Grandmother on 7 Steps and 7 Senses: Expanding Your Highest Creative Intelligence for These Times

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This is a kind of mini-class on expanding your higher creative senses that Grandmother calls “cosmic senses” – to expand your awareness and creativity for all work and activities in life.

Use to increase creativity and perceptive awareness, intuition and innovative strategies in any work or to improve communications and relationships.

Enjoy "Grandmother on 7 Steps and 7 Senses: Expanding Your Highest Creative Intelligence for These Times," Recorded 7-15-21, Posted 7-20-21. -- S.H. Rodman

Click Audio Player to play "Grandmother on 7 Steps and 7 Senses:  Expanding Your Highest Creative Intelligence for These Times," Recorded 7-15-21, Posted 7-20-21, 24 minutes, 53 seconds. Spontaneous and Improvisational. 

“Grandmother from Another Planet on 7 Steps and 7 Senses: Expanding Your Highest Creative Intelligence for These Times”

S.H. Rodman: This is a kind of class on expanding your higher creative senses that Grandmother calls “cosmic senses” – to expand your awareness and creativity for all work and activities in life. The 7 Senses Meditation is Summarized with sound links, at the end. A powerful practice that can have surprising multidimensional benefits…


Greetings. I would like to speak to you today regarding the "sensitivity of your senses..." As you expand your knowledge and awareness of your ability to sense reality and understand it at higher levels, you also increase your higher creative perceptiveness, intelligence.

To the extent that you can practice meditatively, focused on your expanded senses, your higher senses, if you will, or your cosmic senses, you can come to a happier life through a broader range of perception and understanding.

It is through your senses -- that you know are "senses,” senses are a pathway to "knowing" -- but these are not the limited sense of one dimension only. And you can see that through awareness of your dreams.

You are not "awake" in your dreams; you are in a different reality. Yet you remember clearly sometimes, the "physical-ness" of the reality of your dreams -- enough to know the story and even some of the "feelings" of your dreams...

Now, this is actually a series of meditative exercises on expanding your higher creative intelligence. That's what it is -- the senses. And today we will work with 7 Senses. We want to go past the usual 5 to a 6th sense, which is often known as intuition. And the 7th sense, which results from all the prior 6, which is connecting them, and that we will call today, "Knowing."

This is a simple, life-long meditation... Your senses are not short-term, and they are not limited to the 3rd dimension. And what we want to do is to begin a simple exercise that you can do every day, either for a short time or for a long time and using sound, because Hearing and Sound are very important in expanding your other-sense awareness and perception.


So, I would like for you to begin quite simply, thinking lovingly about your life, a meditation on your Sense of Hearing. It's very simple: Meditate on Hearing.

Now, what I would like you to do when you do this step of "Meditate on Hearing" -- is to sense your "hearing," your ability to "hear things" – expanding, expanding greatly. Expanding beyond your region, beyond the planet Earth, beyond "awake-ness" to that time in what you call "Delta State," when you are dreaming. So, expand your sense of "Hearing."

And a way to do that, when we do these 7 Steps today, is to simply Meditate on Hearing. And just use your imagination to sense your "hearing" greatly expanded.

Now, after you do that, Meditate on Hearing. And maybe you do that for a minute or two or longer if you want to make this a very powerful meditation. And remember that foundational is an overall state of love and using powerful sound -- “Theta” or “Delta” State, very good, but whatever deeper relaxed state you can reach... (Sound Examples readily online: Theta, – and Delta, )

So, after you have focused on Meditate on Hearing, then I would like you to "communicate" with your sense of Hearing by listening. And you will do this at each of the 7 Steps: Simply listen.

Is there some kind of information which comes to you from a "Super Hearing"? Is there is some kind of "symbol" you see or "sound" you hear? A message, an image, a picture? And even though you are meditating, have your pen and paper -- you must do this with pen and paper handy because you might want to draw or write something of what you get.

This is the foundational exercise of an expanded perception which lies in the meditative focus on 7 Senses. I would like you to repeat this whole process with each. First, Meditate on Hearing. And do this with love, just as we instructed, these procedures -- you can expand them. (Meditate on Love, Level 1 - 5) -- See below Meditation.)


Second, Meditate on Seeing, and do the same. And Listen.


Then, Meditate on Smelling or Aroma. Do the same and Listen.

Now, why is Aroma particularly important? In many cases, your memory and your anchoring of both memory and information in your lifetime awareness of 3rd dimension -- is strongly anchored in smells or aroma. You associate whole events with certain smells. It is a “psychological sense” as well, because "good smells" and "bad smells" become associated with "good experiences" and "bad experiences." Do you see?

The senses are powerfully connected to your higher creative intelligence. And as you Meditate on Smelling or Meditate on Aroma or both, I would like you to strongly sense this "expanding." There are people so adept that they can "smell" color or numbers. Do you see?


Now, the next sense, which is Tasting – is very much related. Tasting is a very subtle sense. It does not just apply to the sense of taste from eating or drinking in your 3rd dimensional form, but also a sense of "taste" which expands beyond physical food to the way you "take in" all of reality creatively. And great creative cooking of food or preparation with love, of food to serve others, is very much connected to expanding this sense.

So, if you want to be a great chef, a great cook -- if you want to be a great perceiver of "flavors" in life, expand your sense of Taste. Do you see? This is not a simple thing '' "Ooh, that food tastes good. I like it." This is a much larger sense, and it has to do with all of life.

Expanded sense of taste, experimentation with taste, understanding of the subtleties of taste, expands your perception of life and enriches it. 


And then we have the sense of Feeling. This is in two parts.

So, Meditate on Feeling -- as you have the others, following the same process for each. And first, focus on "physical feeling" or "texture." So, Meditate on Feeling Texture. And that is one meditation.

And you are expanding your ability to feel very, very subtle elements of any texture in your environment, including being able to reach out into the air and feel a "difference in the air" of different things happening -- almost as if you could use your sense of feeling, to "feel"  what something smells like! To "feel," without seeing it, what something looks like through your sense of "feeling texture." Great heightened sensitivity and awareness of structure.

There is an element to this sense of "feeling," and when you Meditate on this Feeling "Texture" -- include "Structure." 

So, you might say: "Meditate on Feeling Texture and Structure," because you can "sense" them. This is "structure," both a sense of it in the "etheric" and "structure," a sense of it in the physical 3rd dimension. You want to be able to go from one to the another, to be able to sense that there is more in this "feeling" of "texture," if you expand your mind and your creativity beyond that, than just a "shape." There is an implied past and an implied future in the "shape" -- and this is how great creative intelligence works.

Now, I cannot stress too strongly just how far you can go with your great creative intelligence, working with this process. Imagine doing this every day for a year. Do you not think that your greater creative awareness would increase magnificently with this every-day practice of increased senses? Ideas would come to you which seem impossible when you begin, and yet later, through each sense, you will see the richness of your tremendous spate of ability to "perceive."

Senses are a way to expand "perception." From the first moment of birth, that is what you are doing. But this leads to "wisdom." This leads to "knowing."

So, the second part is "Meditate on Feeling Emotion." So, do you see? First, Meditate on Feeling Texture, Structure. Or you might say "Texture and Structure." And the second is Mediate on Feeling Emotion.

"How are you 'feeling" at this moment?" And you want to expand your "feelings" greatly with regard to emotion. You want to be able to feel and experience your own emotions at a much expanded level -- and to feel the emotions of others with loving empathy. So, this is a very powerful meditation.

And you might say for this one: Meditate on Feeling Emotions and Empathy. In a sense you are trying to expand this sense to include "oneness" with all other beings. This is unbelievably powerful.

So, Meditate on Feeling Emotions and follow all of the steps for each of the senses with this -- but it's two words: Meditate on Feeling Emotions and Empathy.


Now, the next sense that's often called "intuition" -- the 6th sense, in a way is a perception of time. It is like being able to "feel" and perceive time... So, expanding Intuition crosses all boundaries of space and time. But you can do it very simply by, "Meditate on the Sense of Intuition."

 And your goal is to lovingly expand this sense, particularly across space and time. So, you might say: "Meditate on Intuition, Past, Present, and Future." 

And with this very powerful cosmic sense expanded, you can perceive a great deal. And you might in your meditations even ask -- not just wait to see what you perceive in symbols or messages. But ask for input from your higher creative "intuition," which is your higher creative intelligence. Do you see? This can be extremely powerful. And then you Listen. Because this is for information and sensory awareness beyond your usual "time" boundaries, and therefore beyond your usual "identity" boundaries. Isn't that exciting?

Through these simple meditations every day, you become a new being of higher sensory awareness, empathy, and even love -- much greater perception, much greater creativity.


Now, we come to the 7th sense, which is putting all of the others together: Meditate on Knowing.

And if you want to make it more precise: "Meditate on Subtle Knowing." S-U-B-T-L-E Knowing. Or "Meditate on Cosmic Knowing." "Meditate on Cosmic Knowing"...

And in that meditation, expand your ability to connect all of the senses and all of your life experiences, all of your questions and all of your answers, into a kind of heart-felt, deeper creative, loving "knowing" or "wisdom."

In a way, this is "Meditate on Knowing and Wisdom." And you want to expand that to the cosmic level.

If you want to do this very powerfully, you can make all of these meditations 'cosmic" -- if you want to focus on higher creativity. "Meditate on Cosmic Hearing." "Meditate on Cosmic Knowing." Do you see?

And in each case, if you can listen, you then -- times 7 -- have expanded your ability to "listen in the universe." There is great wisdom, information that crosses all time and space, always flowing, always flowing in a very loving way. And as I said, always begin your meditations with Meditating on Love, so that you are fully grounded in a wonderful, loving meditative state with sound. And with one of these meditations, taking in all 7 senses and expanding them cosmically, you have already begun to be a different person. You have already begun to work with higher creative intelligence at a different level -- intelligence which is loving as well as knowing...

Now, you might say, "Well, I don't have the time to do this each day." Well, you can do a shortened form. Perhaps one day you meditate on each one, but you spend a little more time with one of the senses or two of ­the senses and listen carefully -- and you see what messages or information flow...

 It's like "live-streaming information and expanded perceptive awareness" that you are looking for. And as these come, you want to tap into them and just write those down. Again, do not use the computer or phone or a technical device. Use your pen and paper, and always have a good stock available. You can also write in the sand, but you want to retain this and have a notebook of this work that you are doing with powerful, expanded cosmic senses, because if you -- let's say that you can only do this three or four days a week, or even two days a week: You want to look back from week to week, and see what messages or senses or learning you had, that you recorded!

These are a kind of "encyclopedia" of the expansion of your higher creative intelligence and wisdom. And over time, you will come greatly to value it -- and in some ways will see that you have discovered amazing things. And that you are a kind of cosmic, creative inventor. And that you were always a cosmic creative inventor, but you never focused on the steps to get there. And believe me, expanding on any one of these senses will do that!


This has been a long session. I hope that you will lovingly try to do this and even teach others to do this, because it would be hard to understate the power of expanding your senses, your creative senses, with great love, in these times.

You will find that there will come a time when you will acturally need these heightened, higher, creative, loving, intelligent perceptions, visions, understanding, and knowing -- in order to help others and be of service on planet Earth to all beings. You may truly surprise yourself...

With great love, I come to you -- with great affirmation and appreciation for all that you are learning and all of your service to others, I am Grandmother from Another Planet.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet
S.H. Rodman



Sound to use with this Meditation:
(Sound readily online: Theta, – and Delta, )

 First, Grandmother asks to begin with a Meditation on Love, which is calming and grounding. Do this, pausing a moment between each step, and then begin the 7 Cosmic Senses Meditation. Have a pen and paper nearby to write or draw any notes you think important to record.

  1. Meditate on Love, Level 1.
  2. Meditate on Love, Level 2.
  3. Meditate on Love, Level 3.
  4. Meditate on Love, Level 4.
  5. Meditate on Love, Level 5.


  1. Meditate on Expanding Cosmic Hearing. Listen. See.
  2. Meditate on Expanding Cosmic Seeing. Listen. See.
  3. Meditate on Expanding Cosmic Smelling or Aroma. Listen. See.
  4. Meditate on Expanding Cosmic Tasting, Perceiving, Taking in the Universe. Listen. See.
  5. a. Meditate on Expanding Cosmic Feeling - Texture. Listen. See. 
    5.b. Meditate on Expanding Cosmic Feeling - Emotions and Empathy. Listen See.
  6. Meditate on Expanding Cosmic Intuition Past, Present, and Future. Listen. See.
  7. Meditate on Expanding  Cosmic Knowing and Wisdom with Love, Connecting Everything. Listen. See.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay