Grandmother on “Solving Problems Vibrationally”

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For me this was a remarkable "view" into how higher dimensional intelligence might solve problems and view reality in a very different way. It might be called "new identity problem-solving" or "higher context" problem-solving. You might view it as "mountain top" problem-solving, moving to a new "location" point of view...

How important it may be that we being to solve problems  and "move into" higher dimensional intelligence -- moving "beyond polarity"? How important is the "stellar truth of you"? What does this kind of problem-solving have to do with recognizing that "matter is never still - matter is very spacious and dancing" and "there is not 'one' you?

This was a "yowza" for me. Listen carefully... Or more than once. Sometimes I listen while reading...

Click Player to Play Audio. 4 minutes, 29 seconds. Grandmother on Solving Problems Vibrationally - a higher dimensional being's point of view. Recorded 1-25-18

TRANSCRIPT: Solving Problems Vibrationally

GRANDMOTHER: "If you desire to create new solutions, you are, in truth, desiring to create a new 'you,' a new persona, a new identity, a character which solves problems in a new way.

You are desiring, thus, to move -- to literally move -- to a new location. And in that location you have a better vantage point -- a better 'view' point -- to both 'see' and comprehend a larger portion of the 'SuperContext' in a realistic 'reality range,' for you.  

And it is very similar to 'going to a mountain top,' to look at the problem in valley; to decide you will 'fly' across the valley...  

So it is not just a location, but a mode of transportation, that you may use when you seek to solve problems in new ways; in an inter-dimensional, higher- dimensional, higher-creative- intelligence state of mind and seeing, which intrigues you, which you would like to pursue.

You are a stellar being, and you are after stellar truths. And you will not rest until you can travel to the stellar truth of you.

This is a vibrational journey of discovery. It is not one place. You are never in 'just one place' -- the same as matter is never still. Matter is very spacious; it is always moving and dancing, and it is never still.

There is not 'one you.' There is not 'one solution.'

Every solution is the beginning of a new problem; and every problem is the beginning of a new solution.

Once this polarity is seen creatively, you may do a wonderful dance for a while, in which you unravel the polarities or play with them in new ways, until you discover that there is space and identity which is beyond polarity. It does not have the same definition of being.

Now if you want to go very deeply into problem-solving, you will have to go very deeply into being. 

The deep realms of your own being are both the source and solution to everything you think is a problem -- or a lesson. It is also the source of your relationship with all other beings, until you realize that they are not separate from you.

And then 'you' becomes a whole new thing... 'You' is very fluid..."

-- Grandmother From Another Planet


“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre


Photo Credit: NASA APOD 4-13-18, Facing NGC 3344 - ESA/Hubble & NASA