Grandmother on 5 Steps to Handle Contradictions in the Pathway

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Are we all in a state of "contradictions in the pathway" today? Not knowing which choice is best -- and often faced with two that have their own internal contradictions and thus, seem no choice at all...?

Is there another choice? This blog had some answers that really made a difference for me this week, particularly "Go find new things to flow love to" and "The 'I am ______" list... extremely liberating and energizing to consider many options and not just 2 -- and to be reminded, for any of us, of all of the myriad of things, roles, beings that we really are in time and space...

Uplifting. I keep going back to this one for rejuvenation... Little steps to shift my mood to higher realms and visions...

Try it. "Grandmother from Another Planet on 5 Steps to Handle Contradictions in the Pathway," recorded/posted 9/24/19. 13 minutes, 9 seconds.

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Grandmother, there are  a lot of contradictions in the path right now. And contradictions tend to slow you down because you don’t know which direction to go. So you stop a clear, easy energy flow. This seems to be the time that we’re living in, one of great "contradictions." What kind of action or energy can we use now to handle waves of contradiction?


You are seeing two paths before you many times. Other times, a great number. But very often now it is two paths.

  • Shall I go left or right?
  • Shall I go up or down?
  • Where shall I move?
  • Who shall I see today?
  • And there are 2 choices…
  • And each choice is fraught with difficulties and contradictions.

Recognizing this terrain, if you have a viewpoint that this is a “Graduate School Class in Handling Contradictions,” you begin to apply the part of your mind and intelligence which handles puzzles.

Now, if you are trying to solve a puzzle, and you are getting nowhere -- whichever way you turn, the puzzle will not reveal its answer – there comes a time when you go into a deep state of contemplation and you reach a conclusion that trying to figure out an answer in the old way with your usual approach is no longer going to work.

Because of the contradictions, you are forced to look for something that doesn’t hold those contradictions. You look even for space to work or think which doesn’t hold those contradictions. Do you see? So what do you desire to do? You desire to move! But even when you move, and even when you think you have a clear new path, there are more contradictions.

It is like “Contradiction Soup”!


Now, the test, if you would call it that, is to learn to handle contradictions in some new way.

  • What are the present features?
  • What features must I recognize in order to solve this in some way that is closer to my sense of pure, joyful, flowing energy?

So, I would say to you, that if you begin with the pure, joyful, flowing energy, the contradictions will transform before your eyes!

  • You do not try to transform clear contradictions in order to have joyful flow of energy.
  • You can have joyful flow of energy anytime!
  • There are many things that make you joyful and some happy ones -- by creating joy out of thin air!
  • So, if you say to me, Grandmother, there are 2 paths, I don’t know which to take, I would say: Go off and look for great joyful things to flow your energy to! And then we’ll talk in an hour. Do you see?

So, you are correct in that it is an energetic issue and that it can block the flow of clear energy. It’s just that you are not fully focused on the energetics, which is always the place to begin.

So, now, Step 1 in Handling Contradictions: Go find things to flow joyful energy to that make you very happy!


And then there is another approach, and that is to add many more options to the contradictions!

  • You might have 2 paths with contradictions.
  • As long as you’re going to have 2 – you might as well have 10!
  • Then you can get really creative!
  • Believe me, once you look beyond the “2 paths,” many new things emerge in your mind.

So, Step 2 would be to create, to draw, to make art of Many Paths – which may also hold contradictions, but they are different than the 2 that have you in the midst of a logjam.

You are looking at a larger than usual terrain at the moment, because the energetics of this Cosmic Time Period are set up that way. You have to “break through it” – but it is more apt to say that it is a challenge of “flowing through it” rather than “breaking through it.”

You are looking at joyful flow of energy, and the more places you have to flow it to – for instance, the more paths and options you have to flow it to, the more possibilities emerge.


You are dealing with new numbers. So, that is Step 3. You have been dealing with “2” paths.

  • Shall I be here? Shall I be there?
  • Shall I go this path? Shall I go that path?

This is a game of numbers – in your mind.

When you increase the “numbers” of paths, you increase the “numbers” in your mathematical equation for opening pathways and opening portals.

Each number holds different vibrations, and you automatically increase your vibrations by increasing the different influences of numbers which are in the mix in your thinking.


And then, Step 4 is Identity. You see, you move –

  • From “I Am One Who Considers 2 Contradictory Paths -- which is very upsetting and blocks my flow of energy – or
  • “I Am One Who Considers Many Pathways and Creates Many More – I am joyfully flowing my creative energy into many different options and into contacting many people.”

That is an Identity, and your energy comes from who you think you are at any given moment, because that is what “flows” what you think you can do.


Your energy comes from who you think you are at any given moment, because that is what “flows” what you think you can do…


Fundamentally, your dilemma has to do with “doing impossible things.” The path seems contradictory. Neither path is opening clear. You are not finding the resources to solve this by continuing in the same way, but it hasn’t come to you yet how powerful the expansion of identity in deep meditation can be!

So, I want you to do it in this 4th Step, a List. Do several.

  • “I AM…. ____” And then you say the things that you are, which would move this energy to “flow.” And you start to see that a new Identity might be possible.
  • And you imagine handing your business card to someone else, and it has the new Identity!
  • In fact, a new business card is a very good way to begin to break log jams. It is quite surprising. And you can have more than one!

Identity comes from a feeling of “connection” – powerful “connection” with powerful dimensions of the soul.


And this is why it is always important to go into deep meditation of the soul. I will repeat: Deep Meditation of the Soul.

And the purpose of this, at this time, is to discover what you are to learn from this “field of contradictions.

This is a personal matter. You’re going to have to get personal to deal with contradictions...

You’re going to have to get personal to deal with contradictions.

You’re going to have to see many aspects of each thing that appears to be a contradiction but isn’t. You are simply looking at “terrain” not “contradictions.”

This deep contemplation of the soul, at the soul level, at the level of who you truly are, can bring a peaceful new comfort with being One Who Contemplates at Deep Levels and Works with the Great Wisdom of the Soul at Deep Levels…

You write, you make Art of the Inspirations of the Soul. And all of a sudden a new energy comes, and that energy transforms itself into a path.

And these are the ways to look at this “field of contradictions” as a great “class” in the Universe – which leads you to deeper contemplation of the soul… The Soul’s Right Pathway… The Soul’s Desire to Be of Service to Others in the best possible way.

And we leave you with this Greeting and Blessing of Love.

From deep in the Soul, to deep in the Soul, may you have a starry day and starry paths before you!

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


“In art, and maybe just in general, the idea is to be able to be really comfortable with contradictory ideas. In other words, wisdom might be, seem to be, two contradictory ideas both expressed at their highest level and just let to sit in the same cage sort of, vibrating." -- George Saunders


“The tiny features below, taken together with the gentle mass of Montblanc towering above them, the Vanoise glacier almost invisible in the shimmering distance, and the Alpine panorama that occupied half the horizon, had for the first time in her life awoken in her a sense of the contrarieties that are in our longings.” ― W.G. Sebald


“Man’s growth is held back by his surrender to other people’s expectation that he remain the person he was when they met him.”
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana


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