Grandmother on What to Do Now — A Time of Earth Transformation

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SHR: Grandmother, do you have any advice today for the extraordinary change on planet Earth, this time we’re in the middle of – any advice or information?


This is a time which was known beforehand, which has been planned as part of the cycles of the millennia. And at some level in your higher consciousness identity, you are fully aware of this period -- and assisted and have taken part in this co-creation. Knowing that you are aware at some level, you would be very well-advised to meditate on this possibility at this time. Because the human consciousness in the midst of both fears and challenges -- but recognizing the opportunity for a great change -- are going to prompt you to begin to think of much larger vistas of a future possibility than you have ever thought before. A blank “clean slate” if you will…

If everything closes down in your habitual life, except for some things “online,” in terms of interconnectedness technologically — then you have time to think…with fewer distractions about who you really are what you are going to do on this planet given the current circumstances. There may be an almost “energetic spark” from this fear, and yet part of you knows that this is just the energy of transformation; part of you knows this. In the midst of your deep grief and worrying that something could happen to you or someone you know, there is also a profound higher knowing beginning to emerge in your mind. That is how you are getting through each day.

Each time you reach out to someone whom you haven’t spoken to in a long time, and you ask them how they are, and you send your love -- you see, that starts to change the consciousness and the vibrations of a whole planet. In ordinary circumstances you might not do that so frequently.

But right now is the perfect time to reach out to everyone you know and express your love and ask them how they’re doing. This really matters, as a kind of “level set” on your reality and identity.

The most important aspect, we have covered in our last 2 transmissions, which are these deep meditations on love and healing for the whole planet Earth, the family of Earth.

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Now, this is the most important thing for you to do right now, to enter these deeper states of consciousness and contemplation full of love…radiating love and healing and light, recognizing your identity as a higher consciousness co-creative being.

This shift in your focus will begin to give you a sense that there is hope in this great transformation.

This is a great planetary transformation. It is obvious to you. The details may not be known yet, but it is obvious to you… And little by little you are going to become aware that there are things you can do which are quite profound, in your love for the planet and all human beings and all life on Earth -- to change this situation in ways that would have never been possible before.

You are naturally very loving and caring and connected beings. Many challenges have arisen to make it more difficult to see that. But that is who you are. And all of your interdimensional communication, your reaching out lovingly to your “guides,” to those of other civilizations right now* -- this matters in ways that I can barely express.

Each event holds a gift -- whether it is a “virus” or some kind of event, there is love and learning in this situation, if you will begin to look at it from a higher dimensional heart -- and feel a connection with every other being on Earth. Because every being here is having the same concerns and yet the same “rebirthing,” in a way…

Everyone is having a sense that there could be a new Earth! It’s beginning to dawn on you, this new Earth. That is where you would like to meditate right now.

Begin to make drawings and lists of the things you would like to see on the new Earth -- and the new life of you… What would you really, really like to do?

In this time of silence, find the times of love…for who you are and who you would like to become. Send love to all other beings and begin to recognize patterns in the things that you would truly wish for at this time. And begin to recognize patterns of gratitude.

The simplest things that before you took for granted, seem so amazing right now! Simply going out and interacting and celebrating with others, with other human beings! This is a profound blessing. And you will never take it for granted again.

It is a profound time. And you are profound beings in a state of transformation; and capable of much higher states of realization of who you are, living as beings that would be almost unimaginable to you several months ago.

I would highly recommend that you go through the last 2 meditations online that we offer to you (see below), because this deep meditation together can bring such new harmony, healing, vibrations to all life, every animal, every fish, every tree on the planet as well as every human being -- every child, every elder -- are so precious, every blade of grass.

It is that time. And these meditations in deeper states are great, great contributions you can make.

With great love and with great affirmation, this is Grandmother from Another Planet. And I will return to you with more messages and meditations.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet

*Extraterrestrial as well as terrestrial civilizations are meant.



The last 2 transmissions that this Grandmother Recording refers to are linked below. Each is about 20 minutes long. Listen and do the guided meditation, a kind of mini-class.