, and all of the wonderful life forms going extinct, then translate that to mean that you are having a serious problem with the biosphere…given your learning with your industries and  technologies. And now that you are aware of this, you must begin to transform with your self-education. You have become aware of what you have done. 

What you do to your biosphere, you do to you. (Heard and inserted during transcription in automatic writing)

You go through a process of denial, hoping to continue in the same mode of life. And then you come to a point where you realize that you can no longer live in a healthy biosphere and continue these habits of living and thinking.

When you begin to create a new living space, whether it is in the mountains or on the islands, you are creating a new you.

So, in a sense, if you want to clean up your oceans and your air, you must begin to clean up your own being in the sense of awareness of what you have done – and can do. And assuring that you live in a most healthy and harmonious way with every being on this planet, every life form, every stone, every living crystal, every living drop of water – you must be in harmony!

And when you begin to think that way, you literally begin to change the landscape. Human consciousness has the ability to transform and transmute matter-form and energy at the atomic level.

Your physics experiments actually show this. It is very hard for the consciousness of the researcher NOT to impact at the nano level in any experiment. It is impossible for it not to impact. It is part of it.

You are part of the biosphere where you live. Your consciousness is an amazing aspect of that reality – which, when you understand it at the deeper level, you begin to see it plays a much larger role than you ever possibly could imagine!

Imagination and consciousness are, then, key to your creating and living in a wonderful living space which begins to be in harmony with the Earth. You must begin with love and the heart.

In a way, you are asking to know the heart and soul of how to create a truly wonderful living space for great health, for you, for the biosphere where you live. Get to the heart and soul of it by getting to your own heart and soul.

When you are designing and creating spaces where you would like to live – in a way, this is becoming in harmony with the grids of the Earth. And you can, in a way, kind of like a “slide of light,” become part of those conscious grids in such a way that you can much more easily move from one location to the other than you would ever think!

Understanding the power of creative human consciousness in deeper states of love and wisdom – to change and create matter-form and whole societies -- is the key.

In a way, if you want an easy first step to design a wonderful living space in just the right location:

          Meditate on Love.

          Meditate on Love.

          Meditate on Love…

We have provided this meditation and it is so key to solving so many of your issues – issues which are actually simply lesson plans…  (Meditation-Sound) If you want to get to the heart and soul of a wonderful living space or location, you must get to the heart and soul of you… In a way: Creating in higher dimensions such that where you live and how you live is in loving flow with all of the beings and life and the planet on which you live.

This is why we say to you to begin more intently your study of planetary consciousness and with planetary consciousness – that you call “Star Talk.”

(I received subliminally here: “Star talking. You are a “star,” talking. Star talk -- as a verb.)

Each step you take to consciously and intentionally try to live in harmony with this great planet of learning is a form of “remembering.” It is a form of “coming Home…”

It is a form of remembering who you truly are.

Many blessings to you!

-- Grandmother from Another Planet.

Received during transcription:

You want to make a place of who you truly are.