Grandmother on Solving the Unsolvable As a Form of Consciousness Evolution

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A very different view of the opportunities in today's world of constant change and seemingly "unsolvable" problems... Grandmother expresses an interdimensional view of these times as the ultimate opportunity for the growth of higher dimensional consciousness abilities and perceptions. "Rapid planetary change" is viewed as not only good, but necessary for the growth of higher dimensional conscious intelligence transformation.

How she gets to this, step by step, helped me see some new ways to look at solving some of my  current very "unsolvable problems"!

Enjoy "Grandmother on Solving the Unsolvable as a form of Consciousness Evolution," recorded/posted 7-23-19, 15 minutes, 41 seconds.

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SHR: Grandmother, how do you solve the unsolvable?


It is necessary to understand the nature of your vibrant creative ability to understand the concept of solving a mystery or a problem which seems “unsolvable.” The nature of all reality is both in its mystery and its circle, its cycle of creation, evolution, devolution, and transformation. This is an ongoing cycle.

If you come to understand in your heart the nature of your own desire to create your dreams, your greatest creative imagination set free – then it is much easier to understand the concept of creating solutions to apparent dilemmas in the same way. It is all an aspect of higher dimensional intelligence or consciousness in the act of creation.

Now, when a new idea comes to you, whether it is an excitement about something new you can create, or it is an excitement about a way to “solve” something which seems very “impossible” – it is the same process. It is merely a question of your own opening of the heart to higher intelligence which is yours, to a higher joy in creating and becoming a conscious creator -- in a sense, a collaborator with all other beings and all of the energies and realities in the actions of “creation.”

So, how to solve the unsolvable is in essence the nature of your reality and your mind, your time with your family and your friends, your excitement with life – all of this gets to the nature of your own higher dimensional intelligence and higher co-creative ability which can manifest as a wisdom and joy with which you are unfamiliar. Do you see?

In the same way that it is possible to create higher dimensional solutions that actually solve things which seem “impossible,” it is also possible to experience a joy in this “creation” – a kind of blissful, affirmation of all reality and all beings, which is indescribable in your present wave-form vibration and understanding. Intelligence is an aspect of your dimensional consciousness. And by “dimensional consciousness” I mean the dimensions and the ranges in which you are conscious.

Now, you are present in many, many dimensions. And you are subtly conscious, without awareness, of many, many realities and energies and visions around you. You simply cannot “see” them. So, this “intelligence” is directly proportional to your ability to “see” in different ranges. And this includes ranges of sound, ranges of light, ranges even of color and of emotion.

Can you imagine the emotional energy that you would “feel” in higher dimensions – as you can imagine them? It is very different.

So, in effect, to solve the “unsolvable,” you would be in a state of deep conscious meditation or focus. “Higher dimensional focus” is another way to describe “meditation,such that you begin to experience a clarity and a peaceful understanding of your role in the creation of each event and your learning role as well.

Now, the second aspect of solving the “unsolvable” is understanding that each event and each “thing” and each “situation” is “learning.” It is a “course.” It is a gift – a kind of interdimensional technology or process which is part of reality in your evolution – which is key to being able to both solve mysteries and, at the highest level, to create mysteries.

The creation of mysteries, with intention to learn, will help you to understand how to solve mysteries. Do you see? It is learning the process end-to-end.

Now, to go deeper into “problem solving” – to literally solve the “unsolvable” -- also means entering a state of very deep love, a sense of interconnection with all beings, all energies, all things in this “living reality” which you experience. It is in this deep love including a very deep and vulnerable love of yourself -- an appreciation and affirmation of yourself -- that you can find a kind of state of mind, a state of the heart, a confidence in this level of bliss and love which contains all things.

The mystery is in both the creation and in the solving of problems.

A problem is something which cannot yet be seen  in its  "bigger picture." You are always looking for the "bigger picture." So, a problem is simply a mystery in which you do not see the "bigger picture." And the greatest element of that “bigger picture” is your role in the creation of both the problem and the solution.

And this evolves! This continues! And you say, “Well, I had a problem and now I have solved it!” For each solution contains the next problem or “lesson.” School is ongoing. School is forever… School is a form of love…of creation...

Now, if you would solve the unsolvable, you would need to enter a deep state of love. In effect, you would need to “love the unlovable”; to “forgive the unforgiveable”; to “know the unknowable”; to be that which is “unreal,” is “unknown,” is not yet created...

In effect, you are always creating the new “you” – and the most incredible mystery, the most incredible unsolvable problem is “you”! Your purpose is to be “unsolvable”! To discover! To be unknown! For if you were “known,” there would be no change, and there would be no learning. Do you see?

This is a very delicious and delightful state – a state of the continual evolution of problems and their solutions.

I would like very much for you to contemplate, for you to meditate deeply on the loving aspect of creation which is your life; to truly love and affirm and appreciate your life and all of the beings and energies and things in your life which are part of your "creation” drama or comedy or great “love affair.” Creation is a great “love affair”!

And if you want to solve the “unsolvable”? You must begin by loving you. By having a “great love affair” with the enormous opportunity, the life – an almost new palette and blank slate every day to create something new. Every time you delight in seeing the unsolvable, you have already begun to solve it! It is a great “birthing” of new creations! All unsolvable problems involve a great birthing of new creations! And they almost always begin with what appears to be a higher level of “unsolvable problems.” And that causes you to reach for your own higher dimensional loving states.

This involves an aspect of understanding that you are lovable; you are eternally loved; you are universally loved – as is every being. It is a recognition and an entering into a state of “lovability.”

Truly, if you have a very tough problem, I would highly recommend sitting down and having a long meditation focused on loving yourself and loving all of the other beings involved with your problem! Seriously.

This is sometimes much better than other frustrating approaches of trying to solve the seemingly unsolvable in a very linear, usual way. For the problem or the new lesson for you, was not created in that way! It was created in a higher dimensional way! With higher dimensional intelligence! That’s the mark of creativity…

You are loved, you are lovable. As you open the heart to higher dimensions, you open the mind to higher dimensions of life and love

-- Grandmother from Another Planet.


Even in the wee hours of the morning, this "message" continued when I stopped the recorder. A kind of autowriting or higher dimensional writing, extended clarification, came immediately after the recording.

The Value of a Time of Great Change: Creating in a Higher Realm of Solutions.


If you are in a time of great change – you are in a great time of engaging “the unsolvable”! This causes you to reach out to a higher dimensional "you"...a state of intelligence which becomes necessary  -- because of the changing challenges and complexity of the “unsolvable.”

In a way, knowingly or unknowingly, you create unsolvable problems as an essential part of the evolution of consciousness – to grow and develop as a being of great wisdom and vision, seeing new things each day...becoming a new “being” each day.

It is important to recognize times of great changes as times of great growth as a soul.

The greater it seems, the change in your reality, the greater the growth.

Change is not a problem. It is the ultimate solution!  Thus: Embrace change and see it as the raw material, setting the stage for great growth of expanding your ranges of intelligence, higher dimensional interdimensional, interconnected "consciousness fields."

Great change might be said to be a time of the creation, the emergence of great new evolved “consciousness fields” – beginning to “play” with “consciousness families.”

Rapid change, seeing great truths in the world around you which you did not see before – also means rapid growth. That being which transforms in times of great change is “seeing” and becoming part of another reality: A reality of the rapid evolution of human consciousness. This is different “being,” a different “dance of life.”

In this “speeding up,” this rapid change, there becomes apparent rather quickly a new reality and a new identity – which is like “being on another planet”…

IN TRUTH, YOU ARE CREATING A NEW PLANET IN TIMES OF RAPID CHANGE – in concert with the higher dimensional gestalt intelligence of that planet, of the Earth. That is you becoming the Earth-of-rapid-change and evolving transformation of consciousness.

When change “speeds up” until you can barely see the old frames of reference and reality – you see in terms of wave-form consciousness, which does not involve “solid” reality. And is key to both interdimensional communication and even existing materializing in and out of higher dimensional realities!

These are whole realities of solutions…great geometries of solutions…as you are suddenly creating in the "realm of solutions." Do you see the difference? (I got while transcribing: “Problems are always solutions; solutions are always problems.”)

All solutions are directly related to your level of wave-form vibrational fields, and the participation as well as perception of these fields as a quite unknown reality…

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.” ― Peggy O'Mara

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