1) Grandmother on Want to Change the Timeline? It Is You… 10-17-19

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Want to change your Timeline? Wonder how you ever got into this one? New concepts on working with time, lineages past and future, and the power of your role in the co-creation of trends in time... Just how much of what you're seeing is "you"? And can you change a "timeline" by changing you?

A different way to understand your life and role in our incredibly wild times. We may have a much more powerful role than we think...

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SHR: Grandmother, we seem to be on a trajectory for a future timeline in which there is great jeopardy for the planet and our sustainability. And I’m wondering about the ability to work with future lineages, with timelines, with time itself, to “recreate” futures…


  1. Time is pretty interesting… 😊 You are supremely aware of only one time. All the time. You never arrive at a moment in which you say, “Well, now is the past!” And you never arrive at a moment in which you say, “Well, now is the future!” You only arrive at a time called “right now.” Now… Now… Now…
  2. You have the ability to view, analyze, acknowledge different time sequences. This is within your conscious capability. And your creative ideas, your very heart and soul, are often so highly influenced by your imaginings of the future, the potential of the future, the people you might meet and the things you might create – this excites you!
  3. And sometimes your “imaginings” about the past are exciting. But what you are working with is right now. Anything that has been created which you think of as “in the past” – can be recreated in the “right now.” Because the “right now” is the only time anything is ever created!
  4. However, and this is very important, the “now” of everything is right now!
  5. So, if you begin at the quantum level to work with quantum computers and interplanetary travel and perception – then you are dealing with a different kind of “now.” This is a different consciousness.
  6. So, if you ask, “Can we recreate, change the trend of a timeline in the future, can we work with future lineages to change the current timeline trend?” -- you are really asking about, “Can we work with a different now?
  7. I want to ask you, is the “now” of a higher dimensional being, or a higher dimensional aspect of “you” – the same “now” which you experience?
  8. Contemplate this for a moment. Take a deep breath. “Right now” is the same ”right now” for my own higher intelligence. For me and my soul. For entities or beings which may be able to perceive at much higher dimensional levels. And in a greater range of realities? Is this the same “now.”
  9. Is an animal which can hear at sound ranges beyond those which you can hear, experiencing the same “now” as you experience?
  10. Could you experience that? Is it simply a matter of limits proscribed by form or is it limits and varieties and ranges proscribed by consciousness?
  11. Either way, you are going to wind up at a starting point where we often begin our discussion: Consciousness and vibration and beginning to expand your own higher creative intelligence so that you can communicate in higher dimensions with beings who communicate in higher dimensions – is the key to solving almost every problem!
  12. So, in that sense, if you want to create a different future timeline, you are going to have to access that information in a deeper mind state than you are presently situated!
  13. You need a “situation change,” in the sense of vibrations, range of perception of all of the five senses and the intuitive and higher senses. And you need to begin to take action in this regard.
  14. If you want to create a different timeline trajectory with new possible trends, then in a sense you have to begin to work with a new trajectory for your own consciousness, your own meditations, your own work with sound and higher senses. In effect, you have to change yourself.
  15. So, do you see? If you want to change this timeline, you’re going to have to change yourself. And that means a lot more deep meditation on precisely that question: What would I personally need to change, to change the trending timeline I’m seeing for the future, in my “now”?
  16. There is a second aspect to this consideration. And that is, if you want to share “now” with higher dimensional beings who are working with higher dimensional realities and timelines – timelines, timelines…as your father would say to you, “Time is just a place” – but “now” is always the same – this is a different “you”!
  17. If you want a different timeline, you will have to co-create with all the aspects of “you” and all the past lives of “you” and all the lineage connections of “you” in the past – and the future “you’s”! And all the future lives of “you” and all of the different lineages of “you”!
  18. Now, that is a very large community, a large group to work with! But it’s very exciting to think about! “I can do this! I can work with past and future lineages – as we designate them in this reality, in this time, in this language, by working on my own consciousness structure and perception of time and beginning to expand it.”
  19. So, let us expand it. Let us do that. It is important. And we will only cover Step 1 in this discussion, to be able to imagine from the heart and the soul.
  20. You know the timeline you would like. And you understand that there will be challenges to the light and love that you feel within, that you would like to see happen.
  21. You may not understand that these challenges and roadblocks and little terrors of life are to push you to reach for higher states of understanding and envisioning what might be possible -- to, in effect, be moved and motivated to create a new timeline.
  22. The challenges are your teacher.
  23. I cannot stress enough the great power and emotion involved when you make contact with one lineage of the past or the future – a future “you” – the warmth and the encouragement and the love that will come into your heart and soul.
  24. This is so powerful. This is the quest. It is not to change the timeline. It is to directly connect with the loving being that is “you” in the future – all of the beings that you become. With the loving being that you have been in the past and with other aspects of you manifested in different dimensions. This is unbelievable power to transform your sense of reality and identity.
  25. Do this “Future Lineage Call” if you would like to understand our implorations, our assurances that you are universally loved, and you are eternally loved. That is who you are.
  26. You see, the timeline is

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

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