Grandmother on the Power of Higher Consciousness Communication Ability

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Communication via human consciousness across time and space? Across cultures, belief systems, and realities? The idea that deep meditation state practices could increase communication abilities not only across dimensions, but cross-cultural communication? Is this possible?

I have been amazed at the change in my own communication ability and affirmative relationships in the years since beginning extended deep meditation and contemplation daily. I'm intrigued by the idea that affirmative societal cross-cultural communication, not just communication in different consciousness states, could be expanded by a practice of deep meditation and prayer.

Consider the thought-provoking challenge for such a practice, in this message from Grandmother from Another Planet: “Grandmother on the Power of Higher Consciousness Communication Ability,” Recorded/Posted 1-16-20, 8 minutes, 5 seconds.

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SHR: Grandmother, do you have a message for today.


One of the most important abilities to develop during times of planetary and societal transformation is the ability to communicate in different dimensional or vibrational states of consciousness, such that you can both transmit and receive information, feelings, visual or auditory perception, in a much wider range, a more loving and compassionate range of perception.

This would mean that you could communicate with beings of different vibrational contexts and different belief systems and even different reality systems than that which is yours.

It also means that you can access and enter and use “states of energy,” radiating more love and a wider range of vibrations, for communication.

Now, this is a very loving thing to do for your planet at this time. Whether you want to communicate with beings on the planet or beings who visit from other star or planetary systems, whose ranges are much greater than that to which you usually limit yourself.

You have the ability to communicate at much higher and much broader levels of vibrational communication, but you do not at this time take this focus and commit the time in deeper states – usually meditative states – which are required to expand this range of communication.

I would like to suggest to you that taking the time to do this and to practice it -- and to send messages which would be considered interdimensional -- is a great gift to those beings with whom you would like to communicate and whom you believe exist, in some way, in other dimensional states.

Now, this may seem odd to you, but sometimes people on Earth seem so different to you than you are, that you think of them literally as “from another planet.” Their philosophies, appearances, and cultural practices are so vastly different. This is common across the universe. And it is one reason why transformation and the elevation of societies to higher loving and compassionate societies, in harmony with their planets of residence -- this is very important this alignment of new communication; this practice of higher communications skills.

Now, there is another factor which makes this a great gift in your own transformation, and that is that you are not aware of many of the aspects of your being and consciousness which exist in different dimensional and vibrational ranges.

This practice enables you to increase that communication across ranges of vibration or dimensions. And it enables you to know yourself at a deeper level. It can even enable the ability to understand, to perceive communication from other aspects of you – which are more connected to what you would call “past lives” or even “future lives” or with other members of your “soul family” in states that you would call the higher self.

Do you see what a fantastic gift this is? To be able to increase your ability to communicate across all cultures, times, space, societies, vibrational and dimensional ranges. And to do this through meditations on love; to do this naturally, without the need for technology or chemicals or plants; to do this as a gift.

Your transformation is a gift to a whole planet, to a whole species, to all beings.

This is a profound point: Your transformation is a gift to all other beings. And so, to meditate in deeper states and to make a commitment to do this, is a commitment to service to others. Not just thinking of it as centered around your own development.

You have no idea how powerful this work with higher love and higher consciousness can be. It can change the focus for your life. And it can help you understand and perceive the greater missions that were undertaken when you began this life.

You are always wondering, “What is my mission? What is my mission?” And you want great clarity on your mission.

This is a profound way to begin to have that clarity and to increase your ability to communicate in deeper states and with greater love and compassion with all beings in the universe, across all time and space.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


“A beautiful thing happens when we start paying attention to each other. It is by participating more in your relationship that you breathe life into it.” ― Steve Maraboli

Might this apply to higher dimensional relationships also -- and relationships with "ourselves"? Is meditation also a form of "higher self communication"?

Can higher dimensional communication be as much about sending messages as receiving them -- across time, space, all forms of culture or being?


“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.”
― Phyllis Theroux

Can we "send letters" into many dimensions as aspects of reality, beyond our wildest dreams, in deep states of meditation? Do we impact these realities in this way?


Photo Credit: Image by Beyond Timelines from Pixabay