Meditation and Sound

In MEDITATION, Self-Development by Sandra Rodman



For those who have come to Right Brain or "Grandmother from Another Planet" sessions or classes:  Meditation and sound links for personal development. We often discuss the potential development of higher intuitive-creative intelligence through creative ("right brain") meditation-with-sound. This kind of deep meditation, very enjoyable and even attracting when using "alpha" or "theta" sound -- can be a doorway to new levels of intuitive awareness and ability.

A focus on lengthy sound meditation so greatly increased my intuition, inter-dimensional visioning, and creativity, that this kind of higher-creative-intelligence work became possible within a couple of months, when I could not do it before. Be surprised. -- SHR


NEW: "The Letting Go Meditation" - 6 Minutes in Alpha State Sound and bliss. (Adjust sound if it needs to be lower).

"Right Brain StartUp Meditation" for more creative thinking, as well as for relaxation, prepared as a sample for those taking Right Brain Aerobics.

See also: Easy "INSPIRATION MEDITATION" using sound and simple concepts -- BELOW.


We primarily recommend Stephen Halpern's sound/music, particularly these original versions which we like:

  1. Steve Halpern's original "Deep Alpha: Brainwave Synchronization for Meditation and Healing"
  2. Steve Halpern's original "Deep Theta: Brainwave Synchronization for Meditation and Healing." 

We also recommend the Examples List below for available online meditative sound - and you can search for more.

I have found these very useful for deep meditation and taking in higher creative intelligence messages or information flow. Try it! Meditate if only for 10 - 30 minutes, focused on a concept like:


(This sound on YouTube, "432 Hz Deep Healing Music for the Body and Soul"  is especially good for this Meditation.)

  • Love
  • Peace
  • Bliss
  • Forgiveness
  • Gratitude
  • Creativity
  • Happiness
  • Ecstasy
  • Insight
  • Oneness
  • Infinity
  • Eternity
  • Who Am I?
  • I Am You, You Are Me...

Or switch back and forth between several concepts like this, about 2 minutes each or more...

Keep a journal handy and write down any symbols or ideas which pop up "out of the blue" and see where they lead you...

Particularly notice Synchronicities and Coincidences. Something might pop up in a relaxed contemplative state, you write it down or draw it -- and find it popping up the same day or a day later, in reality! Or in a dream! Evidence of expanding personal intuition mental pathways...

List of meditative Sound we recommend which is available anytime online: 

  1. "432 Hz. Deep Healing Music for the Body and Soul" -- "DNA Repair, Relaxation Music, Meditation Music..." 6 hrs -- only a couple of ads after a couple of hours... Very calming and powerful 
  2. Tibetan Singing Bowls Meditation Sound
  3. Happiness Frequency - 1
  4. Happiness Frequency - 2
  5. Aurora Borealis Meditation sound
  6. Choir Singing Om So Hum  Mantra
  7. Water: Koshi Wind Chimes Meditation sound - Calm
  8. Clearing Subconscious Meditation Music for Positive Energy, Relax Mind Body

My experience has been that when I quiet the mind and body with such deep alpha or theta instrumental sound for long periods, in addition to calmness and awareness, a slightly different view of different realities appears to emerge effortlessly... A kind of information spring can begin to flow... It can be quite extraordinary... It can seem like no time at all has passed, and insights can appear which seem to change everything for me...


"Alice: How long is forever?

White Rabbit: Sometimes just one second..."

-- Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


"There is a voice that doesn't use words. Listen..." -- Rumi


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