Grandmother on Your Mission to Expand Intelligence–the Choice on Earth

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A second message from Grandmother from Another Planet for today, the day before Thanksgiving 2018 -- on our vaster heritage and a powerful intelligence beyond imagination -- on your mission on Earth to expand consciousness. Were we chosen for this -- as co-creative participants in an unprecedented era of transformers?

Read and listen below to "Grandmother on Your Mission to Expand Intelligence -- the Choice on Earth," Recorded/Posted 11/21/18, 8 minutes, 33 seconds.

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I want to explore with you for a moment what the heritage and power of your own higher intelligence and empathy and compassion and ability to create -- really is.

When those who speak of ascension do, it is this that they speak of. When those who speak of the soul do, it is this that they speak of.

This intelligence can be identified with physical responses and feelings that can be quite clear in deep meditation with sound. The power of sound and color is reflected in the stories of those who report "Near Death Experiences" -- almost always reporting a overwhelming comfort and joy of brilliant colors they have never seen before and amazingly inspiring and comforting sounds they have never heard before.

When you begin to step into a regular practice of exploring this higher soul intelligence, sacred intelligence, with an intention to ascend, to be of greater service to others, who are you -- "I am you and you are me," truthfully, truthfully -- then you reach a point, a moment where the physical feelings of a great love and a feeling of lightness, a feeling of the ability to soar and be one with all others regardless of the limits you see before you -- when you feel this physically, it is almost indescribable, it is of such great pleasure and reward.

There is a sense of "vision" that comes which is both physical and mental. It is of the mind and spirit -- and it is a physical "seeing" that involves the whole body. This means an almost "sensing of the heart"with an ability to see a larger reality of which are part. At this moment you do not "see" that when you love someone and you reach out to them -- or you hug someone -- all of the fields and connections happening, which are physically measurable by many technologies. They are simply not yours, yet, at this time. In many civilizations these are available, and some with which some of your institutions and governments are already working.

This is tremendously moving. And it is visible in certain light spectra, and it can be heard in certain sound spectra. This is the larger you. And this meditation is yours to co-create.

Even in meditation, you are co-creating. You do not ever do this alone. The moment you open the door to a higher vibration and intelligence, and you seek this with great love and great caring for others, and great compassion and empathy for every single being in the universe -- you have expanded who you are and the vibrations in your realm so tremendously. Yet it seems almost out of reach when you then halt your meditation and begin to go out to do something else in the third dimension. This does not have to happen.

If you meditate each day, and for longer and longer periods at times, with this deep sound -- and we will soon introduce a meditation upon Deep Color -- then you will find that that vision, that sense of being one with others, begins to go with you... You begin to walk in that reality, to be with others in a loving way that they sense physically as well as mentally.

This is intuition, synchronicity, and a perception not only of premonitions -- but a perception of who others are. What lives they have lived, what relationships you have had and what relationships you might have in the future -- begins to be part of your daily waking time.

And then you have a little bit less trouble thinking, "Well, what is my mission?"

This deeper self-discovery is your mission. This expansion of your spiritual consciousness, your higher intelligence -- which needs the finest minds and the finest focus -- this is why you are on Earth at this time!

Now, you will hear of many other missions. And you will see many pathways before you. But I will tell you, this is why you are here.

So when you set that time to meditate with your higher self potential -- let us call it your higher self intelligence and potential -- you enter a realm which is a network of all other beings doing this at the same time.

But when you do this meditating together, you begin to create circles, whirlwinds, wormholes of energetics and visioning which are far beyond your regular imagination of what is possible. And that is why I encourage this "touching of the hearts" in meditation -- "touching of the hearts" in meditation which has a purpose. It is part of your mission to expand and step into and feel the birthright of this extended, intuitive intelligence of the heart.

This is you. This is a cosmic role. You are here to play it.

And if you are on this Planet Earth at this time, you were chosen. And you chose to be here to participate in an unprecedented co-creation of expanded universal cosmic intelligence.

-- Grandmother from Another Planet


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“The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there." -- Yasutani Roshi, Zen master
“The language of light can only be decoded by the heart.” ― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun
    “Thinking is learning all over again how to see, directing one's consciousness, making of every image a privileged place.” ― Albert Camus

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